ROH in Cincinnati, OH (Feb 17th) Results

The show opened with Jim Cornette coming out, high-fiving the ringside fans and giving a short speech about how happy they were to be in Cincinnati. Cornette received one of the biggest ovations of the evening.

Opening match: Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini defeated Adam Cole

Truth was a heat magnet, as usual. This was a solid opening match with both guys getting in a decent amount of offense. The crowd was in to this almost instantly. In the end, Elgin hit his spinning powerbomb for the win.

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Round One
Shiloh Jonze & Rudy Switchblade defeated Sean Casey & Chris Silvio

Sean Casey has been a staple of Cincinnati wrestling since the mid-90’s and still amazingly looks just about the same as he did when he first debuted. This match centered around Casey and Silvio playing to the crowd with garden variety, over-animated textbook heel tactics which I guess helped Shiloh and Rudy establish some favor with the crowd. This was probably my least favorite match of the evening. There seemed to be a lot of communication problems between the participants. In the end, Jonze and Switchblade got the win when Switchblade hit a nice looking frog splash.

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Round One
Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls defeated Alabama Attitude

Shane and Mikey come out and they cut a pretty scathing promo on the city of Cincinnati and received quite a bit of backlash from the crowd. That didn’t last long. Alabama Attitude were much smaller guys, with Corey Hollis immediately drawing “Justin Gabriel” chants from the crowd. I’m not sure what was “Alabama” about these guys at all as they neither looked or played the part. Decent tag match here with Shane and Mikey getting the win following a couple of nice exchanges. This was definitely a hot match with the Aussies winning over the crowd, getting a nice ovation after the win and drawing a “BODY SLAM!” chant which would be key later on in the evening.

No Holds Barred
Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini defeated Eddie Edwards

Cornette comes out before this one starts and explains that since this is No Holds Barred, this should even the playing field so these two can settle their issue. Since Truth was there and Todd Sinclair(who received a chorus of boos every time he came out) was the ref, Cornette stated that since it’s not one on one but “two and a half men” vs one. He ended up ordering that Truth be handcuffed to the ringpost and Sinclair got the key.

Both participants received a decent ovation from the crowd and they put on one hell of a wild match. This saw a cool spot where a chair was setup between the turnbuckles in each corner and they jockeyed for position with reversals with Roderick eventually taking what looked to be kind of a nasty header in to one of the chairs. A table also came in to play here with Edwards putting Strong through it. This thing was all over the place and had a very nice flow to the action. In the end, Sinclair ended up taking a ref bump, allowing Truth to get the handcuff key and unlock himself. Then, Michael Elgin did a run in, followed by Adam Cole. Strong ended up getting the win after nailing and I mean nailing Eddie straight between the eyes with Martini’s book.

Samson Walker defeated Mike Mondo

This was probably my second least favorite match of the night. Mondo did a good job playing the part of the heel but there was really nothing too terribly exciting going on. Mondo got the pin after using the ropes for leverage but somehow the ref became aware and restarted the match. Samson delivered a pretty ruthless low-down type move to get the legit victory.

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Round Two
Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls defeated Shiloh Jonze & Rudy Switchblade

The Aussies are back and now are over HUGE with the crowd. Aside from the Briscoes, they definitely received the biggest ovation and continued noise from the crowd of the night. Another good tag match with Haste and Nicholls hitting a pretty sweet standing moonsault/elbow drop double team combo. The highlight of this was the crowd and how Haste and Nicholls interacted with them. The crowd was on fire with the chant of “BODY SLAM!” and these two played right in to it, hitting numerous slams – sometimes in succession. Haste and Nicholls, as predicted came out on top in this one.

Proving Ground Match
Jay Lethal defeated BJ Whitmer

This was a solid match with BJ getting a huge ovation being the local guy and all and coming out wearing a Brian Pillman Bengals jersey. Lethal got a good pop as well. This was ok, I suppose. It was a well worked match with Lethal hitting the handspring back-elbow I love so much. This was scheduled for 15 minutes which kind of tipped the cap that it was going to go just about every last second of that. Lethal ended up coming out on top with a nice show of respect between the two afterwards.

Tag Team Title Match
The Briscoes defeated Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards

Briscoes received the pop of the night by far. Solid match here with a lot of back and forth stuff. Nothing too terribly memorable but some good spots. The Briscoes end up retaining with Richards delivering a promo to close out the card.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed myself. Almost all of the matches were captivating and all of the talent did a great job. I’d estimate the crowd at around 300ish. Definitely a hot crowd for just about all of the matches. Folks here in Cincy love them some ROH. Hopefully they will be back again soon.

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