ROH 11/11/17 TV Review: Best Friends vs The Addiction

ROH 11/11/17 TV Review: Best Friends vs The Addiction
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This week was the second episode from the set of tapings from after Global Wars at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary and welcomed everyone to show.

Video package of Cody and Dalton Castle’s interaction last week aired first, highlighting Cody offering Castle a WWE developmental deal, before Castle hit Cody with a Bang-A-Rang.

First Match: ROH TV Title Contenders Match
Punishment Martinez vs. Josh “The Goods” Woods
As Woods made his way to the ring, a short recap of his match against King, during which he fell short of winning the title. The two stood toe to toe early, but Martinez quickly gained the advantage by countering a corner charge with a boot to the chest, following through to the mat. The bigger man stayed in control, rebuffing Wood’s attempts while showing off his athletic ability with a springboard flipping senton off the second rope. Woods was able to finally reverse a spin kick attempt into an armbar, but the ring placement was way off here and Martinez had to bend his knees to avoid immediately touching the ropes. Martinez hit a Falcon Arrow, but Woods kicked out! HE DID THE DEAL!  Woods hit a jaw/breaker T-bone suplex combo, but it wasn’t enough and Martinez followed with the South of Heaven Chokeslam for the win. A slow paced match between two bigger men here. Woods continues to come off as a threat to win quickly, but this match felt a bit clunky. Martinez looks strong in the victory, but this one never really got going.

Winner: Punishment Martinez

A short promo by Mark Briscoe, talking about how he is coming for the TV title. Jay interrupted him and reminded his brother how he felt about the match, wearing a towel around his neck as Mark walked off. Very interesting to see that towel, but maybe it’s just me.

Jay Lethal came down to the ring, speaking about things haven’t been going well for him, consistently being delayed in his quest to regain the ROH championship. He continued, sharing his frustration that many are questioning what is next for him. Lethal clearly stated that his plan is to become a two time champion and reminded Cody that he is one of the few who have defeated the current champion. SHockingly, Lethal was interrupted by Marty Scurll’s music. Scurll then got on the mic and spoke about how Lethal isn’t the Jay Lethal that he wanted to face when he joined Ring of Honor. He wants the Jay Lethal that was ruthless and one who cut corners. Lethal stopped him and made it clear that the two are nothing alike. He reminded Scurll that the Villain cheats because he has to, Lethal did it because he wanted to. Scurll then told Lethal to put his Macho Man gimmick back on, because without the cheating, he’s not entertaining “Dig it?” The Villain asked the fans to stand and pointed out how his shirts are more prevalent than Lethal’s, before Scurll challenged Lethal to a match at Final battle, which Lethal accepted. An excellent back and forth from these two. Scurll and Lethal were both brilliant and this is easily the best part of the show thus far.

A Bullet Club promo aired, hyping up Adam Page’s match with Dalton Castle next week, during which he hopes to eliminate the Party Peacock before the challenger can make it to Final Battle.

Kenny King vs. Mark Briscoe w/ Jay
King and Briscoe adhered to the code of honor, but before they could lock up, Jay threw a towel in the ring- a nice bit of foreshadowing here. Referee Mike Posey called for the bell immediately, much to Mark’s dismay. Mark got into Jay’s face and then argued with the referee. Punishment Martinez came down to the ring and knocked King down, promptly followed by Shane Taylor, Jonathan Gresham, Silas Young and Cheeseburger, who all brawled in the ring. As the five challengers brawled to the outside, King hit a suicide dive before the segment ended.

Winner: Kenny King

A Coleman’s Pulpit segment aired, with Shane Taylor as a guest.  Coleman complimented Taylor on his weight loss before commenting that Taylor’s been more violent sice the Rebellion broke up. Coleman then asked about Taylor’s attack on Josh Woods for a payoff from Q.T. Marshall. Coleman asked if Taylor felt his new hitman gimmick is honorable and Taylor essentially said that he does what he has to do. He continued saying that he has a family to take care of and that he wants his daughter to have a better life than he did. Taylor spoke about his rough upbringing, justifying his actions, ending that he will continue to do anything to provide for his daughter.

Main Event: Best Friends (Trent Barreta & Sexy Chuckie T vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)
Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin joined Ian on commentary, speaking about how the winners of this match will receive a title shot. Barreta started off against Daniels, only for Kazarian to attack Trent from behind before scoring with a double team. A quick reversals of fortune sent Kazarian to the outside and a double back drop to Daniels. Trent went for his springboard face wash followed by a Chuckie slow senton, which, according to Sabin, made his nipples hard. While the Best Friends stayed in control, the Kingdom was shown watching from the top of the entrance ramp. Some chicanery by Kazarian allowed the Addiction to gain control, keeping Barreta in their corner, highlighted by a picture perfect moonsault by Daniels.

After the break, Taylor made the hot tag and almost won with a Falcon arrow, but Daniels kicked out! HE DID THE DEAL, again! Things broke down, as all four men were in the ring, trading control. Trent flew over the top with a flipping senton, hurting his lower lumbar region in the process. Daniels grabbed a title and went to wield it, but War Machine, Ray Rowe and Warbeard Hanson raced down to ringside to stop him. In the ensuing chaos, Chuckie hit an Awful Waffle on Daniels to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winners: Best Friends

Final Reaction: B
Wrestling-wise, this wasn’t the greatest episode of ROH television, but there some great storytelling spots here that built to Final Battle, or simply developed characters effectively. The interaction between Lethal and Scurll was excellent and is alone a reason to watch the episode. Shane Taylor came off as a cold and calculated monster with a heart of gold-which truth be told, has been told before-but he made it his own and it worked well. The Briscoes issues were pulled off excellently and has me reeled in. This is definitely an episode to watch, especially leading to Final Battle.

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