ROH on SBG : 10/8 Results

We kick off the broadcast with a look back at the highlights from last week’s main event in which Jay Lethal defeated El Generico to become the new ROH World TV Champion.

The show starts with Jim Cornette in the ring who introduces the Briscoes to the ring. He says the last time he spoke to them, he was fining them $5,000 for their attack on WGTT at ‘Best In The World 2011’. The Briscoes ask why it has taken so long for them to get a title show, Cornette says next week they’ll face off against the All Night Express with the winning team getting a shot at WGTT.

Back from the break and this week’s ‘Focus On’ is all about Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa and Cornette really get over the fact that he’s the only undefeated man on the roster. We also hear from Prince Nana and he says the only things he sees are dollar signs and championship gold. Ciampa talks about his gruelling training regimes before another break.

Andy “Right Leg” Ridge vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy

Steve Corino is on commentary for this one instead of Nigel. They really seem to be running with the whole ‘Dominant Male’ gimmick too. Ciampa hits a big clothesline followed by a nice German Suplex. The two then exchange numerous strikes on the ring apron before Ciampa drops Ridge head first on the apron and then swings him into the barricades. Ridge fights back with some kicks before a slingshot cutter gets him two. Ciampa fights back and gets ridge in the corner and then hits four running knees before hitting the Project Ciampa for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Tommaso Ciampa’s thoughts: Much like Mike Bennett, Ciampa seems to be getting a big push. I’m all for that as I really like his in-ring work. This wasn’t a fantastic match but it did its job of putting Ciampa over as a ‘Dominant Male’. Ridge looked plucky in defeat but it was a dominant win for Ciampa who has the best finishing move in wrestling today.

Nigel McGuinness asks one member of the crowd who he thinks will win the main event but he just says they should bring back Kevin Steen which doesn’t particularly please Nigel…

This week’s ‘Inside ROH’ is all about tonight’s main event. Roddy continues his very cocky attitude that he displayed last week and says he can’t wait to become champion again so he can make Davey’s like hell. Davey talks about his past and the fact that his grandparents raised him. He also talks about his time in Japan before the match.

ROH World Title Match
Davey Richards (c) vs. Roderick Strong

There’s no handshake to start the match and Roddy soon gets a slap in on Davey. Some nice chain wrestling from both guys as they both have each other well scouted. They both brawl on the outside and have a chop war which Roddy wins. Davey goes to the top but received a big jumping knee as Strong takes control of the match before Davey hits a big German Suplex. They slug it out until Davey sends Strong to the outside and hits a brilliant suicide dive.

Back in the ring and a missile dropkick gets Davey two before another near fall after an exploder suplex. Davey walks straight into a powerslam before Strong hits a superkick for two. They battle it out on the ring apron and Strong picks him up and drops him back first on the apron – ouch! Enziguri from Strong is answered by an Alarm Clock from Davey followed by a lariat that leaves both men down on the mat.

Another all out war in the middle of the ring but Davey eventually gets Strong in the corner and hits 10 kicks before Roddy hits a big boot followed by the gut buster for two! Big jumping knee on Strong followed by a superplex and a Falcon Arrow all in one fluid motion. Roddy escapes the Ankle Lock and goes for another gut buster but Davey grabs the leg and gets the Ankle Lock. Roddy taps out but Sinclair has his back turned because of Truth Martini.

Truth gets in the ring but just gets tossed out like a ragdoll. Vicious Sick Kick from Roddy gets him just two! He locks in the Strong Hold but Davey gets out of it and hits a kick before Strong spits at him. Two big kicks from Davey who then puts Strong in the Ankle Lock once more and he has no option but to tap out!

Winner by submission: Davey Richards’s thoughts: I like the way they really emphasised Davey’s route to the title and what it meant to hold the belt. The match was absolutely awesome. I doubt you’ll see better than this on TV anywhere else in the world. Both men gave it all, there was hard hitting, fast paced action with some nice technical stuff too. I like the way Davey had to really fight to get the Ankle Lock victory too. All in all, a really good match that helped put both guys over and gave the belt a ton of credibility.

Davey says “Welcome to Ring of Honor” to the camera as we go instantly off air after the match.

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