ROH on SBG: 11/24/12 Report

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to this week’s show and we go to Nigel McGuinness, the new matchmaker, who is in the middle of the ring. He says Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team have refused to wrestle unless they can say their piece in the ring and Nigel gives them the opportunity. Shelton asks Nigel how Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer got their title shot. Nigel says they beat WGTT a while ago on TV to earn the opportunity. He then adds that if WGTT can beat Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander right now, they’ll get a shot of their own.

Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander vs. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

Kevin Kelly will be calling the action on his own. WGTT control the match early on and use some underhand tactics before Alexander fights back and he and Coleman hit a nice double team move on Benjamin. WGTT get back into it again when Todd Sinclair’s back is turned. Titus & Whitmer come towards the ring and then join Kelly on commentary. Benjamin and Haas continue to dominate as they keep Coleman in their corner. Haas is getting plenty of abuse from the crowd and Coleman finally manages to tag in Alexander. Cedric hits a couple of nice looking kicks on Shelton but only gets a two count. Haas is knocked to the outside and C&C hit a high/low double team on Shelton but they only get two as Haas breaks it up. Cedric takes Haas to the outside again with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Coleman hits two Northern Lights suplexes but when going for the third, Shelton blocks it and hits a powerbomb.

Everything then gets crazy on the outside as Haas attacks Whitmer at the commentary table and then Rhett gets involved as they brawl near the entrance. Coleman goes to the top but Shelton cuts him off with the jumping belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope. However, when he hits the canvas, Alexander hits a big frog splash and with Haas still distracted on the outside, gets the three count.

Winners by pinfall: Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander’s thoughts: This match managed to entertain as well as pushing forward the WGTT/BJ and Titus storyline so you can’t fault it at all. WGTT have been more entertaining of late and Haas has to be the biggest heel in ROH at the moment; the crowd seriously hate him. C&C again looked impressive and they continue to improve as a team with every match. Good action in this one and a good ending so a decent effort all round.

Bobby Fish vs. Ryan McBride

This is Fish’s debut on ROH TV. Kelly puts Fish over as a ‘two sports’ star as he hits a dive onto McBride on the outside. Back in the ring, Fish hits a diving headbutt from the top rope for a two count. McBride fights back with a suplex for two and he then goes to the top rope but misses with a splash. Fish hits a few knees to the body of McBride and then hits some forearms to the back of the head followed by a big kick to the side of the head for the victory.

After the match, Veda Scott talks to Fish in the ring. Fish thanks Eddie Edwards, a man he teamed with on a recent tour of Japan, for preparing him for his ROH debut. He says he has been told about Kyle O’Reilly and Davey Richards and is very interested about what happens with them both.

Winner by pinfall: Bobby Fish’s thoughts: This was a squash match to help get Fish over on his debut. It managed to do that and made him look very dominant. It looks as if they are going to push him as a ‘two sports’ star and really embrace his MMA influences.

Davey Richards now comes to the ring and gets a microphone. He says he was gone from ROH for a while and was an asshole. Since he’s back in ROH there are only two goals: put on the best wrestling matches in the world and right the wrongs with certain people. One of those is Eddie Edwards who is currently in Japan. The other is Kyle O’Reilly and O’Reilly comes down to the ring with a mic. Kyle says all Davey has ever done is hold him back and he’s sick of being a doormat; that’s why he did what he did back in New York.

Davey tells Kyle all he’s wanted to do is make his life better. He helped him move to St. Louis from Vancouver and even introduced him to his now wife. But he says after everything, he’s turned into a little bitch and turned his back on him. He says he’s done playing games and goes to leave the ring. Kyle pulls him back and says he’s right and apologises. He adds that Davey is the closest thing he’s ever had to a brother. He says he and Davey should reunite Team Ambition and go after the Tag Team titles before hugging. Out of nowhere, Kyle then takes Davey out with a kick but Davey fights back and puts him in the Ankle Lock. Bobby Fish comes to the ring and kicks Davey in the head before locking in a crossface. Kyle tells Davey he has no friends left and to stay gone this time.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
SCUM (c) vs. Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer

Titus and Whitmer go to work on SCUM before the bell is rung as the action quickly spills to the outside. As the match gets back to some sort of order, Corino and Jacobs take control and punish Titus. Titus gets close to a tag but Jacobs manages to pull Whitmer off the apron as SCUM continue the assault. Rhett finally manages to tag in Whitmer and he hits a big spinebuster on Jacobs for a two count. Jacobs comes back with a spear for a two count of his own. Jacobs hits a reverse hurricanrana but Whitmer somehow gets back on his feet and hits a clothesline as both men are down.

Titus goes after Corino but ends up getting speared by Jacobs as Whitmer then suplexes himself and Jacobs out of the ring. Haas & Benjamin run down to ringside and slam Whitmer down on the barricades with the referee distracted. That leaves Titus two against one but he almost wins it with a rollup on Corino. The numbers game catches up with though and Jacobs hits a diving cutter as Corino then hits the backdrop driver for the win.

Winners by pinfall: SCUM

After the match, WGTT come down to the ring and beat down on Titus as Whitmer is still down on the outside following the earlier attack.

Next week we’ll see the Briscoes take on the Headbangers and Davey Richards face Michael Elgin.

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