ROH on SBG : 12/3 Report

We take a look back at last week’s main event between Jay Lethal and El Generico for the ROH World TV Title that ended in a draw and the aftermath where Generico took out both Lethal and Mike Bennett.

We hear from the Prince Nana and Tommaso Ciampa. Nana talks about Ciampa and how he’s the only undefeated man in ROH. Ciampa says he finds it funny how everybody in ROH claims to be the best in the world but only one man proves it and that’s him. He says he’s the meanest, toughest guy in the world and he doesn’t need a sparring partner because he pushes himself to the limit.

Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy vs. Shiloh Jonze

Jonze is getting a lot of backing from the crowd, being an OVW regular and has featured on the ROH TV show before when he lost to Michael Elgin. Ciampa dominates early on with some nasty knees and elbows in the corner. Jonez tries to fight back but Ciampa hits a huge lariat. Jonze comes back with a forearm from the top but misses with a clothesline and then Ciampa hits a dropkick to the knee. Jonze down in the corner and Ciampa hits the running knee five times. Ciampa picks him up and then hits the Project Ciampa for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Tommaso Ciampa’s thoughts: 
Ciampa is really looking dominant so far on the TV show and I like the way they are hyping up the fact that he’s undefeated. He’s looking ruthless and has an awesome finisher. I’d like to see him in some more competitive matches but so far, so good.

The Briscoes say that WGTT have them in their minds and in New York, there will be no steel chairs or parking lots. They say they handle business and that WGTT should watch their backs.

ANX say they’re annoyed that they have been overlooked by both WGTT and the Briscoes. They say next week they’ll step inside the Proving Ground against WGTT and prove they deserve respect.

Back from a break and Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness have been joined inside the ring by Jim Cornette, Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. They welcome Kevin Steen who gets a huge pop from the crowd.

Steen comes down with three of his lawyers and Cornette tells him that he’s a great wrestler but he’s crazy and he can’t trust him not to get them pulled off TV and also says he’s an asshole. He says he’s impossible to control but Steen replies saying that’s the nicest thing he’s heard all week. He says some might say he’s crazy and an asshole but he’d rather be those than a hypocritical asshole like Cornette.

He says Cornette was too busy getting his ass kicked by Davey Richards to notice that Steen carried ROH on his back. Steve Corino gets on the mic, he says he created the monster that is Kevin Steen and tells him he went way too far. He tells Steen it’s not too late to do the same as him but Steen says that both Corino and Jacobs have cut their balls off for ROH.

Corino then makes an offer; at Final Battle they will have a match. If Steen wins, he gets reinstated. Corino says he won’t face the man that has been on the road to recovery and for one more night, he will be an evil person. Steen accepts but then Cornette adds that the referee for the match will be Jimmy Jacobs and Steen says it’s great and he can;t wait for Jacobs to count the pinfall. Steen adds that he wants Cornette at ringside for the match and says that once he’s reinstated, there will be no room for a bitch like him. He spits at Corino who then hits him with a right hand before security force them apart.

In this week’s ‘Inside ROH’, we take a look at the TV Title situation. Lethal says that Bennett cost him the victory over Generico last week. We find out that it will be a triple threat match at Final Battle between Lethal, Generico and Bennett for the World TV title.

Eddie Edwards talks about his match at Final Battle. He says it hasn’t been proven who’s the better man. Dan Severn says he’s been in the same situation when he and Ken Shamrock went 1-1 but never had a third match. He said Eddie and Davey deserve to know who is the better man.

Now to Richards. He says he doesn’t even know who Eddie is anymore since Severn came into the picture. He says he knows that Eddie will be a whole new beats going into Final Battle. He says people keep telling him that Eddie has a dark side but he doesn’t believe that; he believes Eddie is a man of honour and he hopes he’s right.

Roderick Strong says nobody has accepted his open challenge yet and that really pisses him off. He says he’ll be at Final Battle and if he doesn’t get a challenger, he’ll watch from the back.

The Young Bucks talk before their match. They say that they don’t get the respect they deserve considering they’ve travelled all over the world. They say that they’re the real stars and that they’re the most amazing tag team in the world. They’re in ROH for the competition and say the veterans are jealous because they can’t hang with the Bucks.

The Young Bucks vs. Future Shock

Future Shock take control of the match early on with Matt Jackson on the end of a double team flapjack. Another nice double team move that ends up in a Northern Lights suplex for two. Nick Jackson distracts O’Reilly on the outside as the Bucks fight back. The Bucks keep O’Reilly in their corner and keep him grounded with regular tags. Back from the break and the Bucks are still on top with O’Reilly taking more punishment.

O’Reilly fights back with an overhead suplex on Matt and then gets the knees up on Nick. He manages to tag in Cole who hits a double missile dropkick. Cole to the outside who blocks a baseball slide from Nick and then drops him back first on the ring apron. Big crossbody on Matt Jackson but Cole gets just two. O’Reilly tagged in and then hits two butterfly suplexes on Matt before two on Nick and then into the German Suplex from Cole.

Matt manages to jump out of the way of the high/low and he then hits two powerbombs on Cole before a Buckle Bomb. Double superkick on Cole gets them just two! Cole manages to avoid the More Bang For Your Buck and then O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT on Matt and locks in a guillotine choke. Nick tries to break it up but O’Reilly just won’t let go! Finally, Nick manages to break it up and then hits a moonsault from the apron on Cole. With Cole on the outside, the bucks get back in the ring and hit the More Bang For Your Buck for the win!

Winners by pinfall: The Young Bucks’s thoughts: What a terrific match that was! They managed to fit an unbelievable amount of action into a ten minute slot. Both teams looked a million bucks (excuse the pun) and I don’t think the win made much difference here. These two teams have great chemistry and it made for an excellent match with some really innovative spots. You just didn’t want it to end.

A graphic shows telling us that in next week’s main event, the All Night Express will enter the Proving Ground to take on Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team!

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