ROH on SBG: 10/19/13 Report

Tadarius Thomas vs Mark Briscoe

Neither man can get the upper hand early as they both are able to evade their opponent’s strike attempts. Briscoe throws Thomas overhead with an exploder suplex into the corner. Thomas retreats to the floor, but Briscoe quickly jumps on him with a springboard moonsault. Thomas fights back with some kicks and a half-nelson suplex for a two count. Briscoe connects with a Death Valley Driver and a Froggy ‘Bow puts away Thomas.

Winner by Pinfall: Mark Briscoe’s Thoughts: This was an ok match. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it’s nothing anyone is going to remember at the end of the show.

C&C Wrestle Factory say they’re going to humble the Hooligans and slay the reDRagon. Bobby Fish cuts them off and it’s just going to be another part of the epic tale that is reDRagon.

New ROH World Champion Adam Cole makes his way to the ring for the first time on television since capturing the gold at “Death Before Dishonor XI.” He says after years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication he’s reached his dream. He says he’s no longer just happy being there because that didn’t make him World Champion. To get things you’ve never gotten, you have to do things you’ve never done. He says Jay Briscoe tried to steal his moment at “Death Before Dishonor.” He then turns his attention to Michael Elgin, who comes to the ring. Cole escapes and Elgin tells the champion that it’s only a matter of time. As Cole goes up the ramp, Jay Briscoe closes in behind him. Cole evades an attack from Elgin but drops the belt. Elgin holds the belt up, but Briscoe steals the belt from him. Security rushes in as the show goes to commercial.

Michael Bennett and Maria vs Brutal Burgers

Bennett immediately tags in Maria and Bob tags in Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger can’t shoulder block Maria to the mat. He tries to hit the ropes again but Bennett clubs Cheeseburger in the back. Bennett manhandles Cheesburger, but the youngster escapes to tag in Bob. Bob hits a scary looking powerbomb on Bennett but then eats a punch. Bennett goes for the piledriver on Bob, but Cheeseburger tries to hits a crossbody to break it up. Bennett catches him and throws him at Bob, who catches him and uses Cheeseburger as a battering ram. Cheeseburger tags himself in and eats a spear from Bennett, who then superkicks Bob. Box Office Smash puts Cheeseburger away.

Winners by Pinfall: Michael Bennett and Maria’s Thoughts: This wasn’t a great match, but it wasn’t supposed to be. It was meant to be a fun little match and that’s exactly what it was. This is something ROH needs more of as it can tend to be too serious most of the time. The fans love Cheeseburger, so it’s a good idea to let him have matches like this every once in a while.

After the match, Bennett gets on the mic and says he ended BJ Whitmer’s career. He says it means he has the best piledriver in wrestling and then tries hitting it on Cheeseburger, Kevin Steen cuts him off and calls him a liar. He said Bennett was crying in the back after breaking Whitmer’s neck and Maria slaps him. Bennett and Steen brawl until security breaks them up.

Before the main event, Steve Corino joins Kevin Kelly and Prince Nana on commentary. Kelly kicks him out and Corino grabs a mic and gets in the ring. He says for three months he’s been starved out even though he has a valid contract he signed at “Border Wars” that means he’s the permanent color commentator. Nigel McGuinness gets in the ring and looks at the contract but doesn’t say anything.

ROH World Tag Team Title
ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon defend vs C&C Wrestle Factory and The Forever Hooligans

Coleman and Alexander get the early advantage using their speed against Romero. Coleman misses a springboard move, allowing Romero to tag Koslov in. Fish blind tags himself in on Koslov but it doesn’t affect C&C too much. Coleman takes everyone out with elbows and then goes for a dive but Koslov catches him. Alexander isn’t far behind with a dive of his own to get the job done as the show goes to break.

Back from commercial and Romero is in control over Fish. O’Reilly gets tagged in and reDRagon gains control of the match on Romero. A backbreaker and knee combination gets a near fall for the champions. Romero takes out Fish and makes the tag to Koslov. The Russian takes out everyone with a mixture of high-flying and strikes. reDRagon double teams Koslov but the pin is broken up by Coleman. The action is way too fast to keep up with. The Hooligans hit a Doomsday Device type move to give them the advantage. O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT on Koslov and follows it up with Chasing the Dragon for the champions to retain.

Outlaw Inc. try to attack Bobby Fish after the match but O’Reilly saves him.’s Thoughts: This was a crazy match with the action never slowing down from bell to bell. It was hard to keep up with at times, but there is no doubt that it was entertaining. Each team had their moments to shine and it made for a fun, albeit chaotic, match,

Jon Shumake

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