ROH Revolution : USA Results

Kings Vs. Wolves II
The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) defeated The American Wolves (ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards)

This match had lots of hype and would do extremely well to live up to it but according to those at the show, it did. These two teams never disappoint and they showed again why they are considered four of the best wrestlers on the planet today. Once again, the Wolves had some communication problems and Richards accidentally kneed Edwards. This lapse in teamwork led to Chris Hero hitting the roaring elbow on Edwards to the back of the head for the victory. After the match, Edwards told Davey that they’re still brothers but he isn’t Davey’s little brother and can handle himself. Davey had no response and left the ring to close the show.

No-Disqualification Match
Roderick Strong with Truth Martini defeated El Generico

Generico and Strong have never really seen eye-to-eye and after Christopher Daniels joined the House of Truth, Strong put Generico through steel chairs with a backbreaker. Generico wasn’t best pleased so ROH Officials decided to put them in a match in Dearborn – a No-Disqualification match. This was another match that was said to be great with lots of near falls however Generico finally succumbed to the numbers game and took the loss after being driven through a table with a 2nd rope Backbreaker.

World Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

Cole & O’Reilly continue to impress in Ring of Honor and were given another ‘test’ in Dearborn as they faced off against the new ROH World Tag Team Champions – Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. This was described as a ‘really good bout’ and Cole & O’Reilly once again proved that they can hang in the ring with the best teams in ROH. It would be Haas & Benjamin walking away with the win though after they hit the Paydirt on O’Reilly as they continue to prove they’re the best tag team in ROH.

Grudge Match
Christopher Daniels w/Truth Martini defeated Colt Cabana

Christopher Daniels shocked the world at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’ when he turned on El Generico and Colt Cabana and joined The House of Truth. ROH Officials decided to put Daniels and one of the men he betrayed – Colt Cabana – in a grudge match. Unfortunately for “Boom Boom”, it would pan out much like Atlanta. Cabana tried to hit a flying ass on Daniels but missed and was met with the Book of Truth to the head thanks to Truth Martini. Daniels followed up with the Angels Wings for the victory.

The Bravado Brothers defeated N8 Mattson and Rik Matrix

ROH Revolution USA returned from intermission with The Bravado Brothers. Harlem and Lance kept saying that they were coming to Dearborn but were not booked on the show. They got their wish as they faced off against the team of Mattson and Matrix. The Bravados managed to pick up the win as they try and cement themselves a spot on the ROH Roster.

First Blood Match
Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated The All Night Express (Kenny King and Rhett Titus)

These two teams have had great matches in the past and faced off in a bloody war at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’. This led to this match which was made a First Blood Match. The Briscoes said they weren’t going to lose any more in Ring of Honor and they kept up with that promise with another win over The All Night Express. It was in controversial fashion though as Mark Briscoe bled first but it was on the outside and referee Paul Turner didn’t see it. Jay Briscoe then made Rhett Titus bleed inside the ring as The Briscoes win. Kenny King got on the mic after the match and challenged The Briscoes to a Chicago Street Fight at ‘Supercard of Honor VI’.

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett defeated Grizzly Redwood

Bennett was out to prove a point against Corino and had a great chance of doing that by defeating Grizzly Redwood and he did just that. “The Prodigy” dominated the match and finally finished off the plucky Lumberjack with a Piledriver.

Steve Corino comes to the ring and talks about his recovery as well as the decision by Christopher Daniels to join the House of Truth. Corino says he has a sponsor now who is a returning face to Ring of Honor. Before he can say any more, Mike Bennett cuts him off and Corino tells him to get rid of “Brutal” Bob Evans as his trainer. Bennett says he’ll make him fall off the wagon again and then Grizzly Redwood hits the ring leading into his match with Bennett.

Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini defeated Andy “Right Leg” Ridge

Ridge came into this match facing an uphill struggle and he succumbed to the pressure as Elgin gained another impressive victory. Ridge got quite a few of those lethal kicks in but in the end, Elgin overpowered “Right Leg” and hit a spinning powerbomb for the victory.

Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy defeated Homicide

This was a rematch from ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’. In Atlanta, Ciampa got the upset victory after interference from Prince Nana. Homicide was furious and was handed his rematch in Dearborn. Unfortunately for the “Notorious 187”, the same thing would happen again as Ciampa got the victory after hitting Homicide with Nana’s ‘loaded’ crown. After the match, Barrister R.D Evans hit Homicide with a chair but he shook it off, Evans pushed Ernesto Osiris into Homicide and he hit a Cop Killa to Osiris to send The Embassy packing.

The event kicked off in front of around 500 people with a 10 bell salute for ‘Sweet ‘n’ Sour’ Larry Sweeney who recently passed away.


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