ROH on SBG: 11/03/12 Report

This week we have a ‘Road Rage’ edition of ROH on SBG as we look back at ‘Glory By Honor XI’. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario and announce that tonight’s main event will see Davey Richards go up against Jay Lethal.

Up first will be Roderick Strong vs. Tadarius Thomas. Truth Martini speaks briefly backstage beforehand and says Roddy will dispel all the hoopla surrounding the House of Truth. Roderick Strong comes to the ring in street clothes for his match against  Thomas. He tells Thomas he doesn’t belong in the ring with Strong. Strong tells Martini he quits the House of Truth. He says he’s going to watch Michael Elgin fail at becoming ROH World Champion. Martini chases Strong to the back. If Strong doesn’t return to the ring by a 10-count, the match is forfeited. Martini says everything is fine in the House of Truth, and Rhino is replacing Strong in the match.

Tadarius Thomas vs. Rhino

Thomas’ unique offense is throwing Rhino off his game as Martini returns to ringside with a bag of some kid. Rhino wasn’t ready for the match and Martini throws him his wrist tape. Rhino sends Thomas to the outside and Martini stomps away on Thomas. Thomas fights out of a bear hug and hits some innovative kicks. Rhino answers back with a belly-to-belly. Rhino sets up for the Gore, but Martini trips Thomas before Rhino can hit it. Rhino yells at Martini, and when he tries for the Gore again Thomas evades. Thomas rolls up Rhino to pick up the upset victory!

After the match, Rhino launches Martini from the ring and into the barricade, ripping Martini’s pants and laving a nasty bruise.

Winner by pinfall: Tadarius Thomas

We then go to brief highlights of the Jay Lethal vs. Kevin Steen ROH World Title match from Rahway, NJ. We see how the match ended with Steen spitting at Lethal’s mother after having a drink thrown at him. We see how Lethal snaps and attacks officials before continuing his assault on Steen. Cornette tries to calm Lethal down but it doesn’t work and he chases after him. We then go to footage shot in the back where an irate Lethal throws Cornette over a table and lays him out. We hear from Cornette via phone who says he has aggravated an old back injury and it will be impossible for him to travel. He continues to say that he will have to appoint a matchmaker in his absence who has full control of the talent and he hopes to reveal who it is next week.

Now we go to ‘Inside ROH’ where we hear from Matt Hardy. He gives his opinions on some of the ROH talent. He talks about the Briscoes and says he remembers when he and Jeff Hardy had only won seven tag team titles. Next on his list is Davey Richards; Hardy belittles his accomplishments and says he has also travelled the World wrestling. He goes on to say that he’s a big fan of the ROH product and that it’s a great place for guys to progress based on how good they are. However, he says ROH is missing one mainstream face that is known by all TV sets across the world. He says ROH need a well known, established superstar to take them to the next level.

We also see brief highlights of Kevin Steen vs. Michael Elgin’s brilliant ROH World Title match from ‘Glory By Honor XI’ and the aftermath where Steen was given a present from his longtime foe El Generico.

Before our next match, we see highlights from last week’s Survival of the Fittest final which saw Davey Richards and Jay Lethal battle it out to earn an ROH World Title shot. Lethal eventually won with the Lethal Injection after a war with ‘The American Wolf’.

Jay Lethal vs. Davey Richards

Jay Lethal gets on the microphone and says Joe Koff told him not to talk about what he is about to talk about. Lethal tells Steen to kiss his ass. The fans cheer when Lethal says he put Cornette in the hospital. Lethal says Ring of Honor told him he needed a “killer instinct” and that Ring of Honor can kiss his ass. Lethal says he has a lot of respect for Davey Richards. Lethal says he has a lot of anger built up inside of him and Richards is just the wrong person at the wrong time.

Neither wrestler can get the advantage early in the match as they have counters for everything the other man does. Lethal briefly gains control of the match after a cartwheel dropkick, but Richards quickly fights back. Richards locks in an Indian Death Lock variation. A dropkick sends Lethal to the floor. Richards runs along the apron and blasts Lethal across the chest with a kick. Richards connects with a missile dropkick for a two count. Lethal lands a springboard dropkick sending Richards to the outside. He follows it up with a suicide dive. Richards misses the running kick this time, and Lethal answers back with an ace crusher on the apron.

The two slug it out in the middle of the ring. Lethal locks in a Koji Clutch after hitting the Lethal Combination, but Richards reaches the ropes. Richards connects with a German suplex, but Lethal kicks out. They jockey for position on the top and Richards connects with a series of headbutts. Richards hits a superplex, but Lethal reverses it into a small a package. Richards hits a brainbuster but Lethal kicks out.

Lethal kicks out at one after a kick to the head. Richards kicks out following two superkicks. Lethal kicks Richards off the top and Richards falls through a ringside table. Lethal hits Hail to the King but Richards kicks out. Richards once again kicks out after a dragon suplex. Richards avoids the Lethal Injection and locks in an ankle lock. Lethal fights out and sends Richards into the middle turnbuckle. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection, but Richards kicks out. He locks in the Koji Clutch and Richards passes out in the hold to give Lethal the victory.

Winner by submission: Jay Lethal

Next week will be another Road Rage from ‘Glory By Honor XI’ and we will see Adam Cole vs. Eddie Edwards for the ROH World TV title and more exclusive comments from Matt Hardy.

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