ROH 11/18/17 TV Review: Bully Ray Mans Up In Philly

ROH 11/18/17 TV Review: Bully Ray Mans Up In Philly
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This week was the third episode from the set of tapings from after Global Wars at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary and welcomed everyone to show.

First Match: Matt Taven w/Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan vs. Jay White
Taven attacked White before the bell rang, foregoing the code of honor. Although he struck first, White was able to take control quickly with a series of hard strikes, culminating in a dropkick that floor Taven. Taven was able to recover and drop White on the top rope, sending him to the outside after a springboard dropkick. Stalling with some showboating, Taven cost himself precious seconds, ultimately missing a dropkick through the ropes and crashing to the barricade after White connected with a tope suicida. After the break, White avoided a distraction from the Kingdom by throwing them into one another and then hoisted Taven up for a suplex, dropping him with a brainbuster on the apron in a ridiculous looking spot that woke the crowd up. Back inside White had to fend off both O’Ryan and Marseglia, all the while keeping Taven floored. When he perched up on the top rope, Marseglia distracted Paul Turner with his ax (because it’s actually a lethal weapon) while O’Ryan to used his bat to drop the Kiwi on his kiwis, allowing Taven to hit a Climax from the top to pick up the pinfall victory. The Kingdom beat White down, but just before Marseglia could chop White’s arm off, Search and Destroy mercifully prevented the amputation. Good match between these two-Taven winning was the right move, especially with White on his way out, but a clean win for Taven would have done wonders here.

Winner: Matt Taven

A backstage segment aired, with Flip Gordon searching for allies to tackle the Bullet Club on next week’s episode. He walked in on Coast to Coast, Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali, talking over their issues. He offered them a spot, saying that he’s looking for guys with nothing to lose and everything to gain. They immediately accepted and intimated that they have someone to fill up the fourth slot, a friend from the west coast.

Shane Taylor vs. Cheeseburger
Caprice Coleman joined Riccaboni and Cabana on commentary before this one. Burger tried to start a shoving contest with Taylor, finding himself in the corner on his rear rather quickly. Taylor seemed reticent to follow up his attack, allowing Cheeseburger to catch Taylor with a right hand to the jaw. Taylor threw Burger to the ropes, but the slippery fan-favorite squirmed out of a slam and cinched in a sleeper hold. The fans were going crazy, especially Ryan Sullivan in the front row who was rocking a Cheeseburger hat-great stuff. Burger connected with Shoetei, but as he went for another, Taylor scooped him and drove him into the mat with a chokeslam. Burger tried one last charge, but Taylor decked him with a right hand and that was all she wrote.  As Taylor internally battled whether or not his win was fair, The Dawgs made their way to the ring with a proposition. Will Ferrara offered Taylor a pint full of pennies to take Cheeseburger out, but Taylor responded by pouring the pennies over Ferrara’s head. As the Dawgs decided to take matter into their own hands, Taylor prevented them from harming Cheeseburger in what seemed to single a face turn, or at least the pangs of one, as the big man heads into Final Battle. Everything worked here- Taylor went over clean and quickly, the Dawgs provided a bit of non-threatening conflict and Taylor embarrassed two guys the crowd enjoys seeing getting one-upped.

Winner: Shane Taylor

A Bully Ray/Briscoes package aired next, recapping everything that has gone on among the three.

A Short Silas Young promo aired, in which he vowed to defeat Jonathan Gresham on next week’s episode.

Finally, another backstage segment aired, with the Flip Army tracking Scorpio Sky down and offering him a spot, which he also accepted.

Main Event: Adam Page vs. Dalton Castle
Cody joined commentary, sporting a particularly dapper crushed velvet sports jacket. Castle came out without the normal pomp and circumstance he is so well known for, with quite a scowl on his face. As Cody went to talk strategy with Page, Castle flew at both of them with a suicide dive to start the match immediately. Castle beat Page around the ringside area, looking like he was incensed and singularly focused. The two briefly went inside, only for Castle to send Page to the outside and feign a dive, hitting his Peacock pose instead. After the break, page was in control and hit a moonsault off the top to the outside before the went back inside and he took his time beating Castle down in the corner. Castle gained control, but during the commercial break Page used Castle moment to send him to the outside and both were back inside as the break ended.

Castle went for a German but Page landed on his feet and hit a superkick. Castle still managed to hit a Bang-A-Rang, but Cody pulled Sinclair to the outside, disrupting the count. Castle gave chase on the outside, allowing Page to hit a shooting star shoulderblock. Page still could not keep Castle down and Cody interfered once more, holding Castle from the apron. Page missed and Castle hit a deadlight German before locking on a cobra clutch from the camel clutch position to earn to submission victory. Post match Cody and Castle jawed, giving Page a chance to hit a chop block on the challenger.

Winners: Dalton Castle

Bully Ray came out for his retirement speech, thanking the crowd in Philadelphia for all their support through the years, from ECW to ROH. he puts over the company, saying that he would like to stick around, even if he can not wrestle. Joe Koff came into the ring and thanked Bully for what he has done to raise ROH’s profile, only for Jay briscoe to interrupt. Jay insulted Bully for going out they way he did, calling a few choice words. As Koff kept Ray back, Jay spit into Ray’s face, which enraged Koff. Koff got in Jay’s face, but was held back by Bobby Cruise, Prince Nana and BJ Whitmer. Jay took the opportunity to waylay Bully Ray and went to grab a chair. Cue Tommy Dreamer and Velvet Sky who stopped Jay from doing more.  As Dreamer and Jay jawed at each other, Mark came out to talk sense into Jay, only to low blow Dreamer and then toss Velvet to the outside before hitting a 3D on Bully Ray to end the show.

Final Reaction: B-
The Bully Ray main event segment was perfectly done in the right place with the right people and surely seems to be leading to a bout between the four at Final Battle. The Briscoes with a mean streak are a sight to behold here and this feels important. The matches on the show were good, but the constant interference, multiple times a match is a theme that has been distracting in a number of ROH matches. Granted, it feeds into storylines, but at two of the three matches on a show should not be impacted in the same exact way. Taylor’s match was crisp and his reaction really sold this crisis of conscience that he’s having. Certainly a show to catch, if not for the actual wrestling, but for the build towards Final battle.

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