ROH on SBG: 12/8/12 Report

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to this week’s show and he is again joined by Caleb Seltzer.

Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish vs. The Bravado Brothers

This is Fish and O’Reilly’s first match together as a team. Before the bell, O’Reilly and Fish attack and they go to work on Lancelot early on. The Bravados fight back and hit a double elbow drop for two. Fish gets tagged in, he hits a backbreaker and O’Reilly hits a dropkick to Lancelot. O’Reilly and Fish continue to dominate with frequent tags and Fish hits a nice dropkick as he and O’Reilly are working well as a unit. Harlem finally gets tagged in and he hits a big boot on O’Reilly before an enziguri on Fish. Harlem then follows up with a moonsault off the second rope onto Fish and O’Reilly on the outside. Back in the ring and he hits a blockbuster on O’Reilly from the top but he only gets two. Fish hits Lancelot with a big kick to the side of the head which leaves Harlem alone. He soon falls to the numbers game and receives a number of kicks from both men. O’Reilly and Fish then hit the Total Elimination which is high-low kicks for the victory.

Winners by pinfall: Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish’s thoughts: This match was made simply to make O’Reilly and Fish look good ahead of their match against the American Wolves at Final Battle. I like the Bravados and it’s a shame that they’ve dropped back down to jobber status but O’Reilly and Fish looked great. They had some nice double team moves and I think they’ll work well together. A decent opening match.

We then go to a quick promo from SCUM. Corino and Jacobs tell Nigel McGuinness that they will overcome the stacked odds at Final Battle because they’re smart and they always have been. Steen says all Nigel has done is ruin El Generico’s career by making the match at Final Battle – he won’t be getting the ROH World Title.

After that, we see a nice video package that documents the history between Kevin Steen and El Generico. Starting from when they were tag team partners to Steen’s betrayal and their bloody feud throughout 2010 which led to Steen’s exit from ROH. We then see how Steen made his return to the company and the aftermath of ‘Glory By Honor XI’.

Chris Silvio vs. Jay Lethal

Before the match, Lethal grabs a mic and says he deserved to face Steen at Final Battle. He asks why he’s wrestling Rhino. He says he’s going to take matters into his own hands; he will wrestle Rhino but he promises that he will also fight the ROH World Champion.

Lethal goes straight after Silvio, hitting the cartwheel dropkick before going to the outside and throwing Silvio into the barricades. Silvio onto the apron but Lethal hits a dropkick that knocks him to the outside before hitting a suicide dive. He then tosses Silvio around like a ragdoll on the outside and into the barricades once more. Silvio tries to fight back and hits a twisting neckbreaker but Lethal quickly regains control and hits a running foraerm followed by a clothesline and the Lethal Combination. He signals for the Lethal Injection but instead hits a superkick and a cradle DDT for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Jay Lethal’s thoughts: This was nothing more than a glorified squash match but it achieved what it needed to. Lethal looked dominant and his pre-match promo leads to questions surrounding Final Battle. Lethal also used the cradle DDT as his finisher instead of the Lethal Injection and it’s a very nasty looking move which fits in well with his Killer Instinct gimmick.

We now go to this week’s ‘Inside ROH’. Kevin Kelly tells us that Eddie Edwards is in Japan until a day before Final Battle. He has been informed about the match but he hasn’t given an answer yet. We go to some words from Fish and O’Reilly, they say the Wolves are dead and Davey is on his own in New York. Davey says people might not have faith in Eddie but he has faith in his brother. We go to some quick words from C&C who say they are on a roll right now and are out to prove they can win the titles. The Briscoes say they have noticed that but they will walk out as eight-time Tag Team champions in New York.

ROH World Title Match
Kevin Steen (c) w/Jimmy Jacobs vs. Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob

Steve Corino has joined Kelly and Seltzer on commentary for this one. Steen starts the match quickly by hitting two running clotheslines into the corner before the cannonball. Action quickly spills to the outside with Steen tossing Bennett into the barricades three times before Brutal Bob grabs Steen’s leg to allow Bennett to hit a spinebuster back in the ring. Both men back out to the outside and Bennett gets some revenge by throwing Steen into the barricades. Back from a commercial break and Bennett hits a dropkick back in the ring. Steen evades a Bennett attack in the corner and with Bennett tied up, Steen hits another cannonball.

Steen hits a big DDT for a two count before he goes for a moonsault and misses. Bennett hits a spear for a near fall, Steen and Bennett fight on the top rope before Steen bites his ear, forces him to the mat and then hits a big senton for a two count. Brutal Bob tries to interfere again but Steen dumps Bennett on top of him to the outside. He follows that up with the powerbomb on the apron before hitting the Package Piledriver back in the ring for the victory.

Winner by pinfall: Kevin Steen’s thoughts: This was a solid main event but maybe wasn’t given enough time to really get going. I’d like to see these two face off again – it had the potential to be a very good match but was cut short a little bit. It showed Steen as a dominant champion and they really put over the Package Piledriver at the end of the match too. I’d also like to point out that Steve Corino is absolutely priceless on commentary.

After the match, Steen gets on the mic and tells matchmaker Nigel McGuinness that Eddie Edwards couldn’t beat him and neither could Davey Richards, Roderick Strong, Mike Mondo, Rhett Titus, Homicicde, Rhino or Michael Elgin. He says he keeps hearing Lethal moan but it’s his own mother’s fault for costing him any chance of a title shot. After hearing that, Lethal tries to hit the ring but referees and security hold him back as the show ends.

Next week on TV, the final episode before Final Battle, we’ll see a Steel City Street Fight between Jay Briscoe and Steve Corino.

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