ROH Revolution : Canada Preview

Ring of Honor returns to Toronto, Canada Saturday May 7 as they present the show “Revolution: Canada.”  The eight match card features two title matches, several big rematches and the introduction of a new match type.  Let’s take a closer look at each match.

ROH World Title Match
Eddie Edwards defends vs Chris Hero w/ Shane Hagadorn

Hero was granted this match after Hagadorn complained to ROH officials after the Kings of Wrestling lost the ROH World Tag Team Titles at “Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter One.”  This will be his first title match in over a year and he poses a great threat to the champion in his second defense.  Hero is one of two wrestlers, the other being Christopher Daniels, to pin Edwards since he won Survival of the Fittest in November.  Edwards has been on top of the world since winning the ROH World title and successfully defended the belt against Daniels.  Will history repeat itself with Hero defeating Edwards?  Or will Edwards be able to pick up that elusive victory over “That Young Knockout Kid?”  We will have to wait until May 7 to find out.

ROH World Tag Team Titles
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) defend vs Jay and Mark Briscoe

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team won the titles at “Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter One” when they ended the Kings of Wrestling’s historic reign as champions.  They earned that title match by defeating the Briscoes in the main event of the “9th Anniversary Show” in a great match.  But that was a different Briscoes team.  They have undergone a change of heart since then and have become even more brutal than they were previously.  The Briscoes offered a challenge to Haas and Benjamin for “Revolution: Canada” and, of course, they accepted the challenge.  If their previous match is any indication, it will take everything from both teams to pick up the victory.  The Briscoes have been trying to become seven-time ROH World Tag Team champions since losing the belts to the Kings of Wrestling at the “Big Bang!” and with this new change of heart they have never been more dangerous.  Haas and Benjamin have been virtually unbeatable since their debut at “Glory by Honor IX.”  These two teams should put on another great match, and if I were a betting man I would bet on the same outcome as before with Haas and Benjamin coming out on top, but a win by the Briscoes would not be a surprise.

Grudge Match
“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/ Truth Martini vs El Generico

Christopher Daniels shocked the world at “Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter Two” by joining the House of Truth and beating down Colt Cabana and El Generico.  Generico is looking for revenge for what happened in Atlanta over a month ago.  Generico has been getting beat down by different members of the House of Truth over the past several months and now he gets his chance to get his hands on the newest member of the group.  The Television Title will not be on the line in the match, but the personal issues between these two men seem much larger than what any title represents.  It is hard to predict who will win this match, but one thing is for certain, it will be a brutal fight.

“Big Bang!” Rematch
Davey Richards vs Kenny King

Richards and King put on a great match a little of a year ago in Charlotte, North Carolina of the “Big Bang!” iPPV.  Richards came out on top that match, but both men have radically changed since then.  King has improved leaps and bounds over the past year and is not the same wrestler that faced Richards.  King has faced off against some of the best wrestlers in the world alongside partner Rhett Titus and they have given them all a run for their money.  Richards was wrestling to get into title contention the last time these two faced off.  Now, he has not only earned multiple title shots, but he is scheduled to receive another title match whenever he wants one, which will be his last opportunity.  He has been wrestling different types of competitors to get himself ready for his title match.  He will have his strongest test yet when he wrestles Kenny King once again.  These two have already had one great match, so there is no reason to think that they will not do the same at “Revolution: Canada.”

In Memory of “Sweet &Sour” Larry Sweeny
Colt Cabana vs Delirious

Larry Sweeny was a man that would entertain and put smiles on the faces of people everywhere he went.  He was truly one-of-a-kind and his untimely passing shocked and saddened many people.  Ring of Honor will pay tribute to “Sweet & Sour” in Toronto as two of his closest friends face off.  Cabana is one of the most popular wrestlers in Ring of Honor and has been looking for good and honest competition lately.  This will be the first time Delirious will be wrestling in a Ring of Honor since August.  There is nobody else better to pay tribute to Sweeny than Cabana and Delirious.  It is sure to be an emotional match as they pay their respects to a fallen friend.

“Manhattan Mayhem IV” Rematch
Steve Corino vs “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett

Bennett has made many enemies since debuting in Ring of Honor, but it is hard to find someone who dislikes him more than Steve Corino.  Corino had been on a road to recovery after allowing evilness to overtake him in 2010.  He was trying to leave behind his evil ways in 2011 and not rely on the dirty tactics during his matches.  Things were going well for him until he came across Mike Bennett.  Bennett was the one to provoke Corino to go back to his old habits and fall off the wagon at “Manhattan Mayhem IV.”  Bennett was also able to pick up the victory at that show and beat down Corino after the match, and nobody came out to help him.  As a result, Corino took the month of April off from ROH and traveled to Australia.  The rematch has been set for “Revolution: Canada” and Corino will have to try his hardest to not resort back to what he used to do against the man who last provoked him, while Bennett will try to continue to rise his stock in Ring of Honor.

Special Challenge Match
Kyle O’Reilly vs Claudio Castagnoli w/ Shane Hagadorn

O’Reilly has been impressive since making his Ring of Honor debut in late 2009.  His most impressive performance may have been when he teamed with Adam Cole to take on the Kings of Wrestling in the opening match of “Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter Two.”  The Kings eventually came out with the win after a great match.  Now O’Reilly has the chance to make an impact as a singles wrestler against one-half of the Kings, Claudio Castagnoli.  A win would be huge for O’Reilly’s career and raise his stock in the company.  It would lead to bigger matches not only for him, but also for the team of Cole and O’Reilly.  A win for Castagnoli would further help his claim as a perennial title contender.  This is an interesting match-up that should lead to a great match that could possibly steal the show.

The Double Danger Scramble
Rhett Titus vs Tommaso Ciampa with the Embassy vs Adam Cole vs Michael Elgin with Truth Martini vs Grizzly Redwood vs Andy “Right Leg” Ridge

“Revolution: Canada” will be home to the debut of the Double Danger Scramble match.  In this match, there will be two wrestlers in the ring and four will be on the outside with Lucha/Scramble and Tag rules apply, which means if a wrestler leaves the ring another wrestler may enter without being tagged in.  In order to win this match a wrestler must pick up two pinfalls.  There are no eliminations and the only way a wrestler can be eliminated is by disqualification.  After a wrestler gets a pinfall he must continue to wrestle until he picks up the second pinfall or submission.  This is an intriguing idea for a match that should offer fast-paced action.  If I understand the match correctly, the wrestler will have to pick up two consecutive pinfalls or submissions to get the win.  All of the wrestlers in the match have something to gain by winning this match.  The most likely wrestler to win this match is Michael Elgin who should be able to overpower the other men in this match.  The powerhouse of the House of Truth would be able to establish himself as a dominant force in Ring of Honor with a win in this match and will lead to bigger things in his future.

“Revolution: Canada” is another stacked card by Ring of Honor, who have been putting on great shows all year.  The streak of great shows should be continued in Toronto May 7 with “Revolution: Canada.” 

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