ROH on SBG : 6/9/12 Report‏

The show opens with a recap of last week’s segment that involved Kevin Steen, Jim Cornette and Davey Richards where it was announced Richards will his title match at “Best in the World: Hostage Crisis.”

Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini vs Matt Taven

Martini joins Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness on commentary. Taven is able to use his speed to his advantage and hits a springboard dropkick. Elgin quickly recovers, and pulls Taven off the apron and hits a superplex. That was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Elgin catches Taven when he goes for a hurricarana, and then hits a backdrop. Elgin locks on a chin lock, but Taven is able to counter out of it. Taven almost gets a three count by rolling Elgin up, but Elgin is able to kick out. Taven connects with a springboard enziguri, and follows it up and a spinning kick for a two count. Elgin rolls through a sunset flip and turns it into a bucklebomb. He follows it up with a spinning powerbomb to pickup the pinfall victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Michael Elgin’s Thoughts: That was a pretty good match. Anytime Elgin gets to show off his freakish strength in innovative ways is fun to watch, and Taven has looked good in all his ROH TV showings. I hope they continue to use him as someone who mostly loses, but still puts on competitive matches. This was a good win for Elgin and continues his hot streak.

Veda Scott is backstage with Eddie Edwards. He says he needs to beat Davey Richards tonight to get his shot at the title.

Kelly and McGuinness talk about the Fight Without Honor from “Border Wars.” They show a recap of the match. It’s not going to get any better no matter how many times they show it.

Kevin Kelly introduces Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team for an interview. Kelly asks them if they’re proud of what they did. Haas says he’s not going to toot his own horns, but then toots them quite a few times. He says they put greatness into tag team wrestling when they captured the ROH World Tag Team Champions. Benjamin says if any team steps in the ring with them, they are getting in the ring at their own risk. He asks what All Night Express has done to deserve a title shot. The All Night Express make their way to the ring. Kenny King says at “Best in the World” they’re going to turn Haas and Benjamin into old news. Rhett Titus says they’re looking at the next ROH World Tag Team Champions. Benjamin says what they’re looking at is just another team that wishes they were Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. The All Night Express beat down Haas and Benjamin, and King counts a three count when Titus pins Benjamin.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Jay Briscoe talks about his Texas Deathmatch against Charlie Haas June 15 in Charleston, WV. Roderick Strong asks Truth Martini about having to face Tommaso Ciampa next week. Prince Nana says he’s going to tell the truth about what’s going on, but RD Evans cuts him off. Evans says Ciampa’s demands changed the plans of the Embassy. Jay Lethal says at “Best in the World,” he’s going to be the last one standing. Kyle O’Reilly says he’s already proven who the better man is, and this match is about embarrassing Adam Cole. Cole says this is a professional wrestling match, and the result will be no different when Cole shows O’Reilly how good of a professional wrestler he is.

Steve Corino is with Kelly and McGuinness on commentary.

Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards

After a feeling out process that involves both going for a kick at the same time, it results in a standoff. Edwards sends Richards crashing into the barricade. Edwards chops Richards around the outside of the ring. Edwards tries the backpack chinbreaker, but Richards counters it into an armbar. They crawl the to the apron, and they exchange chops and kicks before Richards wrings Edwards’ arm and sends him crashing into the mat as the show goes to commercial.

Richards is still in control on the outside as the show comes back from break. Richards is continuing to target the left arm and shoulder of Edwards that was sent into the ring frame earlier. Edwards catches Richards on a handspring kick, and flips him over in a suplex. Edwards sends Richards to the outside, and connects with a suicide dive. Edwards rolls Richards into the ring and goes up top, and hits a missile dropkick. He makes a pin and gets a two count. A dragon suplex gets a two count for Edwards. Edwards tries to go to the top rope again, but Richards cuts him off.
Richards hits a series of headbutts before hitting a superplex. He rolls through it and floats over into the arm bar. Edwards reverses it into the Achilles lock. Richards rolls through into an ankle lock. After a couple of kick attempts, Richards locks in another arm bar. They go through a number of pinfall reversals, but they never get the three count. They exchange strikes and Richards clotheslines Edwards, and both men are down. Edwards once again goes back to the top, and is once again stopped by Richards. Edwards plants Edwards off his shoulders into the mat. He misses a double stomp, and Richards locks in an ankle lock. Jimmy Jacobs comes to ringside, and distracts Richards. This gives Edwards the chance to rollup Richards to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Eddie Edwards’s Thoughts: If you’ve seen one match between these two, you’ve seen them all. You know what you’re going to get from these two, so if it’s something you like, then you’ll like this match. If it’s not, then you won’t. I’m sick of seeing Richards and Edwards wrestle each other, and was not looking forward to this at all. It was exactly what I expected it to be, and it was a whole lot more bearable since it didn’t go over 30 minutes. I do, however, like the new edge that Richards is showing. It reminds me of the Richards I became a fan of a few years ago. So if you’re a fan of the style of Richards and Edwards, then you’ll like this match. If not, then stay away.

Jon Shumake

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