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We kick off this week’s show with a look back at last week’s match between Eddie Edwards and Kyle O’Reilly. We see highlights of the match and what happened following the match with Edwards and Cole forming their own tag team.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are in the ring and they tell us that the main event for the ’10th Anniversary Show’ will be Edwards and Cole vs. Richards and O’Reilly. Kelly goes on to say that it was scheduled to be the Young Bucks vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team in tonight’s main event but Shelton Benjamin has been suspended for not paying his fine for hitting Mark Briscoe with a chair.

Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring and says it’s the Briscoes’ fault that Shelton is suspended and that he will face either Briscoe tonight so that the ROH fans don’t miss seeing the ‘best wrestler in Ring of Honor’. The Briscoes come out and Haas says it’s up to them who he faces. Jim Cornette eventually comes to the ring and it’s decided Haas will take on Mark Briscoe. Haas adds that he wants Jay handcuffed to the ringpost as he doesn’t try him. Cornette obliges and the match is set for later tonight.

Kevin Steen’s broadcast TV debut is up next and Steve Corino has joined commentary. We see highlights from last week where Mike Mondo took on Matt Taven and Steen interrupted to hit both men with the F-5.

Kevin Steen vs. Andy ‘Right Leg’ Ridge

Steen offers a handshake and hits a clothesline before Ridge can pull away. Things spill to the outside quickly and after the exchange strikes, Steen hits a fallaway slam into the barricades! Steen continues the attack in the ring before Ridge tries to fight back with strikes. Steen hits a headbutt but then walks into a kick. Ridge gets Steen in the corner and then hits a running kick to the face but then gets elbowed off the ring apron. Steen to the outside and he hits a powerbomb onto the ring apron to Ridge. Back in the ring, Steen gets Ridge up before shouting ‘Davey!’ and hitting the F-5 for the victory.

After the match, he continues the beatdown on Ridge and then sets up for the Package Piledriver before Todd Sinclair stops it. Steen goes for it again before Corino gets in the ring and then Jacobs comes down and he starts to brawl with Steen. Security hit the ring and manage to separate them both. Jacobs gets a microphone and tells Steen that his piledriver wasn’t going to keep him down. He says now he’s back, he wants the two most evil men in ROH history to fight as the show goes to a commercial.

Winner by pinfall: Kevin Steen’s thoughts: This was a simple but effective way of debuting Steen. It was a fairly easy win for him but they managed to show his ruthless and crazy streak with some of the moves he did and Corino did a great job of putting him over on commentary. I like the possible match between Steen and Jacobs and this has great potential.

We go to the back where Veda Scott is with Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly. Davey says he’s over the whole friend crap and O’Reilly says that come the 10th Anniversary, everybody will see that Eddie Edwards has no loyalty. Davey says not to expect any mercy from Team Ambition.

Mike Mondo & Matt Taven vs. Adam Cole & Eddie Edwards

This is Edwards and Cole’s first match as a team against the two men who had their match interrupted by Kevin Steen last week. Mondo starts well against Cole before he and Edwards combine to put Mondo in a tree of woe and Cole hits a dropkick. Edwards goes for a lionsault but misses and Mondo stomps him in the corner. Mondo continues his attack on Edwards but ‘Die Hard’ fights back with a jumping lungblower before hitting a lungblower and tagging in Cole.

Cole clears house with clotheslines and dropkicks before hitting a great crossbody off the top rope for two. He hits an enziguri to Taven followed by a jumping neckbreaker for two. Taven and Mondo collide which allows Cole to hit a crossarm bridging German Suplex on Taven for the three. Following the match, Mondo refuses to shake hands  and then hits a double arm DDT on Taven.

Winners by pinfall: Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole’s thoughts: This was a decent way of having Cole and Edwards have their first match. It was a decent contest that showed they have some chemistry at least. I like the way they let Cole get the pinfall and it showed him as the focus of the team which is what they need to do. A promising start.

Now on to this week’s ‘Inside Ring of Honor‘ where we see highlights from last week’s Briscoes vs. House of Truth main event. We see the Briscoes taking the $10,000 despite the HoT winning by disqualification. Truth Martini says he stopped the cheque so they couldn’t cash it and Strong adds that if they want the money, they can come and get it.

The Briscoes vs. Young Bucks is announced for the ’10th Anniversary Show’, the Bucks say it’s all about them and they are the hottest tag team in the world today. Another match talked about is Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa for the TV Title at the ’10th Anniversary Show’.

Jay Lethal talks about his match next week against Davey Richards for the ROH World Title. He says he knows he can win and he wants to be the first man to win the World Title on TV. He adds that if he wins the World Title, he will defend it against Ciampa but it doesn’t matter which title it is, the only one that matters is Ciampa’s undefeated streak.

Prince Nana says finally the Embassy will finally win gold and RD Evans adds that the investors will be delighted with the dividends they will receive. Ciampa says he doesn’t care about the money but on March 4th, he will strip Lethal of his confidence and take his title and bring the belt to the Embassy Ltd where it belongs.

We then hear more about ‘Showdown in the Sun’ and Kelly says we will find out the first signed matches in next week’s ‘Inside ROH’. However, he says that on Night Two, the Briscoes will defend against WGTT and on Night One, Lance Storm will come out of retirement to take on Mike Bennett!

Mark Briscoe w/Jay Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas

Jay is handcuffed at ringside as the match begins. Both men slug it out with strikes until Briscoe hits a clothesline which sends Haas to the outside where he hits a big dive. Briscoe goes to the top but Haas shoves him off before hitting a German Suplex. Kevin Kelly tells us it will be Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kevin Steen at the ’10th Anniversary Show’. Haas whips Briscoe into the corner for two. Briscoe tries to go for a sunset flip but Haas sees it coming and reverses it into a backbreaker. To the outside again and Haas lifts Mark up and drops him down back first on the barricades. Back in the ring, Briscoe hits an enziguri before hitting some redneck kung-fu. Clothesline into the corner by Briscoe followed by a dropkick for two.

Briscoe hits a suplex and then goes to the top and hits a froggy elbow drop for a very near fall. Jay gives him encouragement from ringside and he then goes and misses with a clothesline. Belly-to-belly suplex by Haas and he then goes for the Olympic slam but Mark rolls him up for the three count. After the match, Haas hits an Oympic Slam and grabs the keys to Jay Briscoes’ handcuffs. Haas hits another Olympic Slam and then gets a chair which he smacks against the head of Mark Briscoe before he goes through the crowd to the announce table and throws $10,000 on the table to pay for his and Shelton’s fines.

Winner by pinfall: Mark Briscoe’s thoughts: This was another decent match meaning we’ve had three in one episode which is always good. Fortunately, this didn’t go on for too long which allowed them to keep up the flow of the match and it was an enjoyable contest. The ending made sense and I like the new heel Haas – he’s much more believable than when he was a heel. This match was good in the ring and always continued the storyline – good job all round.

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