ROH on SBG : 6/23/12 Report‏

The show opens up with a recap of last week’s match that featured Mike Bennett defeating Adam Page, and the aftermath of the match where Bennett made the match between Brutal Bob and Eddie Edwards.

Brutal Bob Evans w/ Mike Bennett and Maria vs Eddie Edwards

This has to be the toughest challenge Edwards has faced thus far in his Die Hard Challenge Series. Bob immediately tries to attack Edwards, but Edwards quickly gains the advantage of the floor. A quick distraction by Bennett allows Bob to blindside Edwards to gain control. Bob counters a sunset flip into a crossface variation, but Edwards is able to fight out of it. Edwards hits a hurricarana and follows it up with a missile dropkick that gets a two count. Edwards almost botches a moonsault from the apron to the floor, but catches just enough of Bob for it to count. Edwards gets a backslide on Bob to pick up the pinfall victory.

Bennett rushes into the ring and he and Bob attack Edwards. Homicide makes his return to Ring of Honor and takes out Bob and Bennett. He helps Edwards back to his feet. He offers a handshake, but catches Edwards off guard and hits him with the Gringo Killa. That move always makes me cringe.’s Thoughts: This was better than any right it had to be. I’m not saying it was good, but it was definitely better than I expected it to be. The only complaint I have is that Edwards had to resort to a backslide to beat Brutal Bob. Bob is someone Edwards should be able to beat with his finisher as I feel a roll-up type victory makes it look like a fluke. Even with that odd ending, it was good enough to keep my interest and progress the Edwards and Bennett feud. Since I’m watching this after “Best in the World,” I’m happy Homicide is back.

We now get a video package recapping the history between the House of Truth and the Embassy LTD., and how it has led to the Three Way World TV Title match at “Best in the World 2012” featuring champion Roderick Strong, Tommaso Ciampa and Jay Lethal.

Chris Silvio vs Jay Lethal

Silvio tries to jump over as Lethal rushes at him, but Lethal catches him in a reverse atomic drop. A dropkick sends Silvio from the apron to the floor. Prince Nana and RD Evans make their way to ringside. Silvio sends Lethal headfirst into the ring post. Truth Martini also makes his way to ringside, and puts him arm around Nana. Silvio connects with a leg drop from the top, and it gets a two count. Lethal makes his comeback as Tommaso Ciampa joins the managers at ringside and argues with them. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection out of nowhere to pick up the win.
Ciampa shoves Martini, and Roderick Strong comes down. Strong, Ciampa and Lethal brawl as everyone tries to break them up.

Winner by Pinfall: Jay Lethal’s Thoughts: This match was nothing special. It was nothing more than to showcase Lethal heading into the iPPV, and to continue to build the tension between the two factions. I guess it did its job, but it’s tough to say by watching this after I watched the iPPV.
It’s now time for Inside ROH. Truth Martini talks about the Guardians of Truth. The Briscoes say they don’t care who the Guardians of Truth are, because they’re going to whoop their asses. Jim Cornette says the piledriver is legal for the main event. He says he’s going to find someone who can take the title off Steen. Steen says he wishes he could defend the belt more often. Steen says the end result in New York will be the same as the one from “Border Wars.”

Veda Scott is backstage with Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly. Richards says he’s sick of O’Reilly running his mouth. He tells O’Reilly to stand up and fight.

Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs vs Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly

Steve Corino joins Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly on commentary. The two teams start brawling during Bobby Cruise’s ring introductions after he announces Steen as the new Ring of Honor World Champion. The teams fight around the ringside area. Steen looks like he’s about to attempt the Package Piledriver to O’Reilly on the floor, but Richards runs across the apron and kicks him. Richards hits a double stomp from the top, and transitions from a pin attempt to an ankle lock. Back on the outside, Steen hits a popup powerbomb onto O’Reilly onto the corner of the ring frame as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break, and the two teams are still fighting on the floor. Back in the ring, Jacobs and Steen isolate O’Reilly and focus their attack on him. Richards makes his way into the ring, and takes out Jacobs and Steen with a series of forearms and kicks in the corner. Richards goes for the pin and then locks in an ankle lock, despite never getting tagged in. Jacobs locks in the End Time, but O’Reilly breaks it up. Steen dives over the top onto all three of the others who were fighting on the outside. Richards hits an exploder suplex on the apron on Steen. Steen kicks the ropes into the groin of Richards. Jacobs once again locks in the End Time, this time on O’Reilly, as Richards and Steen struggle on the apron. O’Reilly wildly runs to the ropes while still in the hold, and sends Steen and Richards crashing to the floor. Jacobs DDTs O’Reilly from the apron through the table and the referee calls for the bell, and rules it a No Contest.

Richards and Steen continue to brawl.

No Decision’s Thoughts: This was a fun match despite the tag rules not really being enforced well at all. This was the type of match you want to see heading into an iPPV as the hatred between Steen and Richards was very evident. It was a nice way to end the show, and a great way to build up to the title match at the iPPV. I just wish they would’ve aired this a week earlier.

Jon Shumake

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