ROH on SBG: 5/11/13 Report

Road Rage made a return this week as we look back at two matches from the ‘Border Wars 2013’ iPPV in Toronto, Canada.

Roderick Strong vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria

This was scheduled to be a triple threat featuring Mike Mondo, but Kevin Kelly informs us that he has suffered a training injury, resulting in the match now being a 1 on 1 contenst. Roderick made Bennett tap to the Stronghold at one point, but Maria distracted the ref. Bennett then capitalized with a box office smash but only got a 2. Shortly after, Cheeseburger appeared and started making out with Maria. This caused a distraction and Strong was able to pick up the win with the Sick Kick.

Winner by pinfall: Roderick Strong’s thoughts: Mondo would’ve made this match better than what it was. Not saying it was a bad match — because it wasn’t — it was just kind of bland and unmemorable. Strong and Bennett didn’t have much of a reason to wrestle each other as both of their conflicts were with Mondo. The action was fine, but it wasn’t anything special.

I Quit Match
BJ Whitmer vs Rhett Titus

Rhett enters through the crowd with Steve Corino, who cuts a promo about the match and how SCUM will beat Lethal/Elgin later tonight. Corino interferes in the match within 30 seconds by grabbing BJ’s foot under the bottom rope. This results in Nigel getting referees to escort Corino away from ringside. Rhett Titus tried to use zip ties to tie BJ to the ropes, but Whitmer was able to counter and tie Rhett to the ropes instead. Rhett refuses to quit so BJ grabs a chair, as he is about to use it on Rhett, Corino appears and sacrifices himself. Rhett then quits to BJ doesn’t hit Corino with the chair. Wow that was weird. SCUM then beat down Whitmer, and our next match begins as Lethal/Elgin make the save.

Winner: BJ Whitmer’s thoughts: This was the most tame I Quit match I’ve ever seen … and also the worst. There was absolutely no intensity and no brutal spots one would expect from a match like this. There was literally nothing exciting about the match. And the ending. While good in theory, it was horribly executed.

Jimmy Jacobs & Cliff Compton vs Michael Elgin & Jay Lethal/Kevin Steen

Match begins straight away after Lethal & Elgin save BJ Whitmer from a SCUM beatdown. Starts with a lot of brawling outside, once in the ring, Elgin holds Jacobs in a delayed suplex for what must’ve been near 45 seconds. Later in the match, Lethal tweaks his knee when landing on the outside, refs and Elgin are checking on him. Corino is demanding SCUM be awarded the victory. Elgin refuses to let the match be thrown out and is now taking on SCUM 2 on 1.

Kevin Steen is here! He’s replaced Lethal and is now helping Elgin take on Jacobs & Compton. Steen goes for a Package Piledriver on Compton, but Jacobs rolls him up from behind and steals the victory. SCUM now has a future ROH World Title shot, and Steve Corino is officially on the commentary team.

Winners by pinfall: Jimmy Jacobs & Cliff Compton’s thoughts: The in-ring action took a backseat to storytelling, but that doesn’t mean the wrestling wasn’t good. There were quite a few very nice wrestling sequences, especially with Elgin showing off his freakish strength. This match was booked to perfection as S.C.U.M. gets what they needed to continue to establish themselves as a threat against ROH, while Steen losing gives the ROH another reason not to trust him. I loved this match.

Steven Coney

"Stuff Pants" Steven is the co-owner and editor of He founded the website in February 2011 with Harry. Last spotted trying to take down ROHCast with his SCUM faction.