ROH on SBG : 10/15 Results

As always, we kick off the broadcast with a detailed look back at last week’s amazing ROH World Title match between the champion Davey Richards and challenger Roderick Strong.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness start the show in the ring and they discuss tonight’s double main events as the All Night Express battle the Briscoes and Eddie Edwards takes on Michael Elgin.

We then take a look at the Briscoes who talk about their careers and how they grew up on a chicken farm. They put themselves over before we hear from ANX. They talk about their feud with the Briscoes and say that it’s made them step their game up.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The All Night Express

This is being billed as a #1 contenders match despite what Jim Cornette wanted. The Briscoes go to work on Kenny King to begin with but then he pulls out a great springboard somersault to get back in it. Both teams are getting some nice double team manoeuvres in as the Briscoes start to dominate. King gets the hot tag and then uses his own partner to take out both Briscoes on the outside. Todd Sinclair is trying to stop Titus and Mark from spilling onto the announcer’s table and while his back is turned, Jay low blows King and rolls him up for the three. Titus attacks the Briscoes afterwards but they beat him down before security diffuse the situation.

Winner by pinfall: The Briscoe Brothers’s thoughts: I was interested to see how they went with this one and it was a nice little match. Obviously not on par with some of the matches they’ve had on iPPV but it did its job. Wasn’t sure about the finish, it was good to give the Briscoes a controversial finish but how they did it wasn’t great. They’re really building up the Briscoes, that’s for sure.

Back from a commercial break and we see ‘video footage’ of Jay kicking Kenny King in the groin prior to the finish.

This week’s ‘Focus On’ is all about Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. Both Haas & Benjamin talk about why they’re the best and they put over ROH and the competition in the company. We also take a look back at their amateur wrestling careers as both men say that the ROH style is so much more demanding than that of WWE.

Kevin Kelly talks to Jim Cornette about the match earlier and he says the result stands but neither team are #1 contenders.

‘Inside ROH’ firstly looks at the House of Truth. Cornette talks about Truth Martini and then Truth says he just told Roderick Strong the truth – that’s what made him the World Champion. Cornette puts over Michael Elgin and Elgin himself says he is unbreakable.

Eddie Edwards then talks about his matches with Davey Richards in the past and says Davey is now the hunted and he wants his title back. Davey says it’ll never be over between them because they’re both hunters.

Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini vs. Eddie Edwards

They’re really putting this over as a key match for Edwards as he tries to get back on the title path. Both men slug it out in the middle of the ring before Elgin hits a big shoulder block before a nice vertical suplex. Eddie fights back and tries to lock in the Achilles Lock but has to settle for a Lionsault. Elgin catches Eddie before driving him into the corner twice and then throws him over his shoulder for two. Eddie comes back again with two big boots followed by a backdrop driver.

Eddie hits a baseball slide which sends Elgin into the barricade followed by a perfect suicide dive which destroys the barricade and sends the first row diving for cover! Elgin hits a big lariat that sends Edwards inside out but he only gets two. Edwards hits a super kick on Elgin with them both on the ring apron and then he climbs to the top and hits a brilliant double stomp.

Elgin reverses a Diehard attempt and hits a Buckle Bomb before Eddie rolls him up for two. Before Elgin can regain his composure, Edwards hits the Diehard for the victory. Roderick Strong hits the ring after the match and goes face-to-face with Edwards. Nigel gets in the ring to back up Eddie as Truth Martini convinces Strong not to do anything and the show ends.

Winner by pinfall: Eddie Edwards’s thoughts: What a fantastic match! Elgin is improving match by match and a victory over him actually feels like it means something. I like they way they built the match up as Eddie needing the win on his way back to the title picture and Elgin was really put over before the match. They crammed a lot of action into 15 minutes or so and I’d love to see a longer iPPV match between these two! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that really wanted Nigel to hit a lariat or two, too!

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