ROH on SBG : 6/2/12 Report‏

This week’s ROH TV opens with a recap of the title match between Kevin Steen and Davey Richards from “Border Wars” where Steen became the new ROH World Champion.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show, and say that we’ll hear from Steen tonight. Jim Cornette will also make his decision on who will challenge Steen for the title.

Adam Cole says he won’t let Mike Mondo ruin his rise to the top. Mondo says he’s going to smash Cole’s face in.

Mike Mondo vs Adam Cole

Kyle O’Reilly joins the commentary team for this match. Cole hits a dropkick that sends Mondo to the floor. Mondo throws Cole back into the ring, but Cole dropkicks him back to the floor before hitting with a suicide dive. Mondo gets on the attack before Cole can get back into the ring and hits a neckbreaker that gets a two count. Mondo wedges Cole’s arms through the turnbuckle and stomps him in the corner. I have never seen anything like that before. He then ties Cole’s leg in the apron and chokes Cole. Another neckbreaker gets a two count for Mondo. Mondo drives Cole’s head repeatedly into the mat with Cole’s head between his legs. Cole is able to connect with a boot as Mondo tries an elbow drop. Cole beats Mondo down into the corner. He dropkicks Mondo to the knee, and then connects with a flying knee to send Mondo the apron. On the outside, Mondo rushes toward Cole, but Cole is able to jump over him and Mondo crashes into the barricade. Cole rolls him back into the ring and hits the crossbody, but Mondo kicks out. Cole misses an enziguri, and Mondo stomps the back of his head. Cole reverses a double armed DDT attempt into a backslide to pick up the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: Adam Cole’s Thoughts: This was a very good match and a great way to start the show. I start to like Mondo more every time I see him, and Kevin Kelly describes it perfectly when he says Mondo never has the same match twice. He always integrates something new into each match, and I thought putting Cole’s arm through the turnbuckle pad was brilliant. Cole was great as he usually is. This was a good win for him to further his push up the card as Mondo has looked impressive on TV as of late. O’Reilly was pretty decent on commentary, too. Overall, this all worked very well.

Nick Westgate vs Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy

Ciampa is still sporting the beard, which just doesn’t work for him. This is Ciampa’s first appearance after his losing streak came to an end at “Border Wars” to Jay Lethal. Ciampa immediately starts beating down Westgate. Ciampa connects with an alarm clock, except instead of a kick he hits a knee. He jumps on Westgate and continues kneeing him and the referee calls for the bell. Ciampa refuses to give up and continues with the attack as the show goes to commercial.

Winner by Referee Stoppage: Tommaso Ciampa’s Thoughts: This was nothing more than a squash to keep Ciampa looking strong following his loss at “Border Wars.” It did a good job of getting over his new psychotic character where he’s obsessed with injuring his opponents. The alarm clock knee was pretty cool, too.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Charlie Haas says he wiped the sweat off Mark Briscoe at “Border Wars” so he could choke him out. Shelton Benjamin says the All Night Express has always been a lame team. Jay Lethal says it took two people to cause him to lose his ROH TV Title, and those people are Roderick Strong and Tommaso Ciampa. He already took care of Ciampa, and now he is coming for Strong. Finlay says he’s going to test who Michael Elgin really is, and Finlay’s not sure if Elgin can pass. Eddie Edwards is on the Die Hard Trials series, where he challenges as series of former champions to stay in title contention. He will face Davey Richards next week on ROH TV, and then Homicide at “Best in the World: Hostage Crisis.”

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander
vs The All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King)

Alexander and King start the match off their respective teams. King gets the advantage after a series of arm drags. King and Alexander mirror each other with a series of kick attempts that ends with a standoff. Titus and Coleman get tagged in. Coleman hits a dropkick that sends Titus to the floor. Coleman hits a sort of springboard moonsault on Titus. Alexander follows it off with a tope suicida on both members of ANX. Coleman hits a huge crossbody on Titus, but gets a two count. Coleman goes for a suicide dive onto Titus, but King cuts him off with a knee that gives the All Night Express the advantage. King locks in a submission as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break, and the All Night Express is still in control. Coleman is able to fight back by holding onto Kings head and kick Titus, and uses the momentum from the kick to DDT King. He tags in Alexander who cleans house. King hits a spinebuster on Alexander. Coleman takes King out with a kick to the back of the head. A lariat by Titus takes Coleman out, and Titus is the only man standing. He tries for a neckbreaker of Alexander but he reverses out of it. The All Night Express hit double kicks on their opponents. The All Night Express goes for the One Night Stand, but Alexander kicks King off the top rope. Alexander misses a splash off the top, and King connects with the shotgun knees against Coleman. The All Night Express hit the One Night Stand on Alexander to pick up the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The All Night Express’s Thoughts: This was a very fun match. It really helped build King and Titus to show them as title contenders, and Coleman and Alexander are always fun to watch. This was just a really good match that featured really nice action from start to finish.

Kevin Kelly introduces the new ROH World Champion Kevin Steen, who is accompanied to the ring by Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino. Corino tells Kevin Kelly to step aside and announces Steen as the new ROH World Champion. Steen says he’s been saying this was going to happen for six months, and now he gets to show the world he is a man of his words. Corino says Steen convinced him that evil is the only way to go. Steen says he isn’t going to waste his time training Jiu Jitsu.

Steen says he’s going to attend the affiliate’s dinner and he’s going to tell them all about ROH and Jim Cornette. Cornette hits the ring and tells Steen he won’t be champion for the affiliate’s dinner. Cornette says Corino is no longer announcer on DVDs. Cornette says he’s going to find someone to take the title off Steen. He says everyone in the locker room wants a piece of Steen at “Best in the World.”

Before he can make the announcement on who will face Steen, Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly make their way to the ring. Richards tells Cornette to shut up and that he’s not a part of Camp Cornette. He says the old Davey is back, and that he’s going to tell it how it is. He says in Toronto, Steen was better than him. Richards says ROH is about the best two wrestlers in the world fighting for the title, and he and Steen are the best two in the world. Cornette makes the match at “Best in the World” between Richards and Steen, and it’s Richards’ only chance. Richards says there’s a brand new wolf and he’s bloodthirsty. Richards tells him he’s Steen’s worst nightmare, and that nightmare begins in New York City.

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