ROH on SBG: 10/26/13 Report

We open with a recap of Michael Bennett breaking B.J. Whitmer’s neck at “All Star Extravaganza” and Whitmer’s farewell at “Death Before Dishonor,” including when he asked Nigel McGuinness to give Jimmy Jacobs an opportunity.

Silas Young vs Jimmy Jacobs

Young gets on the microphone and says all he sees are a bunch of morons. It was only a few months ago Jacobs was trying to kill the company, and now the crowd is cheering him like a bunch of idiots. Young says Jacobs used Whitmer’s pain for his gain. He says he sees the pussified modern American male in Jacobs.

Young mouths off to the fans as the bell rings. As soon as he turns around he eats a spear from Jacobs, which gets the quick three count!

Winner by Pinfall: Jimmy Jacobs’s Thoughts: Well this was different, but I liked it. It was more of a segment than a match, so it would be unfair to grade it as the latter. But as a segment, I thought it was effective getting over the importance of the series to Jacobs.

We get a recap of last week’s segment involving ROH World Champion Adam Cole, Michael Elgin and Jay Briscoe.

The American Wolves are in the back and Davey Richards says they’re the best in the world.

Ricky Marvin vs Davey Richards

The two wrestle to a stalemate in the early minutes of the match. Richards tries escaping to the floor but gets met by a suicide dive from Marvin. Richards sets Marvin on the top turnbuckle and delivers a running knee. causing Marvin to crash to the floor. The American Wolf continues to focus his attack on the body. Marvin fights a spurt of energy with a springboard kick to even the match. The trade shots with Marvin getting the better of the exchange with a handspring into a DDT for a two count.  He gets another two count as the show goes to break.

Back from commercial and Marvin connects with a headscissors from the apron to the floor. Marvin follows it up with a top-rope moonsault to Richards on the floor. Richards fights back with a German suplex, but his neck is too injured to follow up. Marvin flips out of a top-rope German suplex and connects with three stright superkicks, but Richards kicks out at two! Marvin plants Richards onto the mat and goes tp the top rope and Richards shoves the referee into the ropes, forcing Marvin to crotch himself. Marvin gets caught with a series of kicks and a double stomp almost gets a three count. A brainbuster puts Marvin away.

Winner by Pinfall: Davey Richards’s Thoughts: This was a much better showing for Marvin than his “Death Before Dishonor” match against Roderick Strong. This match started off slow, but it picked up a lot following the commercial break. I think it went into overkill a bit down the closing stretch with both wrestlers kicking out of a lot of moves and Richards forgetting to sell a lot of his earlier punishment. Still, this was a very good match.

Veda Scott interrupts Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly with some documents for McGuinness. It’s more stuff from Steve Corino, which forces McGuinness to go to the back, leaving us with Kelly by himself on commentary for the main event.

Kevin Steen vs Eddie Edwards

Michael Bennett runs into the ring before Edwards is introduced and surprises Steen with a piledriver.

After a commercial break, Edwards is introduced and the match begins with an injured Steen. Edwards doesn’t want to fight him but gets coaxed into it after a few slaps from Steen. The action spills to the outside and Edwards hits a moonsault from the apron. Edwards reluctantly continues the punishment in the ring as the show goes to commercial.

Steen fights back with a lariat following the break but he can’t follow up and rolls to the floor. Steen powerbombs Edwards onto the apron several times. A senton from the top gets a two count for Steen. Edwards responds with a Boston Knee Party and a rollup for a near fall. Steen avoids a double stomp and counters it into a popup powerbomb. Edwards counters a second popup powerbomb into a hurricarana and locks in the Achilles Lock, but Steen reaches the ropes. Steen tries for the package piledriver, but his neck is too injured. Edwards takes advantage and gets the rollup pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Eddie Edwards’s Thoughts: This match really got over Bennett’s piledriver as a devastating move, but that harmed the overall quality of the match. When you see Edwards and Steen are wrestling each other, you expect something great. This was slightly above average at best.

Jon Shumake

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