ROH on SBG : 5/26/12 Report

Ring of Honor television this week is a special episode. It’s a Road Rage edition, and will contain the main event of “Border Wars” where Davey Richards defended the ROH World Title against Kevin Steen.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, and they’re in the ring at “Border Wars.” They take us to some sights and sounds of the show. We get to see some highlights of the crowd before and during the show. They quickly recap each of the undercard matches on the show.

We get a more in-depth recap of the Fight Without Honor between the Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team for the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

We get a recap of the weeks building up to the match between Richards and Steen.
McGuinness is standing by with Eddie Edwards for an interview.  Edwards says Richards is the strongest with his back against the wall. He says Steen winning the title would be bad for everybody and he’s rooting for Richards.

Davey Richards says after all the battles it all comes down to this match. They may be in Canada, but they’re in Richards’ ring.

Kevin Steen says he chose to be a pro wrestler on his own terms, and that it’s irked some people along the way. The person it’s bothered the most is Jim Cornette. After this match, they’re going to have to call him ROH World Champion.

ROH World Championship
Davey Richards (c) vs Kevin Steen

Steen immediately goes for the Package Piledriver, which was legal for this match, but Richards fights out of it. Richards dumps Steen to the floor, and hits a suicide div. There are a lot of censored remarks and hand gestures from the fans. Steen hits an elevated DDT as Richards tries to enter the ring. They brawl around the outside for a few minutes, and Steen crotches Richards on the ring post a couple of times as the show goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Richards is in control of the match. Richards locks on the trailer hitch, but Steen reaches the ropes. An enziguri sends Steen to the outside, Richards tries to run across the apron and kick Steen, but connects with Jacobs instead. Steen responds with a powerbomb onto the corner of the ring frame. When Steen reaches his feet, he once again powerbombs Richards onto the ring frame and rolls Richards back in the ring. Steen gets a two count after hitting the cannon ball.Steen climbs to the top, but is stopped by Richards. They exchange headbutts on the top rope until Steen bites Richards. Steen goes for a Senton Bomb, but Richards gets his knees up. Richards hits a German Suplex, but Steen pops right back up. Richards answers with a lariat that gets a two count. The two exchange strikes and they both are down as referee Todd Sinclair begins the count. They exchange forearms in the middle of the ring, and Steen hits a sick neck breaker type maneuver that gets a two count. Steen once again goes for the Package Piledriver, but is once again unable to hit it. Steen hits a powerbomb, and then rolls it over into a Sharpshooter, but Richards reaches the ropes as the show once again goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Richards hits a dragon screw leg whip across the second rope on Steen’s bad knee. He ties Steen’s leg in the ropes and hits a doubles stomp from the top rope. He follows it up with another double stomp and goes for a pin. He locks in an ankle lock after Steen kicks out, but Steen fight out of it. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver and F5, but Richards counters in the DR Driver, and Steen finds a way to kick out. Steen spits in the face of Richards and they slap each other back and forth, and Steen hits the F5, but Richards kicks out. Steen connects with a moonsault, but was unable to make the immediate pin due to his injured knee.

Steen is once again unable to hit the Package Piledriver due to his bad knee. Richards connects with a series of kicks to the head, but Steen catches one and locks Richards into the ankle lock. Richards rolls through it and locks Steen into the ankle lock. Steen rolls that into a Sharpshooter, but Richards is able to reverse it into an ankle lock. Steen pulls himself up the turnbuckles with the ankle lock still applied. Richards pulls him away from the turnbuckles, which causes Steen to pull the cover off the middle turnbuckle. Steen rolls through the ankle lock and sends Richards head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Steen hits a sleeper suplex, and follows it up with the Package Piledriver. Steen makes the pin and becomes the NEW ROH World Champion.

Cary Silkin refuses to award Steen with the belt, which is something he has done with former new champions. Steve Corino enters the ring and Steen, Jacobs and Corino embrace.

Winner by Pinfall and NEW ROH World Champion: Kevin Steen

Kevin Kelly is backstage and is refused an interview with Richards by a member of the ROH staff.
He does get an interview with Steen, however. Steen says the ROH World Title is what it’s all about and that he is taking the company hostage.’s Thoughts: Even on second viewing, this was an awesome match. The episode did a good job building up the hype for the title match throughout the first half of the show, and the little interviews at the end of the show were a nice touch, too. It was cool to hear different wrestlers perspectives on the matches, which is something we didn’t get on the show. The match itself was amazing. It told a great story and was perfect for what it was trying to accomplish. It’s not going to top any Match of the Year lists, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great match and a historic moment for Ring of Honor. If you haven’t seen the “Border Wars” main event yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.  

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