ROH on HDNet Volume 6 Review

This is the sixth instalment of the ROH on HDNet volumes. They contain the best matches from ROH on HDNet and volume 6 looks like a great DVD. Most of the DVD is made up of the tournament for the new ROH World TV Title. There are also a couple of tag team matches on there so this should be a good watch, let’s take a look at it:

Kevin Steen vs. Rhett Titus – (Episode 50)

This was during Kevin’s run with Steve Corino and “The King of Old School” was at ringside. Titus was still doing his goofy ‘addicted to love’ gimmick which I wasn’t a fan of but I digress. Steen was his usual hard-hitting self as Titus went the entertaining route. Steen focused on the arm/shoulder of Titus but Rhett used his speed advantage to good use and hit a nice looking jumping bulldog. Steen replied with a textbook Powerbomb but it wasn’t enough to get the victory.  Steen got Titus in the Tree of Woe and hit his patented running senton followed by the crossface to get the win. Decent enough match for the first round of the tournament. Glad Titus had dropped the goofy gimmick now as he obviously has lots of potential.

★★ ¼

Kenny King vs. El Generico – (Episode 50)

This should be good, Generico is one of the best babyfaces in the business and King has impressed for a good while. Both men are very good athletes, King hits an arm drag and then does the kip up. Generico follows that up with a nice jumping heel kick but King gets the advantage again. King controlled the match for a good five or so minutes and went to work on the left arm of Generico. “The Generic Luchadore” gets back into it with a brilliant springboard moonsault. Generico goes for the Yakuza kick but King hits two kicks of his own before hitting a clothesline that turned Generico inside out. He fights back again and after the dragon suplex, finally hits the Yakuza kick but King kicks out. King pushes the referee into the ropes which knocks Generico off balance on the top rope. King then hits a super Royal Flush for the win. This was a good back-and-forth match between the two, you wouldn’t expect anything less.


Eddie Edwards vs. Colt Cabana – (Episode 51)

Edwards had American Wolves manager Shane Hagadorn in his corner. Steve Corino came to watch the match from the entrance ramp which obviously distracted Cabana. Even though he might be a comedy character, Cabana still manages to pull off some really impressive manoeuvres. Edwards starts to focus on the left leg of Cabana in preparation for the Achilles Lock. He then lands a couple of foot stomps on Cabana’s back and dominates the majority of the match. Mike Hogewood seems to be talking about March Madness more than this match which isn’t helping. Cabana finally gets some offense in with a few elbows followed by a splash in the corner. He then turns his attentions towards Corino and chases after him, Edwards takes advantage and grabs Cabana and puts him in the Achilles Lock. This match never really got going but it served a purpose in furthering the Cabana/Corino feud.

★★ ¼

Davey Richards vs. Delirious – (Episode 51)

Delirious was his usual wacky self which included eating one of the streamers thrown into the ring. Delirious started the match better and hit three back sextons as part of his very unusual array of moves. Richards gets back into the match and goes after the left arm of Delirious as he favours the Kimura.  He follows up with a nice dropkick to the back of the prone Delirious. Delirious fights back and hits a belly-to-back suplex that send Richards out of the ring, he follows up with a somersault off the top rope to Richards on the outside. Richards starts using an array of kicks on Delirious and then hits the Northern Lights suplex for two. He locks in the Kimura but Delirious manages to get to the ropes. After a brief struggle, Delirious hits the Chemical Imbalance 2 but Richards somehow kicks out. Delirious goes to the tope rope but is met with a kick to the chest followed by a side suplex for two. The pair exchange submission holds before Richards kicks out after a dragon suplex. Richards hits a dropkick to the arm of Delirious followed by a Tombstone Piledriver. He then locks in the Kimura which turns into a cross armbreaker, and Delirious finally gives up. This match really got going towards the end and was enjoyable. Good performance from both men with a couple of nice spots.


Tyler Black & Colt Cabana vs. Austin Aries & Kenny King – (Episode 43)

This was before Tyler’s title reign and, in fact, Aries was champ at the time. The only two time ROH World Champion in history, too. Cabana started the match and used his usual mix of athleticism and comedy to frustrate his opponents. This led to King and Aries colliding at one point which led to them having a brief spat. Aries hits his head on the ring apron and then gets thrown into one of the barricades at ringside by Black. Aries and King deliver a couple of good looking double team moves on Cabana as they take control. Cabana finally manages to tag Black in, he goes for a crossbody but King catches him and gets DDT’d for his troubles. King and Aries are on the outside and Cabana shows off his athleticism by hitting a springboard moonsault on them both. As they struggle to get up, Black then crashes down on them with a hilo over the top rope. Both teams then get near falls as Aries and King take it in turns to attack Cabana in the corner. King saves Aries from a superkick but runs straight into a Colt. 45 as Cabana gets the victory. Another match that started slowly but got a low better as it progressed. Some nice double team moves by both teams and a couple of good spots but could have been a bit longer.


Chris Hero vs. Jay Briscoe – (Episode 52)

This was a pick 6 challenge match. Jay was accompanied by his brother Mark and Hero had Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn by his side. I know this is random but Chris Hero definitely has the best boots in all of wrestling. Jay is very athletic considering his side and hits a nice jumping hurricanrana followed by a dropkick. Hero knocks Jay out of the ring and whilst Todd Sinclair is distracted, Castagnoli and Del Rey get some sneaky strikes in. Hero then hits a series of elbow strikes but Briscoe fights back with a belly-to-back suplex. Action starts to fight back and hits another lovely suplex. Hero lands a couple of rolling elbows but Jay reverses a third into a spinebuster. Hero gets out of the ring but Jay comes straight back and hits Hero and Castagnoli with a great hilo over the top rope. Hero reverses the Jay Driller and hits another running rolling elbow but Jay somehow kicks out. With Jay distracted by Castagnoli, Hero hits him with the Death Blow for the victory. A nice match between these two, refreshing to see them go at it in singles competition, very solid match which had lots of action.

★★★ ¼

Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards (Episode 53)

I didn’t really get how Hagadorn could be manager of the Wolves and the Kings at the same time but I’ll let it pass. Steen gets the mic and explains to Edwards that there are no hard feelings between them but then attacks the arm of Edwards. Steen broke Edwards’ elbow a few months prior to this and says he’d like to do it again. The match spills to the outside and both men use the surroundings to their advantage. Steen distracts the ref with a chair and then uses another chair to hit Edwards’ arm. Edwards takes lots of punishment but pulls out an overhead suplex to give him some breathing space. Edwards almost grabs the win with a jumping facecrusher but Steen kicks out and Steen gets a near fall of his own with a powerbomb. Steen locks in the crossface but lets the hold go when El Generico walks towards the ring from the entrance ramp. Edwards uses the distraction to roll Steen up into a small package for the victory. This match really showed both guys’ characters well. Edwards continued his fighting babyface character as Steen was his usual violent self. The end was done for storyline continuation but it was a decent enough match.

★★ ½

Davey Richards vs. Kenny King (Episode 54)

It feels like I’ve seen Shane Hagadorn on every single match on this DVD. Well, that’s probably because I have. Anyway, winner will face Eddie Edwards in the final to crown the first ROH World TV Champion. Richards got the upper hand to begin with and locks in some impressive submission moves. Richards goes for a suicide dive but King kicks Davey in the head. He follows this up with a shoulderbreaker as he takes control. Richards comes back into it but he gets clocked with a spinning kick to the head as King mocks him with the wolf howl. Richards hits a suplex followed by a diving headbutt from the top rope. King then reverses a tornado DDT and launches Richards into the corner with a suplex. King reverses a Kimura attempt but then falls into an armbar which he breaks by getting to the ropes. “The Prettyboy Pitbull” comes back into it again and hits a great springboard neckbreaker but only gets two. After a brief struggle, Richards locks in the cross armbreaker and this time King can’t get to the ropes. This match was good, very good at the beginning but got a bit sluggish towards the end. Richards overused the armbreaker and it took away from the ending in my opinion. Either way, it was a very good match for TV.


Austin Aries vs. Delirious – (Episode 56)

Aries was accompanied by his protégée Kenny King as Delirious had Daizee Haze with him at ringside. Aries starts in control, mostly thanks to King who grabbed the legs of Delirious. Aries gets a taste of his own medicine as Daizee floors him after grabbing his legs. Aries goes to the outside and Delirious hits a suicide dive which takes out both Aries and King. King is playing a big part in this match and Delirious gets distracted again which allows Aries to hit a springboard senton. Delirious gets back into it and locks in the cobra stretch which he then turns into a cobra suplex. Delirious goes for the Shadows over Hell but Aries evades it and follows up with a kick to Delirious. The ref keeps Aries away from Delirious and it looks as if that kick made contact with Delirious’ throat. The ref calls for some assistance as ROH officials come to the ring. Delirious starts to get back up but Aries sneaks back into the ring and hits Daizee Haze from behind. King takes Delirious to the outside and holds him on the guardrail as Aries comes off the top rope and drives a forearm onto the neck of Delirious. King and Aries are just about to leave as Jerry Lynn comes out with a steel chair to warn them off. Another match that was mainly used for storyline advancement but it was a decent match until Delirious’ injury. Would like to see these two given more time.

★★ ½

The Briscoe Brothers vs. Dark City Fight Club – (Episode 57)

This match was set up by Jim Cornette and the winners will get a shot at The Kings of Wrestling. We expected a brawl and that’s exactly what we got. Almost straight from the opening bell, the action went to the outside. With Mark Briscoe down after being slammed into a ringside barricade, Chavis & Davis get in a great double team move on Jay for a near fall. Jay finally tags in his brother Mark and after knocking both members of DCFC to the outside, hits a great moonsault off the turnbuckle to the two men. Both teams start to get some big moves in as all four men are in the ring. Davis and Chavis have Mark Briscoe up ready for a double team move when Jay spears Chavis which allows Mark to roll up Davis for the victory. Would have been good if given more time but they tried to cram too much into a ten minute match. Regardless, it was an entertaining tag team match.

★★ ¾

Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

The final to crown the first ever ROH World TV Champion being contested between tag team partners is bound to be a good one. Good start to the match as the pair match each other hold for hold. They then test each other’s strength but neither man can get a clear advantage until Richards gets on top with a head scissors. Edwards comes back into the match with a backbreaker followed by a reverse chinlock. Richards grabs Edwards and suplexes him out of the ring; Edwards held on though and both men tumble to the floor. Richards gets up first and hits a great suicide dive which slams Edwards into the barricades. I like the way both men are getting good amounts of offense in which makes both men look like equals. Edwards dropkicks Richards out of the ring and delivers a suicide dive of his own, a lot sloppier than Richards’ though. Both men struggle to get the advantage again but Davey Richards takes control with a brilliant German Superplex. He follows this up with a stiff kick followed by a bridging German Suplex for a near fall.

The partners struggle on the top rope and Edwards uses his speed to hit a brilliant hurricanrana off the top, he follows up with a powerbomb but it’s not enough for the win. The tag team partners exchange submissions and then kicks. Edwards hits another German Suplex but Richards gets straight back up and delivers a clothesline that turns Edwards inside out. Edwards regains control with a double foot stomp to the back of Richards and then locks in the Achilles Lock but it’s not enough. Richards fights back and hits a Shooting Star Press but goes for a Kimura instead of the pin. Edwards struggles out of it and gets Richards in the Achilles Lock again and Richards finally gives up. Brilliant match between these two men and if any future match is given a bit more time than this one, we should have a fantastic match on our hands. Easily the best match on this DVD.

★★★ ½

Overall, this is a good DVD. It’s got every match of the TV Title tournament and there wasn’t one bad match. The final was a very good match that’s worth seeing. I’d definitely pick this DVD up, although I’d wait for a sale. These volume series DVDs are a few dollars cheaper than normal shows too so it’s very good value for money.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Steven Coney

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