ROH on SBG : 5/12/12 Report‏

The show opens with a recap of last week’s main event between Kevin Steen and Kyle O’Reilly, including the aftermath of the match with Davey Richards.

D-Line (Body Snatcher and Black Ice)
vs Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)

The D-Line is pretty over in the Du Burns Arena. Black Ice and Benjamin start the match out for their respective teams. The D-Line had the early advantage, but some underhanded tag team moves by Haas and Benjamin gives Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team control of the match.  Body Snatcher has yet to get tagged into the match. Black Ice fights back and connects with a diving shoulder block from the second rope. Body Snatcher is finally tagged in and he cleans house of Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. Body Snatcher goes for a chokeslam on Haas, but Benjamin makes the save with a superkick to his knee. Haas locks in the Haas of Pain and Body Snatcher taps out.

Winners by Submission: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team’s Thoughts: This was a basic tag match. The D-Line was about as average as average gets, and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team seemed to just be going through the motions. This just seemed like a platform to get airtime for the Reclaim Foundation, which the D-Line is associated with. It wasn’t a horrible match, but it’s not really worth watching.

CHIKARA Trios Match
Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr. and El Hijo del Ice Cream) Ophidian
vs The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Green Ant)

I’m a huge CHIKARA fan, so I’m really excited about this. “The Great and Devious” UltraMantis Black joins McGuinness and Kelly on commentary. El Hijo del Ice Cream and Soldier Ant start the match out. Los Ice Creams and the Colony are tied up in a submission hold, and Ophidian tries for a pin across the Colony. The Colony is in full control of the match. The go for the Ant-apult, but Ophidian blocks it from happening. Fire Ant hits an amazing tornado DDT and Soldier Ant follows it up with a saluting headbutt. They once again go for the Ant-apult, and this time they connect on Los Ice Creams. Ophidian locks in the Ophidian Death Grip on Green Ant, but Soldier Ant breaks it up. They hit the Ant Hill on Ophidian to pick up the pinfall victory.’s Thoughts: This was a good showcase of what CHIKARA has to offer: Fast action, colorful characters and, most importantly, fun wrestling. This wasn’t the best match in the world, but it was a lot of fun. There were some funny moments, and it was great to see some CHIKARA wrestlers get television time on Ring of Honor. I hope the relationship between the two companies continues.

Ricky Reyes vs Jay Lethal

Reyes attacks Lethal while going for the Code of Honor. Reyes hits a ropes-assisted neckbreaker for a two count. Lethal fights back with a series of strikes and gains control after a leg lariat. A handspring back elbow gets a two count for the former World Television Champion. Reyes gets a nearfall on Lethal with a Roll the Dice. Lethal is able to connect with the Lethal Combination, and follows it up with a Lethal Injection for the pinfall victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Jay Lethal’s Thoughts: This was kind of a bland match. I was surprised Reyes got in as much offense as he did, but it didn’t make Lethal look weak at all. Lethal looked good having to come back from an early attack by Reyes to pick up the win, and Reyes looked pretty decent, too. That being said, it wasn’t a particularly exciting match, but it wasn’t bad by any means.

Veda Scott is in the back with Davey Richards. Richards says being a champion isn’t about being a hired gun. He says Rhino is in trouble, and that he can’t Gore him with a broken ankle.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Eddie Edwards says next week, he’s going to come out on top against Mike Bennett. Bennett says Edwards is just jealous of him and Maria. The Young Bucks says next week is the rubber match with the All Night Express, and they will prove why they’re the best tag team. The All Night Express say next week will be the end of it.

Veda Scott is in the locker room with Truth Martini and Rhino. Rhino says Richards is entering a war he can’t win. He says we will rip Richards in half with a Gore! Gore! Gore!

Proving Ground Match
Rhino w/ Truth Martini & Roderick Strong vs ROH World Champion Davey Richards

After a brief feeling out process, Rhino takes Richards down with a shoulder block, but he allows Richards back to his feet. Richards takes Rhino to the mat and locks in a submission, and Rhino slowly makes his way to the ropes. They have another standoff. Richards dropkicks Rhino, sending him to the floor. Richards runs across the apron to kick Rhino in the chest, but Rhino sweeps the leg and sends Richards crashing to the apron. Richards locks in an armbar, but Rhino quickly fights out of it. A huge spinebuster gets a two count for Rhino.

Back from commercial, and Rhino is still in control. Richards fights back and sends Rhino to the floor. Richards is able to hit the running kick from the apron, and then quickly follows it up with a suicide dive. Richards connects with a missile dropkick for a two count. They slug it out in the middle of the ring. Rhino scores with a belly-to-belly suplex for a long two count. Rhino locks in a Boston Crab, but Richards is able to roll it into an ankle lock. Rhino almost reaches the ropes, but Richards pulls him back to the center of the ring. He kicks Richards off him, and catches Richards with a knee to the head. Rhino sets up for the Gore. Richards counters the Gore with a sunset flip and gets the pinfall!

After the match, Roderick Strong, Rhino and Truth Martini beat down Richards until Jay Lethal makes the save. Lethal and Rhino slug it out and Lethal runs him off.

Winner by Pinfall: Davey Richards’s Thoughts: As expected, this was a very good match and a good main event for the show. Richards and Rhino worked well together, and their styles really meshed to make an enjoyable match. There wasn’t any interference from the House of the Truth, which is a nice breath of fresh air, and Richards looked like he barely escaped with the victory by using a sunset flip. It was just a good all-around match.

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