ROH in Richmond, VA (05/19/12) : Preview

Ring of Honor returns to Virginia May 19 when it has an event in Richmond. It’s sure to be an explosive night of action coming off “Border Wars.” There are eight big matches, including a title match. Let’s take a closer look at each match.

Unsanctioned Match
Charlie Haas vs Jay Briscoe

At “Border Wars,” Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin won the ROH World Tag Team Titles from the Briscoes in a Fight Without Honor when Haas used an ether soaked rag to incapacitate Mark Briscoe.  After the match, Jay Briscoe asked for another match against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, but was told that the “Border Wars” match was the final title match between the two teams. Jay Briscoe told Ring of Honor officials that he didn’t care whether the titles were on the line, or if the match was even sanctioned. Ring of Honor agreed to an unsanctioned match between Jay Briscoe and Charlie Haas, which will take place after the show’s announced main event. There will be no count outs or disqualifications in the unsanctioned match.

Jay Briscoe will be looking to get his revenge on Haas for Haas’ actions at “Border Wars.” It’s going to be a violent and bloody brawl, and it will hopefully bring some kind of closure to this feud.

Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly vs Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs

Kevin Steen became the new ROH World Champion when he defeated Davey Richards for the title at “Border Wars” with a package piledriver, a move that was legal for one night only. Steen, as has been the case since “Showdown in the Sun,” had Jacobs in his corner. Jacobs is going to have to step in the ring, as he is teaming with the new champion as Richards tries to get back to his winning ways with his protégé Kyle O’Reilly as his partner. Will Steen and Jacobs prove to Richards that Steen’s win was legitimate? Or will Richards prove that the only reason Steen won was because of an illegal move? Also, think of what it would mean if O’Reilly pins Steen to win the match for his team. Although there are no titles on the line in the match, the ramifications of this match make it extremely important for Ring of Honor’s future.

ROH World Tag Team Titles
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs The All Night Express

This match was made several weeks ago, long before Haas and Benjamin recaptured the tag team titles. The All Night Express has been waiting for a shot at the gold, and the team has a good case for being top contenders. Titus and King defeated Haas and Benjamin during their first reign as champions in a Proving Ground match, and they also defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team at the “10th Anniversary Show.” Taking the two teams’ history into account, Ring of Honor officials decided to make the match a ROH World Tag Team Title match. Both teams are riding a huge wave of momentum in recent months, but the All Night Express has to have the advantage. First of all, they hold two victories over Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, and they defeated longtime foes The Young Bucks to finally to the past behind them. Second of all, Titus and King don’t have the Briscoes breathing down their necks like Haas and Benjamin do. This match should be a great athletic tag team match between two of the best teams in the world fighting for the more prestigious tag team titles in the world.

Jay and Mark Briscoe vs The House of Truth

These four men have quite the history together over the past few months. They were all on the losing side of the history-making eight-man tag match at “Battle of the Carolinas.” The two teams then had a match where each team put some money on the line, but Martini’s check bounced after the Briscoes won. The Briscoes would get their revenge in a six-man match that involved Papa Briscoe and Truth Martini joining the regular teams.  The Briscoes are going to be angry coming into this match after losing their tag titles. The House of Truth, on the other hand, is riding high after both Strong and Elgin won singles matches at “Border Wars.” There does, however, seem to be a rift forming between Elgin and Martini, and the Briscoes can use that rift to their advantage to gain the victory in this match.

Eddie Edwards vs Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis

These two men were scheduled to wrestle the last time Ring of Honor was in Virginia at “ROH Underground,” but Edwards was unable to compete due to a staph infection. They got to have their match during the March Mayhem tournament where $24.000 was on the line. Bennett, with the help of Maria and Brutal Bob, got what had to be considered an upset win over Edwards. Now, Edwards has the chance to even the score with Bennett. This should be a very good match. Edwards is always great to watch, and Bennett has proven himself with his series of matches with Lance Storm. It’s easy to say Edwards should be the favorite in this match, but with Maria in his corner, Bennett can never be out of the discussion.

Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy Ltd. vs Adam Cole

Both of these impressive young wrestlers are coming off losses at “Border Wars” and are looking to get back to their winning ways. Ciampa had his over yearlong undefeated streak snapped when Jay Lethal pinned him. Cole lost a very competitive match to Elgin later in the same show. Ciampa, and The Embassy LTD as a whole, has to be looking forward to letting his frustrations out on Cole. Who knows what two straight losses would do to Ciampa after his long undefeated streak. Cole, on the other hand, wants to get back to where he was several months ago when he pinned then-champion Davey Richards to earn a title shot. A win over Ciampa would do just that. This should be a very good match, and it’s almost impossible to bet against Ciampa given his history of success and the fact that he has Prince Nana and The Embassy LTD in his corner.

Jay Lethal vs Mike Mondo

Lethal did what many thought to be the impossible when he defeated Tommaso Ciampa to end “The Dominant Male’s” impressive undefeated streak at “Border Wars.” He not only ended Ciampa’s streak, Lethal got his revenge for Ciampa costing him his ROH World TV Title at “Showdown in the Sun.” He is looking to continue to build upon that against Mondo, who has also looked good in recent months. Mondo has had great showings on ROH TV, and made his iPPV debut at “Border Wars.” Although he was on the losing side of a six-man tag match, he still had a nice outing and a great iPPV debut. A win for Mondo would do wonders for his career, while a win for Lethal would continue his momentum as he looks to get back into the ROH World Title scene.

Chris Silvio and Paredyse vs Team A1 (Jeff Early and Zak Hilton)

This is a match between four men looking to make an impact. Fans should expect these two teams to pull out all the stops while trying to impress ROH officials and earn future bookings for the company.

Ring of Honor invades Richmond, Va. May 19 when it runs at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. EDT.

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