ROH 10th Anniversary Show Results

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness start the show off in the ring. They welcome us to the show and preview the event.

All Night Express vs Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

Titus and Benjamin start the match off, so we’ll get to see how Titus’ knee is early on. Benjamin appeared to have low blowed King right in front of the referee, but it’s deemed to be a legal shot. The All Night Express send both Haas and Benjamin to the outside and they dive over the top rope onto their them to take them out. Benjamin blindsides Titus with a kick to the knee when the referee was distracted by Haas. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team work over Titus’ knee for a few minutes. Benjamin try to use a chair, but the referee stopped him. Haas and Benjamin continue to work over his knee until he’s able to fight off long enough to tag King in. King enters the match as the fresh man and cleans house. Both teams have been able to hit a number of double team combinations, but have only been getting two counts .  Titus and Haas tumble to the outside after a clothesline from Titus. After a series of pinfall attempts, King was able to pick up the pinfall on Benjamin to pick up the win.

Winners: All Night Express

Homicide vs Mike Bennett with Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob

Homicide charges the ring and the action starts out fast before Bennett fled to the floor. Homicide beat Bennett all the way around the ringside area as the match hadn’t started yet.  Homicide goes for a suicide dive onto Bennett, but Brutal Bob sacrifices his own body to protect Bennett and “The Prodigy” has the advantage. Bennett rips off the Yankees shirt that Homicide was wearing, which gives Homicide the opportunity to come back. Homicide connects with an ace crusher and both men are down. They exchange shots in the middle of the ring, and a powerbomb by Homicide gets a two count. Homicide attempts a Cop Killa off the top, but Bennett is able to throw him off. Maria distracts Homicide, and Bennett almost runs into her. Homicide connects with the Go 2 Sleep and Maria is trying to get into the ring. This allows Bennett to roll Homicide up for the victory.

Winner: Mike Bennett

CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston is out for an interview, and he calls out Davey Richards. Kevin Steen comes out instead. Steen says that Kingston was in ROH until Cornette came along, and that people want to see him and Kingston tear the wrestling business down together. Kingston says he doesn’t want to destroy CHIKARA or ROH. Kingston says he’ll knock Steen’s mouth off his face after Steen’s provokes him. They begin to brawl before security breaks them up. Steen grabs the Grand Championship and CHIKARA’s Jigsaw and The Colony come out to take him out.

The House of Truth with Truth Martini vs TJ Perkins and Amazing Red

After a technical exchange that led to a stalemate between Perkins and Strong, Red and Elgin are tagged in. A series of dropkicks sends Elgin to the outside and a hurricarana sends Strong to the outside. The House of Truth quickly get back in the ring, but are met by crossbodies. A powerslam by Elgin on Perkins puts the House of Truth in control. Elgin uses his freakish strength to hit a sick backbreaker on Perkins. Perkins fights off Strong and Elgin in the corner and is finally able to tag Red in. A great series of kicks and an awesome DDT gets a count for Red. Elgin catches Red as he flies over the top, but Perkins took him out. The two then dive onto Strong and Martini. A sunset bomb gets a two count, but Strong breaks the count. A gutbuster and clothesline combination on Red gets a two count. An Alabama Slam into a backbreaker gets the victory for the House of Truth.

Winners: The House of Truth

World TV Title
World TV Champion Jay Lethal defends vs Tommaso Ciampa with The Embassy Ltd.

They are feeling each other out early in the match as neither want to be the first to make a mistake. Lethal hits a dropkick and Ciampa retreats to the outside. A springboard dropkick sends Ciampa from the apron into the barricade. Lethal wipes out RD Evans with a dive, but it gave Ciampa the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and is now in control of the match. Ciampa Irish whips Lethal repeatedly into the barricades and then into the side of the ring. Lethal attempted to handspring against the ropes, but is met by a kick from Ciampa. Ciampa drives the knee into the side of Lethal’s head multiple times, but Lethal pops up and connects with a superkick and both men are down. The back handspring elbow gets a two count for Lethal. There are three minutes remaining in the time limit. Lethal connects with the top rope elbow, but Ciampa kicks out at two. Ciampa hits a Kryptonite Crunch on the apron and Lethal looks to be broken in half.  One minute is remaining in the time limit and both men are in the ring. The Embassy starts their interference and Lethal unloads on Ciampa as we get a time limit draw.

Ciampa hits the Project Ciampa after the match and takes the TV Title with him.

Time Limit Draw: Lethal retains

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Jay and Mark Briscoe defend vs The Young Bucks

The Bucks jump the Briscoes before the bell. The Briscoes double hip toss one of the Bucks over the top onto the other Buck. The Briscoes continue to beat the Young Bucks up around ringside. Finally, the bell sounds as Jay Briscoe and Matt Jackson start the match off for their respective teams. The Briscoes connect with a great double team combination on Matt Jackson in the corner. Nick pulls Jay to the outside and a double team maneuver gives the Bucks the advantage.  Nick goes for a dive to the outside, but Mark cuts him off. A superkick gets a two count for the Young Bucks. Mark is finally able to fight off the Young Bucks and tags in Jay and he dominates the challengers. A powerbomb and neckbreaker combination gets a two count for the champions. A 450 splash gets another near fall for the Young Bucks. A series of superkicks looks to have the match won for the Young Bucks, but Mark breaks the pin up. The Briscoes block More Bang for Your Buck and connect with the Doomsday Device to retain their titles.

Winners and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes

Kevin Steen vs Jimmy Jacobs

Corino said the match wasn’t going to happen, but Jacobs jumped Steen from behind. He beats Steen up around ringside and throws some chairs into the ring. He tries to hit Steen with a chair, but Steen blocks it and hits a code breaker using the chair on Jacobs. The two fight around the outside and Jacobs throws Steen off the barricade and onto the entrance ramp. Jacobs spears Steen through a table. Jacobs tries to use the spike on Steen, but Steen ducks out of the way. Jacobs is able to use the spike and stabs Steen in the head with it, and Steen is gushing blood. Jacobs stands in shock and looks to regret what he’s done. This gives Steen the opportunity to recover and hit Jacobs with a low blow. Steen hits the F5 onto two open steel chairs in a sick looking spot to pick up the victory. It’s impossible to do this match justice with words, and you have to see it to believe it.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole
vs ROH World Champion Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly

It’s been a feeling out process early in the match. Cole goes for a superkick, but Richards falls away and avoids it. The feeling out process continues with a test of strength between Edwards and O’Reilly. Cole quickens the pace and is met with a dropkick from Richards. Cole gets several quick two counts on Richards. A series of suplexes and a back drop driver gives Richards the chance to tag in O’Reilly. Richards dives out onto Cole as O’Reilly backdrops Edwards off the top rope. Edwards counters an armbar into an Achilles lock. A clothesline puts both Edwards and O’Reilly down, and Cole gets tagged in. a nice backbreaker by Cole gets a two count on O’Reilly.  O’Reilly hits the butterfly suplexes, but Cole rolls him up for a quick two count.  A great neckbreaker and DDT combination on Richards and O’Reilly gives Cole the chance to tag in Edwards. Edwards elevates Cole to the outside onto their opponents. A springboard moonsault by Edwards takes everyone out. A backpack jawbreaker and splash combination gets a nearfall for Edwards and Cole.

Richards locks the ankle lock in on Cole. O’Reilly locks in the guillotine on Edwards.  Richards and Edwards lock in the same hold and exchange shots while keeping the hold on. A clothesline takes both Cole and O’Reilly to the floor. A nice counter sequence ends with Richards hitting a suplex on his former partner and both men are down. They get tags into their respective teammates.  All four men tumble to the outside due to two suplexes to the outside. Richards and Edwards are trying to one up each other against their opponent’s partner in the corner. A superkick by Cole gets a close two count on O’Reilly. Richards connects with two double stomps and Cole kicks out. Edwards breaks the pin up after a German suplex by Richards. Cole gets hit by a brainbuster and kick combination and kicks out at two. A tornado DDT from the top rope through a table by ringside by Cole takes him and O’Reilly out. Edwards tags in Cole and he hits a crossbody on O’Reilly to pick up the pinfall in a huge upset!

Winners: Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards

O’Reilly tells Cole and Edwards he doesn’t shake the hands of people he doesn’t respect; Kevin Steen is in the crowd with a microphone. Steen says the show should’ve been called “Steen Steals the Show.” He says he’s the future. Steen says the real main event should have been Richards and Steen for the title. Steen says Richards is the one person that can change Cornette’s mind about the title match.

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