ROH on SBG : 10/22 Results

This is the first show from the second set of television tapings and now we’re at the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY. It’s going to be interesting to see how the show has changed from the first set of tapings. The show’s main event is Jay Lethal defending his Television Title for the first time against Mike Bennett.

We go to some prerecorded comments from the participants of the opening match, TJ Perkins and Mike Mondo. Perkins said Ring of Honor is the top platform of wrestling and that Mondo can’t beat him. Mondo said he’s the Giant Killer and he’s the biggest man in Ring of Honor.

Mike Mondo vs TJ Perkins

The Code of Honor is followed to begin the match. Mondo is trying to use his power advantage early, but Perkins is too fast and locks in a reverse rocking chair type move. Mondo escapes to the outside, which gives him the time to recover and hit a flip off the apron onto TJP on the outside. Mondo has the advantage and is wearing Perkins down, but can’t put him away. They exchange forearms in the center of the ring and Perkins eventually gets the upper hand and sends Mondo to the outside. Perkins connects with a suicide dive. Mondo connects with a code breaker after playing opossum. Perkins gets the victory with a roll up after a series of kick counters!

Winner- TJ Perkins

ROHWorld’s Thoughts: It’s no secret we at ROHWorld are big fans of TJ Perkins and this was a very good debut for him on ROH television. He was able to show off his signature moves and looked good in the process. I hope there are big things for him in his future in ROH because I think he has what it takes to be a future ROH World Champion.

Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly recap last week’s match between the All Night Express and the Briscoes. This leads to the Briscoes making their way out to the ring where Jim Cornette is going to make his ruling on last week’s events. Cornette says the decision is that next week the Briscoes will face the All Night Express one more time and the winners will get the title shot at Final Battle. Jay Briscoe says they’re the six-time ROH tag team champions and at Final Battle they’re getting their belts back.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin say they want the Briscoes. The say they want to fight the Briscoes now.

Roderick Strong offers an open invitation at Final Battle to any wrestler in the world to prove that he is the best professional wrestler in the world. He wants Ring of Honor to pick the best wrestler they can find. Davey Richards says he put himself through the most agonizing training possible so that he can be ready for anything in the ring. He said he doesn’t worry about who his opponent is at Final Battle.

They recap the Television Title match from a few weeks ago where Jay Lethal won the tag title from El Generico. It’s now time for the main event.

ROH Television Title
Jay Lethal defends against Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob Evans

Bennett blows off the Code of Honor before the match. A dropkick by Lethal sends Bennett to the floor. Lethal slides to the outside after Bennett moves out of the way and connects with a few chops.. There are a few fans in the front row chanting for Kevin Steen. Lethal gets distracted by Evans which allows Bennett to drop him across the top rope and then hit a clothesline. Bennett is in control as the show goes to commercial.

Back from commercial and Bennett is still in control. Bennett connects with a beautiful powerslam that gets a two count. Bennett locks in a front face lock and is wearing Lethal down. Lethal is able to fight back and an inverted atomic drop evens the match. Three minutes remain in the 15-minute time limit. Lethal hits a crazy handspring neckbreaker for a two count. Bennett hits a spinebuster after Lethal tries to springboard off the middle rope. There is one minute remaining in the time limit and Lethal connects with the superkick. Lethal goes to the top for the elbow, but Bennett moves. Bennett is in the full mount and is ground and pounding on Lethal. Lethal rolls out and ground and pounds Bennett as the time limit expires.

Time Limit Draw – Lethal retains the Television Title

Lethal wants five more minutes, but Bennett refuses. They preview next week’s match between The Briscoes and the All Night Express and Lethal tells Bennett to come back out as the show goes off the air.

ROHWorld’s Thoughts: If you’ve been listening to the ROHCasts, then you would know how we all feel about the time limit draws in ROH. That being said, it was still a very good match. Lethal is a great person to hold the Television Title as he is a pretty big name in the wrestling world and puts on very good matches every time he steps into the ring. I am also a bigger fan of Bennett than most and I think he actually has a bright future in ROH. Bennett refusing five more minutes left a bad taste in my mouth, but it’s understandable why it happened. Overall, really good match.

Jon Shumake

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