ROH 1/20/18 TV Review: Young Bucks vs Best Friends vs Team CMLL

ROH 1/20/18 TV Review: Young Bucks vs Best Friends vs Team CMLL
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This week was the third episode from the set of tapings from Philadelphia,PA.  Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Cheeseburger were on commentary and welcomed everyone to show. A brief recap of the Kingdom’s actions after their loss to Castle and the Boys on last week’s episode aired.

First Match: ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs. The Dawgs (Rhett Titus & Will Ferrara)

The Dawgs came out sporting snazzy new matching tights, solidifying them as a real team here in terms of presentation. On commentary, Colt questioned Cheeseburger about him getting a tag partner in the future, which led to the hilarious hashtag Hypothetical Fries.The Guns were in control early, leading to the first commercial break, but during said break the Dawgs were able to turn the tables thanks to a Tornado DDT in the outside by Ferrara. Shelley took the brunt of attack here and the Dawgs have done well to temper the comedy during the matches, using sprinkles instead of being heavy handed and it makes all the difference in a serious affair against the champs. Despite hitting a BLL on Shelley, Titus missed a Big Dawg splash and that was the team’s undoing. Shelley tagged in a hot Sabin and despite a stumble that promised a glimmer of hope for the Dawgs, Ferrara fell victim to a double team two man driver, allowing MCMG to pick up the victory. Post match the Briscoes came out to the ramp and made it clear that they have their eyes on te titles and that MCMG won’t be able to stop them from reclaiming what they feel is rightfully theirs. Good match between the two teams- the Dawgs are slowly becoming more credible and although they were never going to win, this was a good effort in making them look stronger. The real story here is the Briscoes march towards the titles and Jay’s promos have been strong and downright believable. (**½)

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns

A brief segment backstage saw So-Cal Uncensored pay Shane Taylor off to protect them when they make their way to the ring later in the night.

Second Match: Josh “The Goods” Woods vs. Jonathan Gresham
The story here was that before Final battle, in an internet exclusive, Gresham was able to come away with a victory against Woods with a bridging pin that suprised Woods. The Top Prospect tournament winner demanded a rematch to prove himself. Gresham dominated the bout to begin with, hyperextending Woods’s knee, which would be a theme running throughout the match. After twisting his body just so to send Woods to the outside, Gresham flew off the top rope into Woods’s knee, seemingly knocked out cold. Woods flung Gresham around with ease, tossing him like an infant to the delight of the crowd. Gresh was able to escape and then gained the pinfall victory after the very same Magistral cradle/bridging pin combination that beat Woods the first time around. (**½)

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

A Coleman’s Pulpit segment aired next, with both members of Coast to Coast Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali. Ali revealed that the two have frustrated and thusly decided to impose an ultimatum: win their next match or disband. Coleman needled Ali, calling him the weakest link, which drew fire from Ali and Giovanni. Cooleman then revealed to the two that they would be facing off against War Machine, which predictably seemed to put a damper on the proceedings. This was a good segment-it’s about time the company really get behind these two as a team and giving them space to create interest from the fans aside from their wrestling was effective.

Cody came down to the ring and admitted that Dalton Castle was the better man at Final Battle, but he reminded Castle that Cody is entitled to a reematch. Then he reminded everyone that he has the Ring of Honor-cue Kingdom’ music. Matt Taven came out and ran Cody down, calling him out for losing and for his new hair color. Taven continued by saying that Cody doesn’t deserve a title shot and that it’s people like him are stopping Taven from getting his chance. Cody retorted by saying that his hair gets more of a reaction than Taven does and then he asked him to Kiss the Ring. Taven did, but not before low-blowing Cody and mocking him before he left. A strong segment with a good fresh pairing of talent here. Taven is inserting himself into the title picture and it feels like the right move here.

Main Event:The Young Bucks vs. Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuckie T.) vs. Dragon Lee & Titan
This match was easily the strongest main event match that ROH has had on television this calendar year. All three teams really meshed well here, with the Best Friends and the Bucks being way over with the crowd and Titan and Dragon Lee warning some love with some insane spots. The match was you might expect from there six until they started to dive to the outside and really turned it up a botched. Titan’s moonssuñt to the outside actually sent him over the guardrail after he took the Young Bucks down. Dragon Lee hit an absurd hurricane an from the inside of the ring to Nick who was standing on the apron, sending both to the arena floor. There was a fun spot where Matt and Chuckie T hugged mid-ring, only for Matt to keep hold on his hand before asking where he was going as Nick superkicked Chuckie. The end came when Lee went for the same hurricanrana again, but Nick caught him and powerbombed him on the apron. Titan was caught by Matt after a moonsault attempt and Nick took out the Best Friends with a moonsault to the outside before connecting with a 5 Star Meltzer Driver. Scorpio Sky ran out at the end to distract the Bucks as the Addiction slid into the ring behind them and attacked them. Hangman Page came out to fend them off with the help of a steel chair. Obvious build to So-Cal vs The Hung Bucks at some point hre, but I was left wondering where Shane Taylor was-did he cash the check or did he have a change of mind? Anywho, great match here, all the teams fit and got a chance to shine and Titan and Lee have shown yet again that they are very well the best two CMLL stars that frequent the company. (****)

Winner: The Young Bucks

Final Reaction: B
The main event was particularly good here and definitely worth a watch. The show was a strong episode overall, with all of the matches being good, even if it was surprising to see the Dawgs earn a title shot out of seemingly nowhere, which made the match a bit anticlimactic and as it was obvious they would not get the win. The Taven/Cody segment and the Coleman’s Pulpit with Coast 2 Coast were particularly well done and really add intrigue and new avenues for the company. Titan and Dragon Lee were used well here in a match that really got people off their feet. This is a recommended episode to sit back and enjoy, with things being worked out as we head to the Anniversary show.

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