ROH on SBG : 6/30/12 Report‏

This week is a special Road Rage edition of Ring of Honor television. It was taped at the Charleston, WV show from several weeks ago. Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette hype the Texas Death Match main event.

Veda Scott is backstage with Mike Mondo, who is facing Davey Richards. Mondo says he doesn’t fear Richards, but he does respect him.

Mike Mondo vs Davey Richards

Mondo and Richards go through a feeling out process in the early minutes of the match as this is the first time they’ve wrestled each other. Neither man can get an advantage in the match after numerous submission and pin attempts. Mondo falls to the outside, and Richards runs along the apron and kicks him which turns Mondo inside out. Mondo evades a double stomp attempt, and spears Richards out of the ring and into the barricade as the show goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Mondo is still in control. With less than three minutes remaining in the time limit, Richards hits a double stomp and both men are down. They slug it out with two minutes remaining in the time limit. A dropkick by Richards sends Mondo to the floor, and Richards hits a suicide dive. Richards connects with a dropkick with less than a minute remaining in the time limit. Richards hits a bridging German suplex, but Mondo is able to kick out, He locks in the ankle lock, but the time limit expired before he tapped.

Time Limit Draw’s Thoughts: This was obviously going to be a time limit draw from the start. They went through a really long feeling out process, and it was obvious they were going to take up as much time as possible. It wasn’t a horrible match or anything, but it never was anything particularly exciting. But this should go a long ways in pushing Mondo up the card. A draw with a former champion is a huge deal.

During intermission, we get to see the closing moments of the Four Corner Survival Proving Ground match that featured Adam Cole earning a ROH World TV match by beating BJ Whitmer, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong.

Texas Death Match
Charlie Haas vs Jay Briscoe

Haas attacks Briscoe during the pre-match introductions, but Briscoe gets an immediate pinfall as the show goes to commercial.

Haas and Briscoe are brawling around the outside of the ring as we come back from commercial. Briscoe rings Haas’ bell with the ring bell. Haas backdrops Briscoe onto the top of the guardrail, which is enough from him to get a pinfall. Briscoe is able to reach his feet before the 10 count. Haas gets another pinfall, and once again Briscoe makes it back to his feet. Haas has dominated the match thus far. Haas plants Briscoe face-first into a chair at ringside as we go to another commercial break.

Back from the break, and Briscoe gets backdropped onto the concrete floor. Briscoe kicks a chair into Haas’ face and both men are down. They finally make it back to their feet and slug it out in the middle of the ring. Haas hits to Olympic Slam, but referee Paul Turner gets hit during the move and he’s knocked out. Companies need to find tougher referees. Haas tries to slide a table in the ring, but Brscoe dropkicks it and that sends Haas into the barricade. Briscoe unloads with a chair shot to Haas’ back, and then he goes to the back. Briscoe returns with a cooler full of weapons and beer. Briscoe set ups the table in the ring. He places Haas on the table, and then hits a double stomp on him through the table. Briscoe goes for the pin, but Paul Turner is still knocked out.

Briscoe sets up a piece of picket fencing between two chairs. He hits a Death Valley Driver through the table. Paul Turner was starting to recover, and Haas kicks him in the head. Haas hits a low blow and grabs a kendo stick. He wallops Briscoe over the head with it. Haas grabs a rag and a bottle of ether. Briscoe ducks the ether attempt, and hits Haas with a kendo stick. Briscoe throws the rag into the crowd, and hits Haas with the can, and that’s enough to pick up the pinfall. Haas is unable to make It back to his feet during the 10 count following the 30 second rest period, meaning Briscoe has won!

Winner: Jay Briscoe’s Thoughts: This was a good little match to blow off the feud between Jay Briscoe and Charlie Haas. It wasn’t the most violent match ever, but there was some good intensity that really helped the match. The ending played into the story pretty well, and I think as a whole the match worked quite nicely. It wasn’t an incredible match, and dragged a little during the middle, but overall it was a fun match and a good conclusion to a feud that went about six months too long.

Jon Shumake

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