ROH in Dayton, OH (04/29/12) : Results

1. The All-Night Express over Mohammed Ali Vaez and Chris Silvio after their powerbomb/blockbuster finisher. Afterward, they got on the mic and expressed discontent at not receiving their ROH Tag Title shot yet after winning their proving ground match.

2. Michael Elgin over Samson Walker.

3. Kevin Steen over BJ Whitmer with an F5 after Jimmy Jacobs interfered.

4. Kyle O’Reilly and El Generico almost went the time limit, but with a minute left Jacobs and Steen interfered, going after Generico. O’Reilly attacked them, and the match was thrown out. Jacobs and Steen beat down O’Reilly until Richards made the save, only for Steen to put him in the ankle lock. BJ and others came down to run them off, and intermission was announced while officials restored order.

5. TJ Perkins over Mike Mondo with a 450 Splash.

6. Jay Lethal over Roderick Strong in the Two out of Three Falls Match. Roderick mockingly sang happy birthday to Lethal before the match, leading to a hot start and a quick rollup by Strong to take the first fall. Lethal took the second fall after a series of reversals ended in a crucifix. At the end of the third fall, Truth got on the apron only for Lethal to handspring into him to knock him to the floor and then hit the Lethal Injection on Roddy for the pin.

7. The Briscoes retain the tag titles over Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. ANX came out to watch the match and ended up getting involved, wailing on Shelton on the floor while Jay Briscoe pinned Haas.

8. Davey Richards over Adam Cole with a sick looking ankle lock/Indian Death Lock kinda thing. Afterward, Davey showed respect to Cole and basically says he’s arrived as a main eventer. He closes out the show by thanking the fans for coming.

Many thanks to Nykk on our forum for supplying the results.

Steven Coney

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