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After a couple of weeks of Road Rage footage from “Showdown in the Sun,” Ring of Honor returns with new television this week.

The show opens with footage of the Briscoes defeating Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team at “Showdown in the Sun” and the post-match beat down by Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.
Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness talk about the upcoming episode, which includes Rhino’s Ring of Honor television debut.

Proving Ground
Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman
vs ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay and Mark Briscoe

Mark Briscoe and Cedric Alexander start the match off for their respective teams. Alexander hits a quick headscissors and enziguri for a one count. Mark Briscoe answers with a big boot to give the Briscoe the upper hand in the match. After a few double team moves by the Briscoes, Alexander is able to tag Coleman into the match. He hits a double dropkick and a springboard leg drop. Coleman misses a kick, which allows Jay Briscoe to hit a chokeslam. Mark Briscoe hits an interesting frog elbow drop to further punish Coleman. Coleman is able to avoid a double team move from the Briscoes and tags Alexander in. Alexander connects with a facebuster on Mark Briscoe for a two count. Coleman gets wheelbarrowed into the guardrail. Back in the ring, the Briscoe hit a Razor’s Edge and neckbreaker combination for a two count on Alexander. Alexander fights Jay Briscoe off the top rope to the floor. Haas and Benjamin come to ringside and low blow Jay Briscoe behind the referee’s back. Coleman and Alexander are able to capitalize on the interference and defeat the Briscoes in the Proving Ground match by a big splash by Alexander to earn a future ROH World Tag Team title shot.’s Thoughts: This was a really good match to start the show. Coleman and Alexander have improved so much as a team in recent months and are really exciting to watch. I’m happy they’re going to be getting a title shot, although I don’t expect them to win the titles. I can’t say I’m happy that the Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team feud is still going on, but this was a nice way to further the feud with something different that chair shots every week. Overall, a good match to start the show that elevates a team into title contention.

Veda Scott is backstage with Truth Martini, Prince Nana and RD Evans.  Nana sings “We’re in the Money.” Martini says he has purchased a mercenary to take out everyone in title contention. Rhino says at “Border Wars” Eddie Edwards will die a slow painful death.

Vinny Marseglia vs Rhino w/ Truth Martini

Rhino gets a huge pop from the Baltimore crowd. Martini says it’s a very exciting day for The House of Truth. He says Rhino will plow through all the competition. Rhino mows Marseglia with a clothesline and a belly-to-belly suplex. He hits the Gore (Gore! Gore!) for the quick pinfall.’s Thoughts: Rhino looked absolutely dominant in this match. He was built-up as a big deal before the match, and he delivered during it. I’ve always liked Rhino, and I’m happy Ring of Honor seems to have a role for him. I’m looking forward to seeing him destroy wrestlers with the Gore! Gore! Gore! many more times in the future.

Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette are in the ring, and they introduce Kevin Steen, who is joined by Jimmy Jacobs. Steen is carrying around the Canadian flag. Steen says he wants to talk about Davey Richards. He wants to know where Richards is, which beings the ROH World Champion to the ring, which is carrying an American flag of his own. He says he’s going to bury Steen with his flag in Toronto. Steen says it’s not about flags; it’s about the ROH World Title. Steen says he remembers picking up Richards at an airport in Montreal after Steen was kicked out. Steen says Richards didn’t want Steen around. Richards says no one is holding Steen back other than Steen himself. Richards says they’ll do the match right now, but Cornette gets people to break it up.

Cornette calls Steen an attention whore, and that both Richards and Steen have gotten everything they want. Cornette makes them both sign a waiver saying they can’t sue Ring of Honor if they get injured. Steen asks what could he sue for, Smokey Mountain tapes? Cornette says Steen should’ve read the waiver because in the waiver was a clause saying this is Steen’s only chance at the title.
It’s now time for this week’s Inside ROH. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and the Briscoes will be a Fight Without Honor at “Border Wars,” and it’s the final time the two teams will wrestle for the titles. Lance Storm talks about Mike Bennett. He says Bennett’s attack after their match at “Showdown in the Sun” is something he is going to have to answer for. Jay Lethal says Tommaso Ciampa cost him the ROH World TV Title, so Lethal is going to cost Ciampa his undefeated streak in Toronto. Eddie Edwards says he knows what Rhino is capable of, but it’s going to take Rhino killing him to beat him because he will keep getting right back up.

A recap video plays of how Roderick Strong won the ROH World TV Title at “Showdown in the Sun.”

World TV Title
Adam Cole vs Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini

Cole connects with a neckbreaker after a fast opening sequence that gets a one count. Strong answers with some chops, but Cole responds with an elbow from the second rope. Strong sidesteps a crossbody attempt, and gets a two count out of it. Strong is able to gain the upper hand in the match and is wearing Cole down with a sleeper hold. Cole fights out of it, but Strong buries a knee to the gut of Cole. A side suplex gets another nearfall for the champion. Cole tries to fight back, but is met by a dropkick from Strong. Strong locks in a submission as the show goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Strong hits a sick backbreaker for another two count. Strong chops Cole, but Cole begins to fight back and connects with a clothesline, forearm and dropkick for a two count. Michal Elgin makes his way to ringside. A flying knee gets yet another two count for the challenger. A double knee gutbuster by Strong gets a nearfall, and Strong can’t believe Cole kicked out. Cole escapes from a Gibson Driver attempt, but is met by a jumping knee. Cole answers back with a nice move where he picks Strong up like a suplex, but drops Strong’s head onto his knee. Strong kicks out at the last possible second. Strong rolls to the apron. Cole tries a springboard move, but Strong pushes him off and he lands on Elgin on the floor. Cole hits a suicide dive onto Elgin after Strong kicked out of an O’Connor Roll. Cole hits a crossbody, but Strong kicks out again. Elgin gets on the apron, which allows Truth Martini to interfere and hit him with the “Book of Truth.” Strong capitalizes by hitting a backbreaker to retain his title.

Winner and STILL ROH World TV Champion: Roderick Strong’s Thoughts: This was a very good main event to the show and a perfect first defense for Roderick Strong. Adam Cole looks great by being able to take everything Strong has to offer, and only lost because of the numbers game. This loss doesn’t hurt his momentum at all. Strong looked really good in the match, too. He defeated one of the brightest young stars on the roster and successfully defended his title. It was a really good match, and I would love to see it again with more time given to it.

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