ROH on SBG: 11/17/12 Report

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show. Kevin says we’re going to start with the Women of Honor but instead the Briscoes come to the ring. Jay gets on the mic and asks all of the wrestlers in the back to come down to ringside. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, Jay Lethal and SCUM are the only wrestlers not to come down. Jay says SCUM have the fans brainwashed into thinking it’s cool to put down ROH. He says when you knock ROH, you’re knocking all of the current roster and all of the guys who made ROH what it is today. Jay says he and Mark went down to Louisville to talk to Jim Cornette and he then talked to everybody in the back and they have found a new matchmaker. He says he’s going to restore honor into ROH; he then presents Nigel McGuinness as the new matchmaker.

Nigel says he doesn’t know what has happened to the old ROH; the same ROH that made his dreams of wrestling a reality. He says he still sees guys putting on the best matches in the world, guys with lots of passion and love for pro wrestling. He says the people who still believe in this company are going to take it back. His first decision as matchmaker is to make Kevin Steen vs. El Generico for ‘Final Battle 2012’. Nigel says Generico only had one request to make the match; he wanted a Ladder War. He then goes on to say that Corino & Jacobs need opponents in New York. He says they will defend against Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander as well as the Briscoes in a three-way match for the Tag Team titles! Jay gets the mic back and says ROH doesn’t raise the bar; it is the bar and they’re taking back ROH. Honor Lives.

Allysin Kay vs. MsChif

Kay disrespects MsChif early on with a slap and then drives her into the corner before hitting a big boot. MsChif fights back but then walks into a big clothesline for a two count. Kay continues to dominate and hits a samoan drop for another two count. MsChif gets a two count of her own with a unique bridging pin but Kay comes back with another two count. Kay goes for a kick but MsChif catches it, kicks Kay low and then hits a modified DDT for the win.

Winner by pinfall: MsChif’s thoughts: This was a decent enough Women of Honor match and the first for quite a while. It’s difficult to see how they’re going to fit a women’s division into the show if that’s the way they’re going with it. We all know about MsChif and Kay looked a promising¬†competitor.

Tadarius Thomas vs. Roderick Strong

Truth Martini joins Kevin Kelly on commentary for the match as Strong mocks Thomas instead of shaking his hand. Martini says he has released Rhino from the House of Truth. Thomas uses his unique style to kick Strong in the face and then goes to work on him with a suplex. The pair fight on the ring apron before Strong lifts Thomas up and throws him back first into the turnbuckle post. Thomas tries to fight back but he then walks into a jumping kick to the face. Thomas then comes back with a variety of kicks and then a clothesline for two. Strong comes back with a jumping knee before hitting a huge suplex backbreaker for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Roderick Strong

Strong then gets on the mic and tells Martini to get the hint; he’s not a part of the House of Truth any longer and then storms off.’s thoughts: Thomas once again impressed with his very unique style. He looked very competitive against Strong and the match was a good one. I’d like to see another match between these two with a bit more time given to them. All in all, a decent match.

In this week’s Inside ROH, Kevin Kelly confirms the matches that Nigel McGuinness has already made for ‘Final Battle 2012’. He also runs down the Adam Cole v Matt Hardy match that was confirmed last week. Matt Hardy says he has nothing to prove and Cole is the one with everything to lose. He says at Final Battle, he can finally come out of Hardy’s shadow. Kelly also says that Nigel McGuinness will make a decision on whether Michael Elgin will face Roderick Strong at Final Battle next week. Jay Lethal talks about his situation and tells ROH that if they think they’ve seen him at his worst, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Nigel McGuinness shows off the new ROH World TV title before our main event of the evening.

ROH World TV Title Match
Adam Cole (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Cole has the best of the opening exchanges and knocks O’Reilly to the outside with a jumping enziguri. O’Reilly blocks Cole’s attempt at a suicide dive, Cole then kicks O’Reilly when he tries to dive out and then Cole finally hits the suicide dive. Cole throws O’Reilly into the barricades on the outside but then O’Reilly hits a dropkick to Cole when he goes for a crossbody off the rope. O’Reilly continues to control Cole as Davey Richards comes down to ringside and asks Nigel to let him talk to Kyle in the ring next week. Nigel agrees and he goes to the back after he and O’Reilly stare each other down. Cole capitalises on the brief distraction to hit a jumping DDT to O’Reilly on the apron.

Cole follows that up with a big splash off the top rope as the crowd chant ‘This Is Awesome’. O’Reilly blocks a figure four attempt and then reverses another attempt into a small package for two. Both men hit kicks but they refuse to stay down. O’Reilly hits a Regalplex for two and then locks in the Triangle Choke and starts hitting elbows. Cole somehow gets out of it as the pair trade blows from their knees before the slug it out on their feet. Tornado DDT from O’Reilly followed by a brainbuster only gets him two as he then locks in a guillotine choke.

Cole manages to get to his feet and pick O’Reilly up before hitting the backbreaker. ‘This Is Wrestling’ chants from the crowd as Cole hits a reverse superkick and the Florida Quay to get the victory. Cole celebrates with the brand new TV title as Nigel hits the ring and puts the belt around his waist.’s thoughts: This was the third match between these two former tag team partners and it was simply brilliant. They managed to put a lot of stuff into a ten minute match and it made for an exciting, action-packed match. Both guys looked great after this one and I still think there is space for a big blowoff to this feud after O’Reilly is done with Davey. Overall, one of the best matches on ROH TV.¬†

Next week’s main event will see SCUM defend the ROH World Tag Team titles against Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer.

Steven Coney

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