ROH 10/15/17 Global Wars Chicago Review

ROH Global Wars Chicago Review
Odeum Expo Center
Chicago, IL

Ring of Honor’s Global Wars tour ended in Chicago and featured Kenny Omega defending the IWGP United States championship, as well as some intriguing matchups that pitted NJPW talent against ROH talent. Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer on commentary welcomed us to the show.

Although commentary intimated that a tag team match would start the show, Cody’s music hit and he made his way to the ring. He began to talk about the entire company thanks him for bringing so many eyes to the product. He addressed a tweet that Roman Reigns responded to earlier in the day. The fan he picked came into the ring, conspicuous in a full ski mask. The fan turned out to be Dalton Castle, who attack Cody and raised the title high as Cody high tailed it to the back.

Cody went on to say that Reigns could kiss the ring and then he called Cary Silkin to Kiss the Ring, but he declined. Cody offered to bring a fan into the ring if he or she would kiss the ring.

Best Friends (Beretta and Chuckie T.) vs. Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young
Young and T started, but quickly gave way to the “heavyweights” Trent and BCB and quickly fell victim to a HugElbowdrop. Trent hit the face wash, followed by Chuckie hitting a rolling senton, but their celebration was curt short as Bruiser took them out. The Last Real Men worked  on Trent’s arm, which was sporting a huge bruise.Trent tagged out to Chuckie who came in hot and took both men out, hitting Young with a Falcon arrow-HE DID THE DEAL, but only a two count. Things broke down and Bruiser missed a bullfrog splash, instead on the receiving end of a knee by Beretta, followed by a piledriver that went for a two count. Chuckie hit Soul Food and went to bound off the ropes, only to be struck with a keg of Beer City Brew. Young took the opportunity to hit Misery and picked up the pinfall victory for his side. Action-packed perfctly timed match from these two teams. The Best Friends are way over and having Young pick up the pinfall victory with a bit of chicanery keeps him looking strong, while taking nothing away the Best Friends.

WInners: Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser

Hiromu Takahashi vs. Marty Scurll
Takahashi came to the ring with the newly married Daryl Takahashi, whose wife Carol was watching from home in Japan. Must be tough to date a pro wrestling stuffed cat, with their schedule and all. This match was a pretty good balance of legitimate wrestling and great sequences, with comedy sprinkled in throughout. Both tried to use the ropes to win with roll ups, and both men then corner referee Paul Turner and gave him a hard time. The two then traded chops in the center of the ring before heading into the final stretch.  The end came when Scurll called for, but failed to apply a Chicken wing, but reversed a Time bomb attempt into a Chicken wing anyway. A good wrestling match that was punctuated with the comedy spots that were very over in house. With Yano and Cabana later, not sure if the comedy stuff was really needed, even if Daryl Takahashi is a beloved figure.

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs. Cheeseburger and Kushida
The 94 Burgers really dominated at the onset and had some fun with shoteis and dueling armbars, but the Addiction took over and worked Cheeseburger over with methodical precision and Burger does some of his best work in spots like these. KUSHIDA came in and cleared house, locking a hoverboard lock on Kazarian, but Daniels quickly broke it up, giving Kaz the advantage. KUSHIDA flipped over the ropes and took Daniels out, before grabbing an actual hoverboard, instead opting for a high cross body block. Whitmer pointed out that it would be cool to see KUSHIDA have used the hoverboard to float, but as well all know, those can only float a few inches off the ground. The Addiction picked up the pinfall after hitting Celebrity Rehab for the pinfall victory. Post match, Daniels and Kazarian went to put Cheeseburger table, only for Bully Ray to stop them.

Bully Ray went to then basically go into a retirement speech, calling a fan into the ring and giving him a piece of what Ray said would be the last table he would ever break. Riccaboni and Whitmer debated what he meant by that before the next match.

Winners: The Addiction

Bullet Club (Adam Page, Cody, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) vs. Search and Destroy (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay White and Jonathan Gresham)
Gresham and Cody started off, with Cody offering Gresham a chance to kiss the ring, but he declined by pushing him. The crowd was insane before the two even locked up, chanting Cease and Desist, among other choices chants. Gresham took Cody down after a brief exchange and tagged to Nick, but it lead to 5 misses splashes and then eight simultaneous dropkicks. After the stand-off an number of Superkicks gave the Bullet Club the advantage, allowing body Cody and Page to leap to the crowd on the outside. The all brawled down the aisle and Matt propelled himself off the ramp to the other participants, flooring them all. Search and Destory then had their way, with no regard for a count for being in the ring at the same time. S&D were heavily booed in Chicago for trying to put Detroit over, which despite the BC’s level of popularity, is rarely seen.Simultaneous 3 Bullet Club sharpshooters, but White locked Cody in, preventing the clean sweep. the Hung Bucks connected with a triple superick on him before all locking on sharpshooters, but S&D all reached the ropes. Gresham was able to get some time in the ring to show hi mettle, and although he was outnumbered, he stood up to the Bullet Club. He did get an invite to a superkick part and then got planted with Page’s Rite of Passage for the pinfall victory. This is everything you would have expected, with Gresham continue to look solid and shining in this one, surrounded by veterans who looked 10 years younger during this one.

Winners: The Bullet Club

One Mean Team (Brian Johnson, Justin Pusser) w/ Jasmine vs. The Dawgs (Big Dawg & Lil Willy)
Dawgs out to a quick advantage, with Titus hitting Ferrara below the belt and suplexing him onto to Pusser, doing the same with a side suplex later. Pretty quick solid tag match here, with the Dawgs pick up the win after hitting a front suplex/high cross body block combination before scoring the pinfall.But the real story here was Jay Briscoe coming out after the match and violently destroying the mean team in a very mean way. Jay then said he was there to address one person, Mark Briscoe. He said that Mark has been focusing on too many things and that after he heals up, the Briscoes need to go back to basics and take over.I did enjoy that Briscoe did not affect the match, but rather waited until afterwards. Would have preferred to see a known team, like Coast 2 Coast in this spot. One Mean Team hasn’t been involved with ROH in a consistent capacity and the crowd reaction during a short match here spoke to that fact, as there was little to no

Winners: The Dawgs

Jay Lethal, Kenny King and Shane Taylor vs. Suzuki-gun (Davey Boy Smith Jr., Lance Archer and Minoru Suzuki)
Suzuki feigned adhering to the code of honor, but quickly attacked the ROH trio and brawled on the outside. Lethal called out Suzuki and the two went right for each other, not holding back what-so-ever, continuing Jay Lethal’s string of great performances on this tour. This match was fought on the outside for the most part, with Suzuki-gun fooling Paul Turner repeatedly to use objects like a television wire to gain the advantage, Lethal and Suzuki traded a series of brutal chops, with Suzuki not selling Lethals chops, but rather laughing in Lethal’s face and kicking in the chest, sending him to the arena floor. Eventually, Suzuki knocked Taylor out with a sleeper and impressively managed to pick Taylor up for the Gotch style piledriver, holding Taylor up for a few second before hitting the decisive move and the pinfall victory. Suzuki attacked and tossed Paul Tuner to the outside before grabbing a mic. He then said everyone knows that they are Suzuki-gun, in Japan. Shane Taylor really did make the best of his opportunity here and looked particularly strong in the loss. Lethal wrapped up this tour on a high note, having memorable exchanges with Suzuki.

Winners: Suzuki-gun

Colt Cabana vs. Toru Yano
Cabana himself asked for fans to tweet at ROH social media to make this match happen and shortly after the match was indeed signed. The bout pits two of the world’s most prolific comedic grapplers against each other in what some may certainly consider a dream match. Both brought their DVDs and tossed each other’s to the crowd, quickly going to retrieve then. Yano sold his, but Cabana being home in Chicago, gave one to a lucky fan. Turnbuckles were ripped off entirely too easily, with Cabana actually  winning the exchange and sending a turnbuckle crashing into Yano’s head. A long ref bump spot sent Sinclair down, allowing Yano to low blow, but with Sinclair knocked out, he couldn’t win. He grabbed a roll of tape, but Cabana had recovered by this point and went for his signature elbow. Yano wrapped Cabana up in tap and grabbed a turnbuckle, but Cabana ducked it and hit his diving jacknife pin combination to pick up the victory. Yano offered his hand to Cabana, but quickly pulled it back before leaving. A number of fun moments here between two of the best at what they do in the ring.

Winners: Yano

Flip Gordon vs. Will Ospreay
The match started off with both men going full speed and using their agility to avoid being control. Ospreay slowed things down with an Octopus stretch and clawed at the obliques before releasing. Gordon countered Ospreay with a headscissors the sent him outside and hit a kick off the apron before connecting with a moonsault from the top rope to the arena floor. There were some really great moments during this one, but the crowd just seemed sapped of energy here for stretches of the match. Ospreay wrestled as the cocky arrogant slightly more experience star. He does have good reason to, hitting moves like a Fosbury Flop to the outside. Gordon thwarted a superplex to the outside with a springboard kick, KInder suprise to sent Ospreay to the outside. Gordon then springboarded of  perpendicular top ropes before hitting a spinning senton to the outside. Back inside, Gordon hit a Samoan pop, a running shooting star and a moonsault, but only got a two count. Ospreay hit an Oscutter, only for Gordon to return the favor, laying both men out. Ospreay called for a cutter, but Gordon telegraphed it and hit a 450 from the rop, only for Ospreay to kick out just before the three count. Ospreay somehow hit a shooting star press on Gordon who was draped on the top rope and followed with an Oscutter for a win. The match had some stretches with rest holds that slowed things down which was really smart here. The final stretch was dynamite. Gordon looked really impressively and Ospreay put him over afterwards. The goal here was to elevate Gordon and he came out looking like a major player here.

Winner: Will Ospreay

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Omega (c) vs. Yoshi-Hashi
Despite Hashi being a challenger that no one really bought winning this match, the two had a nice little match for quite a while until we got a referee bump. At this point all heck broke loose, with the entirety of the Bullet Club coming out to the ring. Omega held them off until he decided to go for the ten boot spot, only for Hashi to reverse the move in the end. Toru Yano, Flip Gordon and the Best Friends Cosme out to even the odds here and we ended up seeing a 450 through a table and a shooting star press to the outside that incapacitated everyone. Omega finally hit One Winged Angel on Hashi to pick up the pin fall victory. Post match Cody put Omega; Omega thanked the fans and then Jimmy Jacobs came out to take a selfie with the Bullet Club.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Final Thoughts: B+
This was an overall a fun show, but it certainly felt like it could have been Saturday’s show, just in terms of ROH being the focal point of the night. The main event had more intrigue because of the shenanigans at the end, but Hashi was hold his own and a clean finish would have worked jus as well, with all the hullabaloo happening after the pinfall. Gordon and Ospreay had the match of the night and both Gordon and Taylor walked away from the event coming off as bigger players in ROH. Cabana/Yano was entertaining, but under 10 minutes of a Cabana match doesn’t balance on having him off commentary, as he’s really been adding to the company in that role. For the novelty of the talent here and along with some great matches, this is a recommended event. The status quo didn’t necessarily change, but a hot crowd and the coming out party of a few talents, this was a romp you shouldn’t miss.

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