ROH ON SBG: 12/15/12 Report

This is the last episode that aired before “Final Battle 2012: Doomsday.” Let’s get to it!

Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show and hype tonight’s card.

Vinny Marseglia vs Davey Richards

Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish stand at the entrance way. Marseglia hits a hurricarana that sends Richards to the outside, and follows it up with a plancha. Marseglia locks in a submission, but Richards counters into a submission attempt of his own. Richards keeps mouthing off to O’Reilly and Fish, but remains in control of the match with a modified cloverleaf. A sliding kick puts Marseglia down for the three count for Richards to pick up some momentum heading into “Final Battle 2012.”

Winner by Pinfall: Davey Richards’s Thoughts: This was basically just a squash to advance the feud between Richards and O’Reilly and Fish. The match was just a backdrop to Richards mouthing off with them. This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Marseglia, and he continues to look pretty decent in the ring.

Mike Mondo is comes to the ring for an interview for the first time since his injury at “Glory by Honor XI.” Mondo says all he ever wanted to do was be a wrestler. Mondo says he will never quit and he will keep going for what he believes in. He says when the cast comes off he will be more jacked and tanned with shoulders like boulders and legs like kegs. When he returns it will be the ring of Mondo. Roderick Strong makes his way into the ring. Strong says no one cares about Mondo. Strong pushes Mondo over and says at “Final battle 2012” he breaks the unbreakable. Michael Elgin runs into the ring. Truth Martini gets between Strong and Elgin. Elgin throws Martini aside and Strongs hits Elgin in the back with one of Mondo’s crutch.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. The incident in Rahway, NJ, is recapped where Kevin Steen spit on Jay Lethal’s mother and Lethal attacked Cornette. Lethal says he promises to fight the ROH World Champion at “Final Battle 2012.” Adam Cole and Matt Hardy go back-and-forth about their match set for “Final Battle 2012.” The build up to the BJ Express and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team match is recapped. Jerry Lynn winning the ROH World Title is shown.

Veda Scott is backstage with Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. Coleman says they will be watching tonight’s main event.

Steel City Street Fight

Steve Corino vs Jay Briscoe

Corino is wearing a suit for this match. They immediately begin trading shots and the match spills to the outside. Corino throws Briscoe into a chair a fan is holding up. Corino pulls out a table, but Briscoe attacks him. Briscoe sets the table up at ringside. Briscoe lays Corino out on the table and hits a double stomp on Corino from the apron through the table as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Briscoe is still in control and literally rings Corino’s bell. Briscoe wedges a chair in the turnbuckles in each corner. Jimmy Jacobs causes a disctraction, which gives Corino the time to hit Briscoe with a roll of quarters. Mark Briscoe runs in and takes out Jacobs. Jay sends Corino into each chair. Mark brings in a wheelbarrow full of chairs and throws them in the ring. Corino bodyslams Jay onto the stack of chairs as Mark wheels Jacobs out of the arena. Corino sits Jay in a chair and connects with a big boot. Corino pulls out another table and sets it up in the corner of the ring. Corino repeatedly low blows Jay. Corino hits a suplex onto an open chair, but Jay kicks out at two. Jay recovers and delivers a Death Valley Driver onto two open chairs. Mark Briscoe returns with a steel guardrail. Jacobs low blows Mark. Corino hits a backdrop driver on Jay through the table in the corner. Corino and Jacobs place the barricade in between four open chairs. Jay fights back and Jay delivers a superplex on Corino onto the barricade! Coleman and Aexander run to ringside and dive onto Mark Briscoe and Jacobs as Jay Briscoe picks up the pinfall!

Kevin Steen comes to the ring as the show goes to commercial.

Winner by Pinfall: Jay Briscoe’s Thoughts: For being on free TV, this was a very good street fight. Both wrestlers delivered a lot of punishment and there were some sick bumps. I’ve always enjoyed Jay Briscoe in a solo role, and Corino is very good in an extreme environment. Add involvement from Mark Briscoe, Jacobs, Coleman and Alexander, you get a very good buildup to the tag title match at “Final Battle 2012.”

Back from the break and Steen is in the ring holding an El Generico mask. He says he will never forget the feeling he had the morning after El Generico beat him at “Final Battle 2010.” He says he and Generico are destined to do this forever. Steen says he has never felt how he has now and that he doesn’t know what he will do to Generico. Steen says he’s not scared of the end of world; he’s scared of waking up Dec. 17 with Generico ROH World Champion. Steen says the only way he is leaving New York City is either ROH World Champion or as a corpse. If that promo doesn’t get you excited for their match, nothing will.

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