ROH 09/30/17 TV Review: ROH Championship Cody vs Frankie Kazarian

ROH 09/30/17 TV Review: ROH Championship Cody vs Frankie Kazarian
Center Stage
Atlanta, Georgia

This week was the fourth episode from the set of tapings from Center Stage Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer were on commentary to start the show.

First Match: War Machine vs. Coast to Coast vs. The Tempura Boyz
The show began with War Machine making their way to the ring, sporting their IWGP tag team titles before their opponents made their way down to the ring. The match was a special tornado tag match between the three teams, although as Whitmer pointed out, it seemed that War machine had the clear advantage. As the match began, both smaller teams swarmed their larger opponents, to no avail though, as they were quickly dispatched. The action spilled outside where Yo of the Tempura Boyz was able to connect with a dive to the outside that floored War Machine. This allowed Shaheem to fly next and his partner, the Human Rocket, lived up to his moniker with tight rope walk Phoenix splash that floored a crowd easily. Not to be left out, Hanson leapt off the top with a flipping senton, knocking everyone over like so many bowling pins. C2C was able to combine for a Tu Lo Sabes on Sho, but only managed a two count. As LSG and Ali went for a coast to coast dropkick on Sho, only to have War Machine Superman punch them off the ropes. War Machine eventually won with a powerbomb/top rope splash combo onto Sho. Rowe grabbed a mich after the match and spoke about how he and Hanson were screwed out of their titles. Hanson then spoke about he and Rowe are planning on bringing World Domination to ROH.

Winners: War Machine

A catchy Flip Gordon video package-I dare you to not bob your head to it.

Second Match: Flip Gordon vs. Corey Hollis
Commentary spoke about how Gordon is looking to rack up wins, while Whitmer pointed out that Hollis could be dangerous because he is hungry and has everything to win and nothing to lose. Things were even early on, with Gordon using his agility and speed to hit a flipping senton to the outside, but was quickly kicked off of the ropes on a springboard attempt. Hollis wasted no time in taking advantage, keeping Gordon grounded, locking in an arm bar and really focusing on the arm. Hollis tried to use the turnbuckle to his advantage, stripping off padding, but Flip hot him with the Kinder surprise and following with a Nifty 450, driving his knees into Hollis’s chest before covering him for the three count. Good match from both men here, with Gordon really selling the arms throughout. Hollis looked strong here and could be a good hand for the company moving forward.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Kazarian spoke about wanting to take the title from Cody in his hometown as a way to piss off ROH fans and official.

Riccaboni recapped Mandy Leon’s  trip to Stardom and about Stella Grey’s rise from ROH Dojo to the WOH roster. He went on to speak of Brandi Rhodes’s debut, before transitioning to discussing Deonna Purrazzo and Kelly Klein’s heated rivalry. As Riccaboni voiced over Karen Q’s betrayal of her training partner, Klein interrupted him and remind everyone that she has always been on her own and plans to take everyone in her path out. A surprising segment that ROH doesn’t often air. Great to see the WOH product pushed a bit more to the forefront, especially on TV, even if it came in the form of a recap.

Main Event: ROH World Championship Match
Cody (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian
Side headlocks to start, the two stuck to traditional mat wrestling to begin this one. Cody was felled and rolled to the apron and was unceremoniously brought back into by Kazarian with a slingshot cutter by Kaz. When Cody finally turned the tables,  Christopher Daniels ran out, followed shortly thereafter by Marty Scurll.Daniels tossed Scurll into ring post as Kazarian reversed a figure four attempt by Cody, sending him into referee Todd Sinclair. Daniels hit Cody with the belt, then Kaz hit the Unprettier, but Cody kicked out.Scurll recovered and shoved Kazarian off the top rope and then tossed Daniels into the ring.Cody went for Cross Rhodes on Daniels, but it was reversed, although he did send the Almighty to the outside, allowing Scurll to hit a superkick off the apron. With Daniels out of the equation, ody hit a Cross Rhodes on Kazarian for the pinfall victory. This was a good match, but felt a bit overbooked at the end.

Winner: Cody

Final Reaction: C+
One with think that an episode of ROH with a world title match would be exciting, but this week’s episode felt disjointed, especially after last week. War Machine is great, but even commentary pointed out that Coast to Coast and the Tempura Boy would have difficulty winning the match. ROH needs to build the tag division and have teams that can win a match every once in awhile, even if they steal it, against a name team like War Machine to make them more relevant. The match itself was strong, but knowing the outcome took some of the juice out of it. Hollis and Gordon was a good second match and Hollis came off look strong, even in defeat here, while Gordon continues to impress. The title match had too much interference and machinations here- Kazarian slipped into a title shot because of interference and the work he and Cody could have done was marred with all the run ins at the end.

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