ROH on SBG: 3/30/13 Report

Kevin Steen starts the show by coming out but before he can talk, Jay Briscoe comes out too. Jay explains to Steen that ROH has been his livelihood for 11 years and if SCUM wants to kill ROH, that means Steen is trying to kill his livelihood. He warns Steen that he will win his world title in New York. As Steen is about to respond, Steve Corino appears from the crowd again. He asks Jay who he think he is to challenge Steen, the greatest champion in ROH history. He insists Jay has always been a bridesmaid, that he will never be the man. Jay ignores him and asks Steen when he became Corino’s bitch? Steen answers he’s proud to be ROH World champion and he will be proud to defeat both Briscoes in singles matches, before leaving.

Corino gets in Jay’s face again, berating him, before finishing with “Isn’t that right Kevin?” He turns around, but Steen is gone. Corino whips back around and Jay has produces a railroad spike. SCUM enters the ring, but Jay waves the spike. Mark, Cedric Alexander, and Caprice Coleman enter the ring and we have our first match.

Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Alexander climbs to the top rope, but Jimmy Rave pushes him off to the floor. Jimmy Jacobs appears and hands powder to Compton, which he hurls in Coleman’s face. Titus delviers a dropkick on Coleman and SCUM has won the first battle.

Jimmy Jacobs def. Mike Mondo

With SCUM still in the ring, Mondo charges the ring and Jacobs takes him on. Jacobs controls the early going, sending Mondo face-first intot he guardrail twice. In the end, Jacobs goes for the contra code, which Mondo counters into a roll up. Jacobs counters into his own roll up and grabs onto the rope to secure the pinfall.

Rhino, Matt Hardy & Steve Corino def. Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin & BJ Whitmer.

Steen has apparently been given the ‘night off’ by SCUM. All of SCUM came out to the ring, handcuffed Lethal & Elgin and attacked BJ. That leaves Corino, Hardy, and Rhino to triple team Whitmer. Hardy nails him with a Rude Awakening and SCUM gloats. BJ fights back, clearing Hardy out before getting Corino alone. Corino is caugh in a corner and begs for mercy. He gets outside the ring, Whitmer turns around, and is met with a nasty gore from Rhino. Hardy delivers the twist of fate and SCUM has completed the sweep.  They leave and Jay Briscoe re-enters the ring. He promises that at Supercard, ROH will kill SCUM. To Steen, he promises “This sling comes off of me and that belt  comes off of you.”

Harry Turner

Harry is the co-owner and web designer of ROHWorld. He founded the website back in February 2011 with Steven. Harry was the host of ROHCast from Episodes #1 - #111.

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