ROH on SBG : 11/19 Report

We kick off the broadcast, as usual, with a look back at last week’s main event. We see the possible breakdown of the relationship between Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards after Edwards used his newly acquired Dragon Sleeper to win his team the match.

We start off with a promo from Mike Mondo. He says not even he knows the limits of his strength and that he’s here to show that he’s the biggest man in town.

Alex Silva vs. Mike Mondo

We’ve seen both of these guys before on the ROH TV show. Both are OVW regulars and they ;lock up straight away and get in some sort of leglock where both guys were on their heads – weird. Silva to the outside and Mondo hits a nice dive on him before hitting a dropkick back in the ring. They both go back-and-forth and Silva hits a spinebuster for two. Clothesline and then a gutwrench powerbomb by Silva but Mondo reverses a pin attempt into an armbar. Silva breaks it and then goes for another spinebuster but Mondo reverses it into an X Factor. Mondo grabs Silva and hits a double arm DDT for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Mike Mondo’s thoughts: 
Mondo doesn’t get the credit he deserves inside the ring, it’s just a shame his promos are so bad. I think he could do a job in Ring of Honor and wouldn’t be adverse to see him getting a contract. Decent match here, Mondo looked good and it was quite fast paced and full of action.

We go to Jim Cornette who says he has four weeks to respond to Steen’s lawsuit. For now, he says that he denies forcing Steen into the match at Final Battle last year and also denies having the referee ‘in his pocket’. He goes on to say that he will have an official announcement next week.

We then go to quick promo from Jay Lethal. Lethal says El Generico fought him like a man but Bennett refused to extra time. He says he thinks Generico should get the next title shot.

Mike Bennett vs. Jamin Olivencia

Olivencia is a local guy who also wrestles in OVW. Before the match, Bennett gets the mic and says he’s a nice guy and everybody knows he’s the TV Champion. He tells Olivencia that he’ll give him a TV Title shot right now. Dropkick by Olivencia followed by an armdrag but then he walks straight into a spinebuster. Splash in the corner by Bennett who then hits a jumping neckbreaker for two. Olivencia fights back with a jumping knee and a jumping lariat for two. Bennett blocks a clothesline attempt and then hits the Box Office Smash for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Mike Bennett’s thoughts: Much like Bennett’s other matches so far on ROH TV, this was a showcase of his abilities and it did its job in that regard. I like the whole Bennett storyline with him claiming he’s the TV Champion and this wasn’t a squash which made it more believable. Still, Bennett looked great as usual.

This week’s ‘Inside ROH’ takes a look at the announcement that Dan Severn will be Eddie Edwards’ new trainer heading into Final Battle. Davey says he’s not angry, just confused. He says he’s hurt and Eddie did something dishonest that has put their relationship in jeopardy. He explains that training with Severn was his idea and had wanted to do that for a long time. He says he told Eddie about his plans but he thought he would be above doing that and that it will come to a head at Final Battle.

We then take a look at the ROH World Tag Team title situation and see All Night Express’ promo from last week. We then hear that the Briscoes have challenged C&C Wrestling Factory to a match next week and they intend to beat them in less than 13 minutes. C&C say they do not fear them and they will see them next week.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Davey Richards

Before the match, Davey gets on the mic and says he came here for a fight. He then says he and Kyle will do it ‘American Strong Style’. Just before the bell, Truth Martini comes to the entrance and then joins the commentary team. Truth says that if Eddie or Davey were with him, they would be guaranteed to win at Final Battle. Back in the ring, they trade heel hooks before several hard kicks. O’Reilly hits the three butterfly suplexes and locks in an armbar but Davey gets to the ropes.

The pair trade strikes before a hard kick to the head but O’Reilly gets up before 10. Back suplex from Davey gets him two and as we come back from a break, both men go at it again. O’Reilly hits a superkick but Davey comes right back with a lariat. Jumping knee and a hard kick get O’Reilly two  and then he blocks an Alarm Clock with an overhead bridging suplex for a near fall. O’Reilly to the outside and hits the soccer kick that leaves O’Reilly on the floor outside.

Davey goes for a kick but misses O’Reilly and kicks the steel ring post. He gets up near the barricades and O’Reilly hits the running dropkick off the apron followed by a missile dropkick inside the ring for two. He locks in the guillotine choke but Davey picks him up and then rolls through for an ankle lock. O’Reilly back again and hits a great tornado DDT before locking the guillotine back in. O’Reilly puts the ankle lock on but then Davey reverses it and O’Reilly looks like he’s in pain. Tony Kozina throws the towel into the ring and Richards wins.

After the match, truth goes into the ring to tell Davey what he did wrong during the match. Davey throws Truth into the turnbuckle as he goes to the back.

Winner by submission: Davey Richards’s thoughts: You’ll be hard pushed to find a more hard-hitting match anywhere. This was an iPPV quality match and such a treat to see on TV. O’Reilly is really becoming the breakout star of the TV show and has impressed a lot since it began. Loads of submissions and strikes in this one as you’d expect and it was just an all out war that looked completely real. The finish wasn’t great but I understand why they did it. Fantastic match.

We see a graphic of next week’s main event which is El Generico vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH World TV Title!

Steven Coney

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