ROH 12/2/17 TV Review: Adam Page vs. Flip Gordon

ROH 12/2/17 TV Review: Adam Page vs. Flip Gordon
RO Funding Center
Lakeland, Florida

This week was the first episode from the set of tapings Lakeland, Florida. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana were on commentary and welcomed everyone to show.

First Match: The Beer City Bruiser vs. Marty Scurll
BCB overpowered Scurll and sent him to the outside after a collar and elbow lock up, forcing Scurll to regroup. Once back inside Scurll used his quickness to avoid BCB and locked up his hands, stepping in them after his signature flapping. BCB rolled to the outside and pulled Scurll out with him, but ended up beaten onto a chat set up in the corner of the barricades. Scurll took his time as he rushed Bruiser an was met with a knee, placing Scurll in the chair as he attempted a cannonball. Scurll managed to avoid being splattered and BCB crashed into the barricade and the first break of the show. BCB was in control back in the ring after the return from commercial. As BCB missed a bullfrog splash, Lethal came out in to the ramp and stoically looked in, observing Scurll. Scurll worked in BCB’s arm, but was dropped with a clothesline before BCB scaled the ropes yet again.

This time Scurll thwarted him and impressively powerbombed him off the top, pinning him with his feet on the ropes, which referee Todd Sinclair caught. Scurll attempted a chicken wing but BCB shrugged him and shoved him to the corner, charging full steam at him. Sinclair got caught and took the brunt of the attack, allowing Scurll to crack Bruiser with his umbrella as Lethal looked on and picking up the pinfall victory. BCB continues to prove that he belongs in ROH- he’s not the most athletic, but he is able to use the tools he does have effectively and believably. The issue with Scurll and Lethal were built upon here in a strong opening match.

Winner: Marty Scurll

A Dalton Castle interview aired, during which he commented on the history he and Cody have had, with some bleeped out parts as he grew incensed speaking about when Cody kicked him in the ding dong after his loss to Christopher Daniels at Supercard of Honor.

Recap of issues between The Briscoes/Bully Ray and video of the Briscoes going  o Bully Ray’s training center. Bully was nowhere to be found but I he students were training and Jay laid down hem out as Mark recorded everything. They then went into the office and started destroying pictures as Mark repeatedly accolades over again in what is the greatest and meanest way I have ever heard that word used. As the female trainee shrieked and informed the Briscoes the police were in their way, Mark and Jay hit a 3D on one of the other trainees in the ring.

Caprice Coleman hosted Coleman’s Pulpit with special guest Caprice Coleman. Yup- you read that correctly. The two (?) spoke about Coleman’s shot at the ROH TV title next week and how he will be ready to defend the title at Final Battle after he takes the title from Kenn King.

(From ROH Elite, check out my review of the full show here)

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan)
Marseglia and O’Ryan attacked the champs before the bell and got off to a hot start, beating Sabin and Shelley about ringside. Back inside, Shelley fought off aerial attack from both members of the Kingdom, allowing him and Sabin to work some tag team magic for a stretch, even locking on dueling figure fours. O’Ryan sold tweaking his knee and played possum, using the opportunity to gain the advantage on Sabin. With both members of MCMG out of the ring, Marseglia and O’Ryan grabbed the belts and posed with them, as Riccaboni and Cabana both expertly commented that perhaps the two should capitalize on the champs and actually win the belts. When they couldn’t put MCMG away with a neckbreaker/Redrum combo, O’Ryan and Marseglia weaponed up. As Todd Sinclair wrested the very dangerous looking ax away from Marseglia, O’Ryan went to hit Sabin with a baseball bat. O’Ryan missed Sabin on numerous occasion and caught his own partner in the face, allowing MCMG to then hit a double driver on for the pinfall victory. Post match, Taven ran down and helped his buddies and pose over them. The Kingdom’s chemistry grows each match and against the champions, they looked particularly strong, essentially losing because they went for weapons instead of the win. Shelley and Sabin continue to be fun to watch together, they way they string moves together is superb.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Main Event: Flip Gordon vs. Adam Page
Gordon chose to not adhere to the code of honor, with good reason, as shaking hands with the Bullet Club has led to disastrous results in the past. Page overpowered Gordon during the lockup, but Gordon managed to execute a back handspring and land on his feet. The two ran the ropes, with Gordon avoiding being struck by nipping up repeatedly to avoid Page’s right hands, much to Page’s dismay. Gordon celebrated too long and was tossed outside, where he and Page traded flips before heading back inside. Gordon used a headscissor to send Page outside again, hitting a super kick from the apron before connecting with a moonsault that prompted Cabana to exclaim that Gordon was flipping like Dwayne Wade’s glasses from A Different World.

Gordon attempted to flip into the ring but was met with a boot to the face and then was hung up in a tree of woe on the outside of the ropes. Page set up a chair and used it to launch a drop kick into Gordon’s face. The match felt like a glimpse into ROH’s main event future and a Final Battle match at next year’s event. At times the flips come off as superfluous, but when the do, Gordon usually suffers as a result and that evens things out a bit. Gordon won after hitting a springboard twister cutter, but did not celebrate for long. Post match the Young Bucks came out, with Matt was wearing a ref shirt. He raised Gordon’s hand before asking him where he thought he was going as Nick superkicked his face off.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Final Reaction: A-
A great episode chock full of lead to Final battle goodness. Castle’s interview was a nice way to recap their issues, the Briscoes segment during which they attacked Bully Ray’s training facility was excellent. Bruiser showed how he can be a versatile opponent for anyone in ROH, Lethal and Scurll, even just staring at each other was well done and the main event was a sight to see. The tag team match was good, but the Kingdom losing because they chose to go for weapons was a far weaker finish than if it would have just been a clean loss. Someone really needs to someone about that ax, it seems dangerous. Anywho, if you’re on the fence about Final battle, this episode will definitely encourage you to buy the event.

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