ROH on SBG: 6/1/13 Report

Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the show and hypes up the triple threat matches we’ll see on this episode.

QT Marshall and RD Evans vs TaDarius Thomas and ACH vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

The winners will receive an ROH World Tag Team Title match at “Best in the World 2013.” Coleman hits a slingshot splash on Thomas, but Marshall meets him with a clothesline. Marshall sends Coleman to the outside and goes for a dive, but is met by a boot from ACH. Alexander takes advantage of the opening with a huge dive onto Evans. Thomas hits a handspring dive over the top as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and ACH is hitting a flurry of high-speed offense. ACH kills Evans with a series of kicks before going for the pin, but it’s broken up and all six men are down. ACH sends Evans to the floor and Thomas back drops Marshall to the outside. ACH hits a huge Air Jordan onto them as the crowd goes wild. C&C hit the Overtime on Thomas to pick up the pinfall.

Winners by Pinfall: Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander’s Thoughts: This match didn’t have much in the way of psychology or story-telling, but it didn’t need to. It was a fun 10 minute spot fast that was full of fast-paced and fun action. Every wrestler looked good, including Marshall, and it made for a very entertaining match.

Mark Briscoe says he will become ROH World Champion at “Best in the World 2013,” but he and Jay will take on the American Wolves next week. Jay says they’ll kick the Wolves ass next week.

We see the closing minutes of Paul London’s match against Davey Richards at “Border Wars,” including the sick double stomp on the apron that gave London a concussion. The shooting star press at the end was so much more terrifying watching it the second time knowing that he had a concussion.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Mark Briscoe says he’s been picked on by his older brother for 28 years now, but he’s now big enough to fight back and be the man. Jay says he’s proud of his little brother. Jay says Mark had to beat some sense into growing up and make his little brother into the man that he is today. Jay says he’ll have to do it again at “Best in the World.”

Nigel McGuinness calls Michael Elgin and Paul London to the ring. McGuinness says London proved he can still hang with the best in the company and that London still has it. McGuinness says London’s match against Elgin won’t happen until London is healthy again. McGuinness gives London the mic, but Evans and Marshall come to the ring before he can say anything. Evans takes the mic from London and says all anyone cares about is the injustice in the tag team division. He talks about reDRagon not being able to make it to “Border Wars” and says he and Marshall should be awarded the tag titles. Evans tells London it’s time for him to step away and then eats a backfist from Elgin. Marshall tries escaping but Tommaso Ciampa cuts him off and destroys him with an Air Raid Siren on the ramp. Ciampa then hits the ring and hits the Project Ciampa on Evans. Elgin tries to leave but Ciampa stops him. They have a stare down and referees separate them before any punches can be thrown.

The American Wolves say they have yet to beat the Briscoes, but that all changes next week.

BJ Whitmer vs Mike Bennett w/ Maria vs Jay Lethal

The winner of this match earns an ROH World Television Title match at “Best in the World 2013.” Maria joins Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on commentary. Lethal connects with the hip toss and drop kick on Whitmer. A leg lariat gets a two count for Lethal. Truth Martini makes his way to ringside. Bennett hits a spinebuster on Lethal and then flapjacks Whitmer on top of him. Whitmer unloads a series of chops on Bennett in the corner and hits a running knee strike to both Lethal and Bennett. Lethal’s knee buckles and Bennett drop kicks him to the outside. Whitmer gets distracted by Corino and Bennett hits a superkick as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Lethal gains control of the match with a springboard attack on Whitmer and a handspring elbow on Bennett. He hits the Lethal Combination on Bennett, but Whitmer breaks up the pin attempt. Whitmer blocks the Lethal Injection and hits a nice combination. Bennett hits the Box Office Smash on Whitmer but Whitmer kicks out. Lethal connects with an Ace Crusher out of nowhere on Bennett and goes for the Hail to the King, but Whitmer cuts him off. Whitmer hits an exploder suplex on Bennett and goes for the pin but Lethal breaks it up with the Hail to the King. A springboard dropkick sends Bennett to the outside. Lethal counters out of an exploder suplex attempt and hits the Lethal Injection to pick up the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: Jay Lethal

Bennett attacks Whitmer after the match.’s Thoughts: While the in-ring action was ok, the commentary was amazing. Steve Corino was fantastic interacting with Maria while cheering against Lethal. The match itself wasn’t anything special, but it was a decent enough way to end the show.



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