ROH 9/9/17 TV Review:The Bullet Club vs Search & Destroy

ROH 9/9/17 TV Review:The Bullet Club vs Search & Destroy
Center Stage
Atlanta, Georgia

This week was the first episode from the set of tapings from Center Stage Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Ian Riccaboni and Marty Scurll were on commentary to start. A video package aired before the arena show started, delineating the issues between the Kingdom and the Briscoes/Bully Ray, culminating in the Kingdom standing tall over a fallen Jay Briscoe.

Bully Ray came down to the ring to start the show and first put ROH over, as well as Atlanta, saying he was proud to be representing ROH in Atlanta for the first time. He then spoke about when he arrived in ROH his desire was to team with the Briscoes, who are one of the greatest tag teams in ROH history. Ray then touched on the issues he and the Briscoes have had since losing their 6 man tag titles, but vowed to defeat the Kingdom at Death before Dishonor and reclaim the 6 man titles by defeating the Bullet Club later that night.  Solid opening segment, building toward the PPV.

First Match: Cheeseburger vs. Will Ferrara
An excellent video package aired, highlighting the implosion of the WillBurger tandem that began this summer and the subsequent attack Ferrara has perpetrated against his former partner, laid over a promo by Ferrara, who vowed to end Cheeseburger’s career in ROH. While Ferrara’s entrance music blared over the loudspeakers, he ambushed Cheeseburger from behind, but Cheeseburger was able to get the upperhand quickly, sending Ferrara to the outside. Burger floored Ferrara with a plancha and followed with a stomp off the apron. Back on the inside, Ferrar was able to escape a waistlock using the ropes, opening the door to some offense, as he eventually dropped Cheeseburger onto the outer apron with a DDT.

After the break, Burger and Ferrara traded control back and forth, with both men getting a number of very close near falls, pulling out all the stops, as Cheeseburger busted out a tombstone and Ferrara showed off his strength. Eventually, Ferra hit a clothesline and then forced Burger to submit to a modified crossface. After the match, Ferra continued to apply the hold, which brought Rhett Titus down to the ring. Although seemingly there to stop Ferrara, the Big Dawg joined in on the fun and put the boots to Burger as well. Good match between two guys who know each other will really. Ferrara’s heel turn is very promising and working with Titus just makes this that much more interesting.

Winner: Will Ferrara

Caprice Coleman’s set finally arrived and he took time to bask in how perfect it looks before informing the audience about #ColemansPulpit which fans can use moving forward to ask him questions that he will answer. Coleman’s has always been great on the mic and this is excellent use of him here.

Second Match: Silas Young w/ The Beer City Bruiser vs. Chase Brown
A recap of the War of the Worlds UK: Edinburgh show aired, highlighting the issues between Young and Jay Lethal, followed by footage from last week’s episode during which Lethal defeated the Beer City Bruiser and injured his knee. Bruiser accompanied Young to ringside with the aid of a cane due to his injury. The match was a very short sprint, with some basic brawling and a few offensive moves from Brown, but in rather short order, Young hit Misery for the victory. After the match, Young continued to pummel Brown, sending a message to Lethal, who received it loud and clear, running down to the ring. Security swarmed the ring to keep the two apart and Lethal grabbed a mic, challenging Young to a match on the spot, but Young said that he wanted everyone- the fans, the wrestlers in the back and the front office to see why Young is better than the “Golden Boy”. The match was really too short to judge, but did the job of setting up the segment, which was well done, with a classic build to the blow off to what has been one of the better feuds in ROH this year.

Winner: Silas Young

Backstage correspondent Matt Sells interviewed Cody about his upcoming title defense against Minoru Suzuki at Death Before Dishonor. Cody said that he has done all he can to prepare for the match. A clip was then shown of Cody attacking Dalton Castle after the Edinburgh show, explaining his absence and inability to accept the open challenge.

Main Event: 8 Man Tag
Search & Destroy (Motor City Machine Guns, Jon Gresham & Jay White vs. Bullet Club ( The Young Bucks & Guerillas of Destiny)
After some dancing from Scurll while his brethern made their way to the ring, Nick and Gresham started off for their respective sides. Nick challenged Gresham to a test of strength, channeling the Warlord, who Riccaboni informed us was one of Nick’s favorites. He had no intention of actually locking up, and instead Too Sweeted Gresham in the eye to gain an early advantage. Things got out of control quickly, with no tags being made and each side flying all over the ring, with Matt eventually taking everyone out with a flipping senton from the stage area and White matching him but doing the same off the top rope. This match was a high octane affair that never slowed down-definitely one of the better 8-man tag matches in recent memory. MCMG won the match for their side after hitting a tandem driver on Matt, with Sabin picking up the victory. This was a really entertaining ten minute sprint between these eight men and the result makes perfect sense heading to MCMG’s title shot against the Bucks at Death Before Dishonor. Quite honestly everyone looked great in this match, but Gresham stands out as seamlessly integrating himself into ROH and continues to look good against anyone they throw him up against.

Winner: Search & Destroy

Final Reaction: B+
Marty Scurll was an absolute delight on commentary, really using his Villain persona to serve as a perfect heel commentator to Riccaboni’s straight-laced style and will hopefully be featured in the next few weeks, as Cabana was unavailable for this set of tapings. With two weeks left to the Death Before Dishonor PPV, every single part of the episode was aimed at building to that, incorporating the UK tour VODs, something that isn’t always done and it really helped to make all parts of the product mesh together. Ferrara and Cheeseburger had a really solid match between the two that delivered on both sides and the main event was an exciting romp between the two sides. Another solid episode of television for ROH, setting up the PPV in a major way.

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