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Ring of Honor offers another week of action this week after returning a week ago with new matches and programming. The company put on a very good show last week and is looking to build upon that this week. This week’s edition of Ring of Honor wrestling will see Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly, known as Team Ambition, take on Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in the main event. Tommaso Ciampa is scheduled to wrestle TJ Perkins and Grizzly Redwood is set to make his SBG television debut.

Let’s get to it.

The show opens with a recap of Kevin Steen’s actions after his match at “Final Battle 2011” before the normal opening video airs.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and preview the main event.
The Embassy, Ltd. Are backstage and RD Evans says the investors are looking for Ciampa to get some competition. Ciampa says he’s getting the opportunities he deserves.

TJ Perkins vs Tommaso Ciampa with the Embassy, Ltd.

McGuinness mentioned Perkins is undefeated on televisions, which makes this match a battle of the undefeateds of sorts. The Code of Honor is followed, but Ciampa tries to use it to his advantage. Perkins gets off to a hot start and Ciampa gets to the apron and asks for a time out. Perkins doesn’t give him a chance to catch his breath and connects with a springboard dropkick. Prince Nana interferes and Ciampa takes advantage of it and is on the offensive. Perkins tries to do the spot where he catches himself in the ropes, but Ciampa hits him with a knee that sends him to the outside. On the floor, Ciampa wheelbarrows Perkins into the guardrail and gets a two count back in the ring. Perkins catches a knee and leg whips Ciampa which gives him the opportunity to start his comeback.  A powerbomb by Perkins gets a two count. Perkins misses a neckbreaker and Ciampa capitalizes on it by hitting two knew strikes in the corner followed by the Project Ciampa and the pinfall victory.

Winner by pinfall: Tommaso Ciampa’s Thoughts: This was a very good opener and was probably the best I’ve ever Tommaso Ciampa look during his time in Ring of Honor. Perkins, as always, looked good in the match. Perkins has been the biggest challenge Ciampa has faced thus far, so the initial flurry of offense by Perkins made sense. Ciampa was able to regain his composure and take care of his opponent. It was a really good match for the time it was given. 

Grizzly Redwood talks about the trials he faced growing up. He wasn’t supposed to live past the age of four, which makes it even crazier he grew up to become a professional wrestler. He said nothing could stop him from being a professional wrestler.

Grizzly Redwood vs Devon Storm

I’ve always liked Redwood, so I’m happy to see him get some time. Here’s a crazy looking Truth Martini and the House of Truth to interrupt the match before it ever begins. The crowd chants “Willy Wonka” toward Martini. Martini gives Storm the choice between accepting $500 and give Michael Elgin his spot in the match, or to piss Elgin off. Storm of course takes the money. It looks like the match has been changed to Michael Elgin vs Grizzly Redwood.

Michael Elgin with the House of Truth vs Grizzly Redwood

As much as I like Redwood, I like watching small guys get rag dolled around the ring just a little more. Elgin of course is dominating Redwood, but he refuses to give up. Redwood goes for a suicide dive, but gets caught by Elgin and Elgin throws him into the barricade.  Elgin goes for some type of flipping move off the top, but Redwood moves out of the way. Redwood connects with a tornado DDT for a two count. Elgin finally is able to hit his powerbomb to put Redwood away.

Winner by pinfall: Michael Elgin’s Thoughts: I would normally not like someone like Redwood getting the amount of offense he got in on Elgin, but the pre-match promo really built him up as an underdog. The match was a ton of fun as a result because of how Redwood’s past was explained. It was an extended squash match for Elgin, but it was a fun one.

They show highlights of the match between Kevin Steen and Steve Corino from “Final Battle 2011.”
Kevin Steen says he is going to be on Ring of Honor television next week. He says the show lacks unpredictability, and he’s going to provide that. He says he will never conform and that he will beat Davey Richards and take the world title.

Jim Cornette says Steen is a sociopath. He says he has a message for Steen that he is not going to like.

It’s time for this week’s Inside Ring of Honor. Eddie Edwards says he sensed some bad vibes from Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly says he had a problem with the way Edwards acted as champion. Edwards says O’Reilly has no loyalty to his real partner in Adam Cole. They are really building up O’Reilly as a Davey Richards disciple. Richards says he’s in a lose-lose situation.  Mike Bennett says next week there’s no time limit and there is nothing that is going to keep him from being the TV Champion. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin talk about having to start from the ground up and they have something to say next week.

Kevin Kelly announces the Young Bucks will challenge the Briscoes for the tag titles at the “10th Anniversary Show.”

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander
vs Team Ambition (ROH World Champion Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly)

Jim Cornette is a guest commentator, which means this match instantly got better. Alexander and Richards start the match off. They both quickly tag out after a stalemate. O’Reilly gets a one count after a dropkick. Coleman fights off Team Ambition and hits a kick and moonsault combo to both members of Team Ambition. Alexander goes flying to the outside! Coleman and Alexander are looking good thus far.

O’Reilly is in control as we come back from commercial. Both teams are implementing quick tags when they’re on offense, which is making this kind of hard to call. A dropkick puts both members of Team Ambition down and Coleman is close to getting the tag, but O’Reilly kicks Alexander off the apron. Alexander finally gets the tag and Alexander cleans house and connects with a facebuster on O’Reilly for a two count. Alexander hits Richards with a reverse hurricarana and Coleman jumps and hits O’Reilly with a top rope hurricarana. Frog splash from Alexander for a pinfall, but Richards makes the save! A great combination by Coleman and Alexander gets a two count on O’Reilly. This match has been nonstop action from the beginning. Alexander kicks out of a cool combination from Team Ambition. O’Reilly has a guillotine locked in and Richards hits a top rope double stomp and Alexander taps out.

Winners by Submission: Team Ambition

After the match, Eddie Edwards comes out to ringside and applauds Richards and O’Reilly.’s Thoughts: This is a match you’re going to have to watch because this recap admittedly does not do it justice. The match is fast-paced action from bell to bell and it was full of innovative double team maneuvers from both teams. Coleman and Alexander had their best showing to date and proved they have what it takes to be a top tag team in Ring of Honor. Richards and O’Reilly worked well together as expected and they all worked together to deliver a really good main event.

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