ROH on SBG (5/18/13) Report

The show kicks off with a recap of the tag team match where S.C.U.M. won and Steve Corino earned a place on commentary.

The show kicks off with Corino and Jimmy Jacobs making their way to the ring. Corino says the era of S.C.U.M. has begun. He says one of his men will get a shot at the ROH World Title and he will be the last ROH World Champion. He then joins Kevin Kelly on commentary.

Jay Lethal is still limping from the knee injury he suffered at “Border Wars.” He says it was a mistake allowing Kevin Steen to enter the match at “Border Wars” since no one knows where his loyalty lies.

Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs pulls Lethal to the outside and focuses on the knee. Lethal immediately turns the tables and beats up Jacobs around ringside. Lethal continues the assault in the ring and gets a two count. Jacobs fights back by once again targeting the injured knee. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Jacobs cuts him off and ties Lethal’s knee in the ropes as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Jacobs is still in control by working over Lethal’s knee. Lethal rolls Jacobs up when he tries for a figure four. Lethal connects with an enziguri, which puts both men down. Lethal tries for a superkick but his knee gives out on him.  He answers back with the Lethal Combination and once again goes for the Lethal Injection, but his knee gives out again. Jacobs hits a second rope ace crusher and sliced bread No. 2 to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Jimmy Jacobs’s Thoughts: This started off slow, but it got a lot better by the end. The match told a good story and it was good to see the injury being built up and sold throughout the match, although Lethal did a few  things he should’ve known wouldn’t work. And it’s always great to see Jacobs pick up a much-needed win.

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and says Jay Briscoe proved he was no paper champion and Adam Cole is championship material, which gives him a rematch. He lists other wrestlers who are ahead of Cole in the pecking order, including Michael Elgin.He says Elgin wants to redeem his loss against Karl Anderson and rid ROH of S.C.U.M. before he gets his title shot, which opens up some spots. Two of the spots are for the American Wolves. McGuinness is about to announce the title contender for “Best in the World 2013” when Jay Briscoe cuts him off. Jay says McGuinness lined up a lot of tough opponents and there isn’t a man in the company who can beat him. His younger brother Mark makes his way to the ring. Mark says Jay needs to make himself humble. Mark says his first match in the company was him whooping Jay’s ass. Jay says they can bring the whole family to Baltimore and all McGuinness has to do is make the match for “Best in the World.” McGuinness says he’ll think about it.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton

They immediately start brawling when Coleman and Alexander hit the ring. Coleman apparently injured his shoulder at the iPPV. On the outside, Coleman hits a 619-type move around the ring post and Alexander follows it up with a huge dive over the top. Coleman and  Alexander continues to control the match over Titus. Compton illegally enters the ring and throws Coleman shoulder-first into the ring post. Officials come to the ring and check on Coleman. That gives S.C.U.M. the opportunity to gain the advantage over Alexander. As Coleman is getting helped to the back, S.C.U.M. drag him to the ring and once again throw him into the ring post. Alexander tries suplexing Titus to the floor, but Compton stops it and continues to press S.C.U.M.’s advantage. Alexander makes it an even playing field with a facebuster, and Coleman slowly makes his way to the ring to get the tag from Alexander. Coleman using his speed and good arm to take out Titus. The match breaks down as Compton throws Alexander into the barricade, and then snaps Coleman’s arm over the top. This allos Titus to hit a brainbuster-type move to pick up the pinfall.

Winners by Pinfall: Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus’s Thoughts: This was another solid match that allowed S.C.U.M. to win without damaging their opponents. Coleman and Alexander looked good as always and I get more and more convinced Alexander will be a star every time I see him. This is the first time I’ve really been impressed by Compton and Titus looked pretty good, too. Overall, it was a good match to continue the storyline and give S.C.U.M. bragging rights.

Adam Cole vs Kevin Steen

Steen using his power to overtake Cole and punish him with chops. Cole sends Steen to the outside and tries to hit a slingshot dive, but Steen moves out of the way. They brawl around ringside and Steen powerbombs Cole on the apron several times. Steen starts exchanging words with Corino, which Cole takes advantage of to gain control of the match as the show goes to break.

Back from the commercial and Cole continues to focus his attack on Steen’s leg. Steen begins to fire back and they exchange forearms before Steen hits the popup powerbomb. A clothesline gets a two count for Steen. Cole cuts off a cannonball attempt and connects with a German Suplex and a shining wizard for a two count. Steen seys up the package piledriver but his knee gives out. Cole locks on the sharpshooter while Corino wants Todd Sinclair to call for the bell, but Steen reaches the ropes. Steen blocks a superkick and hits one of his own before connecting with the F-Cinq. Compton interferes as Steen locks in the sharpshooter. Sinclair is distracted by Compton, which allows Jacobs to hit Steen will a roll of coins. Cole takes advantage by hitting a superkick and the Florida Key to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Adam Cole’s Thoughts: This was another good match to cap off what was an entertaining show. I really like the slow burn of Cole’s heel turn, although it wouldn’t make much sense if he joined S.C.U.M. He and Steen work really well together and it made for a nice main event. I would love to see them get more time and flesh out the match more, but this was a great appetizer to what they could ultimately do. Corino was great on commentary all night, and this match was no exception. All in all it was just a very good hour of wrestling.

Jon Shumake

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