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Last week on Ring of Honor television, the three wrestlers who will compete in the Blind Destiny challenge on the second day of “Showdown In the Sun” were determined. The three wrestlers to move on to the Blind Destiny challenge were Jay Lethal, Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin. The build for “Showdown In the Sun” will continue on this week’s broadcast.

The show opens with a recap of Adam Cole pinning Davey Richards at the “10th Anniversary Show” and the aftermath of the match, including Kevin Steen’s involvement.

Tonight the March Mayhem tournament begins.

Adam Cole vs Chris Silvio

Kyle O’Reilly joins the commentary team as the match begins. Silvio slaps Cole after a quick feeling out process. Cole responds with a slap and dropkick of his own that sends Silvio to the outside. Cole dives over the top onto him and is in full control of this match. Silvio blindsides Cole and takes advantage of the match. Silvio locks in a nice submission hold, but Cole is able to lift him on his shoulders and Samoan Drop him. A huge dropkick off the top turnbuckle by Cole gives him the opportunity to hit a nice backbreaker. Cole tries for the Florida Key, but Silvio counters it. Silvio goes for the Florida Key, but Cole counters it. An enziguri by Cole allows him to hit the Florida Key to pick up the victory.

O’Reilly gets on the microphone after the match. He says if Cole wants to earn O’Reilly’s respect, all he has to do is beat him March 31. Cole says he’s sick of O’Reilly’s whining and the match is on. O’Reilly says everyone will know who the backbone of Future Shock was when the match is over.

Winner by Pinfall: Adam Cole’s Thoughts: The match itself was fine. It wasn’t much more than a slightly more competitive squash for Cole, but it accomplished quite a bit. It allowed Cole to continue his momentum from pinning Davey Richards, and it allowed O’Reilly to air his grievances toward Cole. It was a nice way to build upon what has been established over the recent weeks. It was a good way to open the show.

We now see a recap of the match between Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Steen at the “10th Anniversary Show.”

Kevin Kelly is in the ring and introduces Kevin Steen. Steen comes out with the tennis racket with Richards on it. Steen says he assumes his tennis racket looks like what he thinks Jim Cornette’s would look like. He says that as much effort as Cornette wants to put into him not being champion, he will be champion sooner or later. Steen says he will hold the company hostage and he will make Cornette pay for what he’s done. Cornette comes to the ring. Cornette says on March 30, Steen will take on El Generico. Steen says he will gladly take Generico on. Steen says that anyone who stands in his way of capturing the Ring of Honor title will be taken out. That includes Jim Cornette.

It’s now time for Inside Ring of Honor. Lance Storm says it’s fine that Bennett doesn’t like him. It’s not the first time he’s pissed someone off with his opinion. Storm says he trains with passion, and he sees that passion in everyone in Ring of Honor except Bennett. Davey Richards says if he walks out of Florida as champion, he will earn it because of who is matched against. The Briscoes say they’re going to show Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team what a real team is like. Charlie Haas says it’s all over in Florida. Shelton Benjamin says he and Haas are simply better than the Briscoes.

March Mayhem consists of Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa, Kyle O’Reilly, Mike Bennett and Eddie Edwards. Each wrestler has put up a $1,500 entrance fee, and Ring of Honor matched their combined amount for a $24,000 purse to the winner of the tournament. Tonight, Lethal wrestles Strong. Cole and Elgin do battle next week. Ciampa and O’Reilly will wrestle in two weeks, as will Edwards and Bennett. The four winners will compete the weekend of April 7 broadcast in a four way, where the winner will be the March Mayhem winner and $24,000 richer.

We now get a recap of Ciampa and Lethal at the “10th Anniversary Show” with Ciampa stealing Lethal’s belt.

Roderick Strong with Truth Martini vs Jay Lethal

The two feel each other out as they exchange holds on the mat. The match speeds up and Lethals connects with a hurricarana and a drop kick. Nigel McGuinness asks if there is a time limit on these matches, and I have nightmares of several of the TV Title matches over the past few months. The crowd counts along as Lethal connects with 10 punches in the corner. He pushed Strong to the ground and get a two count. Lethal dropkicks Strong for the apron to the floor and follows it up with a suicide dive. Lethal is standing tall in the ring as the show goes to commercial.

Strong powerslams Lethal for a two count as we come back from commercial. Strong got the advantage during the commercial break when Martini interfered. Lethal fights back, but Strong connects with a beautiful dropkick for a two count. They slug it out in the center of the ring and Strong eventually gets the advantage with a drop toe hold. Strong locks in a submission, but Lethal is able to drive him into the corner. Both men are down after an enziguri by Lethal. They slug it out once again and Lethal gets the advantage after a hip toss and a drop kick. A leg lariat gets a two count for Lethal. Strong gets a two count of his own after a Falcon’s Arrow. Lethal reverses a back suplex attempt and connects with a handspring elbow. Martini gets on the apron and distracts Todd Sinclair. Strong goes to attack Lethal from behind, but Lethal moves and Strong almost hits Martini. Lethal goes to hit Strong, but Strong dodges it and Lethal’s punch connects with Martini. Strong uses this opportunity to roll up Lethal and puts his feet on the ropes, but only manages a two count. They once again slug it out. Strong connects with the double knee gutbuster, and once again Lethal kicks out at two. Martini again distracts Sinclair and Michael Elgin tries to interfere, but it comes back to bite the House of Truth. Lethal rolls Strong up and picks up the victory to advance to the Final Fourway in the March Mayhem tournament.

Winner by pinfall: Jay Lethal’s Thoughts: This was a fantastic match between two of the bet wrestlers on the roster. Lethal and Strong wrestled for nearly 20 minutes and it was entertaining the entire time. There was good action throughout the entire match, and although I don’t usually like interference in matches, I think it helped it in this case. This match is really making me look forward to their match during the Blind Destiny challenge.

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