ROH on SBG: 4/13/13 Report

We get a recap of Jay Briscoe defeating Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title in the main event of Supercard of Honor VII.

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and throws to Nigel McGuinness in the ring and he’s surrounded by the ROH roster on the apron. He says honor has been restored and it’s an honor to introduce Jay Briscoe as ROH World Champion. Briscoe says he was always happy to just be a part of the best wrestling company in the world. He says the company started going downhill with Kevin Steen as champion and he had to take matters into his own hands and take the belt away from him. He says he doesn’t plan on losing the belt anytime soon, and Adam Cole gets in the ring. Cole says he wants to be the first to publicly thank and congratulate Briscoe for winning the title. Cole says ROH will always be based on the future of pro wrestling, and Cole is the future. Cole says he’s taking the championship from Briscoe in Toronto. Briscoe says Cole is going to get his ass whooped.

In a prerecorded interview, Bobby Fish says Eddie Edwards needs to do everyone a favor and prepare himself, because he refuses to hold anything back.

Edwards says him and Fish are very familiar with each other, but tonight it’s about what happens in the ring.

Bobby Fish w/ Kyle O’Reilly vs Eddie Edwards w/ Davey Richards

Richards joins Kelly on commentary. They wrestle to a standoff after exchanging holds and strikes. Edwards lays into Fish with some vicious chops and follows it up with a shining wizard for an early pin attempt. The crowd asks for more chops, and Edwards happily obliges. Fish rolls to the outside and the fans hold Fish’s arms back so Edwards can chop him. Fish gains control of the match with a series of kicks as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Fish is still in control with a running knee strike in the corner. Edwards sends Fish to the floor and hits a moonsault from the apron. He hits the backpack stunner and goes for the pin. He rolls it into the Achilles Lock, but Fish fights out of it. Fish responds with a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Fish misses a double stomp and Edwards fights back with a dragon suplex for a near fall. Fish attempts a superplex but Edwards fights him off and hits a double stomp. Fish quickly rolls Edwards up and steals the pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Fish’s Thoughts: As would be expected from a match between Fish and Edwards, this was a very good match and a great way to start the show. These two wrestler’s styles mesh so well and it always makes for a good match. There were some great strike exchanges and some cool spots. This was a great way to kick off the show and continue the feud between the two teams.

Alabama Attitude vs QT Marshall and RD Evans

Evans gets on the mic and says he was asked to find the perfect partner for Marshall and says Evans and Marshall are the perfect tag team.

Marshall and Corey Hollis start the match off for their teams. Hollis dropkicks Marshall, and Evans blind tags himself in. He gets caught with a dropkick to the knees, and Posey hits a springboard leg drop after getting tagged in. Marshall distracts Posey and Evans throws him to the outside. Marshall launches him into the ring post. He tags in Marshall and they hit a backbreaker and neckbreaker combination. Posey escapes and tags in Hollis. He enters the match ans takes out both members of the opposing team. Hollis slams Evans and goes for the pin, and avoids Marshall trying to break it up. Marshall hits the God’s Gift, but Evans is the legal man and gets the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: QT Marshall and RD Evans’s Thoughts: This wasn’t anything special, but it was pretty fun. Marshall and Evans work well together as a dysfunctional tag team where Marshall does the heavy lifting and Evans gets the glory. They could be a good undercard tag team for the company.

Scramble Match for No. 1 Contender for the ROH World TV Title

Mike Mondo vs. Caprice Coleman vs Cedric Alexander vs Mark Briscoe vs BJ Whitmer

Roderick Strong comes to the ring and says McGuinness is handing out title matches to everyone, and he’s confused why he would give an opportunity to someone like Mondo. He says Mondo just doesn’t belong here. Mondo jumps him and security break them up.

Briscoe and Whitmer start the match off. They exchange a series of arm drags and then they tag in Coleman and Alexander. They wrestle to a stalemate after a series of pin attempts. Mondo is legal against Coleman now. Coleman slides to the outside and Whitmer enters the ring and they exchange chops. Whitmer sends Mondo to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Alexander hits a huge dive over the top rope. Coleman hits a springboard splash to the outside. Mondo goes to the top rope and connects with a moonsault to the floor. Coleman hits the series of Northern Lights suplexes on Briscoe for a two count. A fisherman suplex gets a two count for Whitmer. Alexander hits a nice looking dropkick and then connects with a superplex on Mondo. Before Alexander can recover, Briscoe flies in out of nowhere with a Froggy ‘Bow for the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: Mark Briscoe’s Thoughts: This was a short match, as it didn’t even go 10 minutes, but it was fun while it lasted. It was a sprint the entire time and was nothing but action from start to finish. Every wrestler had a chance to shine and everyone looked good in this match. Mark Briscoe winning was the right choice, but Coleman and Alexander continue to be criminally underutilized. This was a fun way to end a very good show.

Jon Shumake

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