ROH on SBG : 1/14 Report‏

We kick off this week’s show with Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette. Kelly tells us that history was made tonight (at Northern Aggression). Cornette says they have scraped the original format of the show and they will now show us highlights of the eight-man elimination match that lasted for 80 minutes – an ROH record.

Before that, Cornette and Kelly talk to the general manager of the local TV stations and they talk about the TV show. The GM says they’re happy to have such a great product such as ROH on channels. I don’t understand these segments.

Now to pre-match comments from both teams. Haas says it’s not about the money, it’s about who gets their hands on who. Edwards agrees and Generico then tells Elgin that he’ll be coming for him. Shelton says some things are more important than money – all they want is to beat the hell out of the Briscoes.

Truth Martini says he loves the big moments in wrestling and tonight will be no different. Martini hypes up the $10,000 and then Mark Briscoe says he considers himself as a fountain of knowledge and wants to know how they will split the money. Strong says 50% will go to the HoT and the other 50 will go to the Briscoes. They argue about money for a second before we go to the ring.

All-Star Elimination Tag Team Match
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, Eddie Edwards & El Generico vs. The Briscoes, Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin

Edwards and Strong battle it out to begin with as Edwards gets the upper hand and hits a dropkick. Shelton gets tagged in and the Briscoes bail from the ring apron. Elgin goes to work on Shelton’s ribs and then Jay Briscoe tags in, hits Benjamin and then tags back out. Generico hits a few arm drags on Jay as Mark Briscoe and Edwards hit hurricanranas and arm drags on each other – great sequence! They’ve done a good job of editing this but if you get confused, it’s not my fault!! Strong hits a backbreaker on Generico before Elgin hits a stalling suplex. Generico taking a  lot of punishment here as he gets flung across the ring by the Briscoes and walks into a Strong dropkick. He finally gets the hot tag to WGTT and they go right after the Briscoes and take them to the outside as the Briscoes become good friends with the barricades. Everybody is battling on the outside – it’s carnage!  People are getting slammed on the ring apron and being hit by objects taken from the crowd! Finally, things get back in the ring and Benjamin tries to fight off Elgin but walks into a powerslam. But then tags Haas as the two tag teams go at it again! Strong and Edwards fight on the outside as well as Generico and Elgin!

It’s a return to the carnage that we had not long ago and there’s nothing the referees can do about it! We’re at the 40 minute mark and still nobody has been eliminated! Everything that isn’t nailed down, is being used as a weapon. Yet again, the referees make them get back in the ring but everybody enters and it’s like a warzone in there. WGTT, Edwards and Generico get their opponents in each corner and hit the 10 punches to a great reaction. WGTT hit the Leap of Faith on Jay Briscoe but only get two. With Sinclair distracted, Jay hits Benjamin with a chair as Mark hits an elbow drop from the top for three.

Shelton Benjamin has been eliminated

Haas now in and he fights off Mark Briscoe and hits an Olympic Slam for three as Generico held back Jay.

Mark Briscoe has been eliminated

Haas pleads with Jay to get in the ring but Strong gets him from behind, hits a kick to the back of the head and rolls him up for three.

Charlie Haas has been eliminated

Haas steals Cornette’s chair and then nails Jay Briscoe with it, Generico takes advantage and hits the brainbuster to eliminate Jay

Jay Briscoe has been eliminated

We’re down to two-on-two and Generico walks into a backbreaker but manages to kick out just before three. Elgin in now and he manages to somehow block a tornado DDT attempt and hits a running powerslam for two. Generico hits a dropkick and then Elgin goes over the top rope. Strong tries to get involved but ends up on the outside too as Generico and Edwards hit stereo dives! Back in he ring and a Blue Thunder Bomb gets Generico a very near fall. Elgin catches Generico going for a crossbody and hits a TKO for two. Shoulder tackle by Generico off the top and then he hits the spinning sit-out powerbomb for three.

El Generico has been eliminated

Edwards now in he ring as the last survivor on his side as we’ve just passed the 60 minute mark! Edwards and Strong slug it out and Strong hits a backbreaker for two. Strong and Elgin continue the punishment before Eddie fights back with headbutts and a missile dropkick. Edwards hits a facebuster on Strong for two and then hits the backpack chinbreaker for two. He locks in the STF but Strong gets to the ropes. They slug it out again before Eddie hits a superkick, Truth Martini interferes though and Strong manages to hit a jumping knee for two. Edwards evades an Elgin attack and he ends up running into Strong, Edwards rollls him up to make it all even!

Michael Elgin has been eliminated

75 minutes gone and it’s left to Edwards and Strong to battle it out for the win and $10,000. They go back-and-forth on the top rope until Strong gets an upper hand and throws Edwards through a table at ringside! He manages to get back in the ring at 19 only to walk into a Sick Kick. He manages to kick out but then Strong locks in the Strong Hold. He somehow manages to roll through but only gets two! German Suplex by Edwards and then a big lariat for two. Martini gets back in the ring but is only met with a diving facecrusher. Strong goes for a backbreaker but Edwards reverses it and locks in the Dragon Sleeper and Strong taps out immediately!

Winner by submission and last remaining competitor: Eddie Edwards

The rest of Edwards’ team hit the ring to celebrate with him as they awarded the cheque for $10,000. We then see an advert for a special DVD release, both ‘Southern Defiance’ and ‘Northern Aggression’ in one 2-disk set for $19.95.’s thoughts: Wow, that was crazy! I liked the way they presented it, they obviously had to cut quite a bit out but the way they sequenced from one piece of action to another was good and you felt like you keeping track. The crowd were hot for this one, even including the final stretch between Strong and Edwards. This match helped put all eight men over while continuing the WGTT/Briscoes feud and the long-running Strong/Edwards rivalry. This has tons of great action as well as some crazy spots on the outside. All in all, a must see match and if these highlights were anything to go by, you need to get the DVD when it comes out to see the unedited version!

Steven Coney

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