ROH on SBG: 12/1/12 Report

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and introduces his new commentary partner Caleb Seltzer. Seltzer commentated on a match back at the ‘Boiling Point 2012’ iPPV.

The Headbangers vs. The Briscoes

These two teams have obviously faced off a couple of times before when the Headbangers were the Guardians of Truth. Briscoes get a very good reaction but the Headbangers use some underhand tactics to take control. Mosh hits a nice springboard clothesline on the apron and then front suplexes Mark to the outside. Thrasher goes out and then suplexes Mark before getting a two count back in the ring. Mark finally tags Jay in and he goes to town on Mosh with a series of jabs and a dropkick before a Death Valley Driver gets him two. Mark hits the froggy elbow for two before he is taken to the outside by Thrasher. Jay then takes advantage back in the ring and gets the three on Mosh with a small package.

Winners by pinfall: The Briscoes’s thoughts: This was another rather uneventful match from the Headbangers. I’m not sure why the Briscoes had to win with a small package as the Headbangers have been far from a threat to them in the three matches they’ve had. I can’t see the Headbangers making any more appearances for ROH – there was nothing to see here.

Backstage, Nigel McGuinness tells Davey Richards maybe he shouldn’t face Michael Elgin tonight after his beating at the hands of Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish last night. He says this is a hurt business and he’ll do what he has to. He then asks Nigel to make a match at Final Battle; he and Eddie Edwards against Fish & O’Reilly. Nigel says he can’t ask Eddie because he’s in Japan and apparently phones don’t work over there. Davey says he guarantees Eddie will be there and Nigel says the match is on if Eddie agrees.

Adam Page vs. QT Marshall w/RD Evans

RD Evans joins the commentary team as Marshall takes control early on before Page gets some shots in. One of those seems to give Marshall a bloody nose that fires him up. Powerslam from Marshall gets him two and then he walks into a snap powerslam from Page for two. Page goes for a crossbody off the top but Marshall reverses it into a gutbuster before hitting God’s Gift (a running inverted powerslam) for the win.

Winner by pinfall: QT Marshall

With Evans and Marshall celebrating in the ring, Prince Nana runs in and hits a diving clothesline off the top to Evans. He then lowers the rope to send an advancing Marshall to the outside before going to work on Evans. He tears his clothes off him before Nana escapes to the back. After a brief break, RD Evans is in the ring with McGuinness and says Nana hurt him emotionally and says he’s under psychological distress. He says he has a restraining order on Nana and that the attack on him is Nigel’s fault. Nigel says he will give Evans restitution… he will take on Nana at Final Battle!’s thoughts: I’m yet to see much inspiration from Marshall but he’s still fairly new so I’ll give him a pass. Page looked ok in his very brief opportunities to attack but this was designed to put Marshall over. The post-match segment was great and I think Nana vs. Evans might end up being one of the most entertaining matches ever.

In this week’s ‘Inside ROH’, Kevin Kelly runs down a couple of tag team matches that have been added to ‘Final Battle 2012’. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team will take on Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer in a New York Street Fight and Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly will face the American Wolves if Eddie Edwards agrees to it.

Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin

Before the match can start, Truth Martini comes down to the ring and tries to reason with Elgin. He says if he was in his corner in Toronto, Elgin would have beaten Steen for the ROH World Title. He says they both have the same beliefs and if Elgin promises he won’t wrestle Roderick Strong at Final Battle, he’ll promise him he’ll become ROH World champion. Elgin gets the mic and promises that he is going to kill Strong at Final Battle and tells Martini to get out of the ring.

They begin by trading strikes before Davey hits a dropkick to knock Elgin outside and he follows up with the big running kick from the apron. Elgin comes back by throwing Davey into the barricades. He then hits a deadlift superplex that gets him a very near fall. Davey gets two with a crucifix but Elgin hangs on and hits a Death Valley Driver into the corner! Elgin sent to the outside and Davey follows up with a big dive through the ropes. Big kick from Davey and then a German suplex followed by a cross armbreaker but Elgin picks him up and launches him into the corner.

Davey puts Elgin in the Ankle Lock but he gets to the ropes. Elgin comes back with a bridging deadlift German suplex for a very near fall. Davey to the top and fights Elgin off before missing with a double stomp. Elgin picks up Davey but he reverses it into a tombstone piledriver for two! Richards hits Elgin with a number of kicks to the head before Elgin fights back with several knees as both men are running on empty. Elgin to the top but Davey cuts him off and then hits a superplex but Elgin hangs on, slams him down and gets two.

“This is awesome” chants from the crowd as Elgin misses with a corkscrew senton. Elgin to the top and is joined by Davey, Elgin puts him on his shoulders and drives him down to the mat  before hitting the corkscrew senton and locking in a crossface that Davey escapes. Big knockout knee from Elgin followed by a rolling elbow, backfist, buckle bomb and finally the spinning sit-out powerbomb for the win.’s thoughts: I think it’s impossible for these two to have anything other than a really, really good match. They seem to have great chemistry in the ring and this was a very hard-hitting match that the crowd loved. Davey looked like his old self despite the defeat and this cemented Elgin as a top player in ROH. You need to go out of your way to see this. 

Next week, Kevin Steen will defend his ROH World Title against ‘The Prodigy’ Mike Bennett

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