ROH on SBG : 12/10 Report

We take a look back at last week’s events between Steve Corino and Kevin Steen and how they agreed to a match at Final Battle. If Steen wins, he is reinstated to the roster but Jimmy Jacobs will be special referee.

We hear from Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Coleman says he will lead Alexander and be a role model to him like he wish he had when he was younger. He tells the Briscoes that they’re much tougher opponents than they expected.

The Bravados vs. C&C Wrestle Factory

Bravados take control early on and isolate Cedric in their corner until he hits an elbow to Lance and tags in Coleman. Coleman goes to town on Lance and hits a flying clothesline for two before a double suplex. Harlem tries to save his partner but fails before Lance manages to tag in his brother.  Cedric tries to fight out of it but the Bravados hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo. Cedric again manages to escape and tags in Coleman who hits a leg lariat on Harlem before swinging around the ringpost to hit Lance with a boot. Alexander hits a dive onto both Bravados as the action gets back inside the ring. Bridging German suplex on Coleman is broken up by Alexander and then Harlem walks into an Ace Crusher from Coleman and then C&C hit a powerslam/neckbreaker combo for the victory.

Winners by pinfall: C&C Wrestle Factory’s thoughts: Not a bad match at all. Took a good few minutes to get going but it showed both teams in a good light and really put over C&C as a new up-and-coming team in ROH. It’s a shame that the Bravados are being slowly buried as I see a massive improvement in them but the tag division is pretty loaded at the minute. Good opener.

We then go to promos from Chris Silvio and TJ Perkins before their match. Silvio says he’s 200lbs of the baddest man on the planet. He says people should call him Zeus because he can catch lightning with his hands. TJP says Silvio couldn’t catch lightning if his name was Ben Franklin. He goes on to say that Silvio’s pants are much louder than his voice will ever be but tonight, Silvio won’t catch lightning, he’ll get struck by it.

Chris Silvio vs. TJ Perkins

Jumping hurricanrana from TJP who then gets Silvio in a headlock before they trade locks on the mat. TJP hangs on the turnbuckle and then sends Silvio into the turnbuckles with a head scissors. Silvio to the outside and TJP then hits a dropkick off the top rope. Silvio fights back on the outside and throws TJP into the barricade. Diving forearm off the top rope by Silvio gets him two before a running senton gets him another near fall. Springboard dropkick from TJP followed by another jumping hurricanrana and then a suicide dive to Silvio on the outside. Silvio reverses the hurricanrana into a powerbomb for two. TJP fights Silvio off the top and hits double knee soff the top. He gets Silvio up and then hits Detonation Day (pop-up bicycle kick) for the win

Winner by pinfall: TJ Perkins’s thoughts: Not a bad match at all. I liked the way Kevin Kelly and Nigel were putting TJP over and really putting him over. I thought they could have made him look more dominant in the win but I like his finisher move so that’s something to build on. Hopefully he’ll start getting more high-profile wins.

In tonight’s ‘Inside ROH’ Kevin Kelly talks about the TV Title situation between champion Jay Lethal, Mike Bennett and El Generico. Mike Bennett says ROH had to find two guys to fight him because one just can’t get the job done. He says at Final Battle, he;s in the ring with two losers. He says he’ll walk into Final Battle, take the title and then go and party afterwards. Lethal says he won’t complain about having to fight two guys. He goes on to say that he has a statement to make at Final Battle; he’s sick of the time limit draws and needs to remove all of the doubt.

We go to more words from Eddie Edwards, he says he knows how good Davey and Team Richards are. He says Dan Severn will be able to give him support and has more experience than Richards. Edwards says good advice from your cornerman can make all the difference.

It’s announced that Davey Richards will take on Michael Elgin next week in a Proving Ground match. We hear from Davey who says that Roderick Strong is just pleading for attention. He says Elgin and Truth Martini want to break his spirit and concentration before Final Battle but that won’t happen. He says Elgin may be ‘unbreakable’ but he’s unstoppable.

The All Night Express vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

This is a Proving Ground match-up, if ANX manage to last the time limit or even win, they will get a Tag Team title shot. Some nice mat work between Benjamin and King who go back-and-forth. Both teams get some double team moves in as WGTT take control. Haas keeps Titus grounded before a blind tag allows King to come in and take Haas out with a big clothesline before a legdrop/splash combo from ANX. Titus goes for a spear but misses and hits the ring post.

We see that Titus took some more damage during the break as Benjamin goes to work on the arm of Titus. He hits a German Suplex for two as Haas gets tagged back in. WGTT keep Titus in their corner with frequent tags as he tries to battle out of it and tag in King. Titus whips Benjamin into the corner but Haas doesn’t allow him to tag out.

Titus eventually gets King in who hits a bicycle kick and a spinebuster on Haas before a spinning kick on Benjamin. He hits a jumping kick to Haas who was on the top rope and then Titus hits a top-rope X Factor for two. Big boot and clothesline combo from Titus on Benjamin before Haas hits the Olympic Slam on Titus. King hits the shotgun knees on Haas and then goes to the top but Benjamin jumps up and throws him off.

WGTT go for the Leap of Faith but Titus pulls down the ropes and Benjamin falls to the outside. From nowhere, the Briscoes appear and hit Benjamin with a steel chair to the back. Back in the ring and King hits a backbreaker and then Titus hits the diving knee off the top rope for the win.

Winners by pinfall: The All Night Express’s thoughts: Really good match that will hopefully give ANX some momentum going forward, they need it. They looked great as usual and I thought WGTT looked good and even a bit ruthless which is what I think they’re going for. Some really good action in this at times and some great double team moves. I liked the Briscoes’ interference and it builds up even more to the Tag Title match at Final Battle.

Kevin Kelly goes to check on Benjamin who is still down, Haas says he’s tired of the Briscoes attacking them. He says Shelton took his brother Russ’ place when he died and he’s sick of the Briscoes hurting his family. He says whether it’s him alone or with Shelton too, the Briscoes’ ass is his.

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