ROH on SBG: 7/20/13 Report

The show opens with SCUM riding in a limousine and Steve Corino talks about Matt Hardy challenging for the ROH World Title.

Will Ferrera vs Adam Cole

Before the match can get underway, Roderick Strong gets in the ring with a mic. He says Cole isn’t as honorable as he says he is. Strong says he’s disappointed in him. Cole says he apologizes if he wasn’t honorable at “Best in the World.” He tells Ferrera that the match can’t happen because Baltimore wants to see a rematch.

Roderick Strong vs Adam Cole

Strong is able to fight off a suplex attempt and them unloads a series of chops on Cole. Cole fights back with a neckbreaker across his knees. The show goes to commercial with Strong in a headlock.

Back from the break and Cole is still in control with a snap suplex. Strong responds with a dropkick that puts both men down. Strong unleashes a series of moves and a bulldog gets a two count for Strong. He hits a backbreaker and Olympic Slam combination for another near fall. Cole fights back as the action spills to the floor and he connects with a German suplex into the ring frame. Back in the ring, Cole locks in a figure four. Strong answers back with a superplex for a two count. Strong tries for the Strong Hold, but Cole kicks him off into the referee. They exchange forearms and Cole hits a superkick to put both men in. Corino gets off commentary and throws a chain in the ring. Cole wraps it around his fist and knocks Strong out with it, but the ref sees it and disqualifies him.

Winner by DQ: Roderick Strong’s Thoughts: As expected, a match between Strong and Cole was nothing short of a very good match. When two wrestlers as talented as they are square off, it’s impossible to have a bad match. The action was good up until the screwy end, which I would normally have an issue with, but I thought it worked here. It continued to tease a Cole heel turn and possible collusion with Corino. I thought this worked well as a match and a segment. 

The limousine from earlier pulls up to the arena with fans outside booing SCUM and Matt Hardy.

ROH World Title

ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe defends vs Matt Hardy w/ Steve Corino

Hardy immediately tries to target Briscoe’s injured shoulder, but the champion is able to escape. Hardy throws Briscoe shoulder-first into the steel post several times to gain control of the match. Briscoe tries for a Death Valley Driver but his shoulder gives out, which allows Hardy to connect with a Twist of Fate for a two count.

Briscoe fights back with a superkick for a near fall. Corino sweeps Briscoe’s leg, which allows Hardy to hit another Twist of Fate, but Briscoe kicks out again. The action spills to the floor with Hardy continuing to punish the champion’s shoulder. Briscoe fights back with a Jay Driller, but Hardy kicks out just in time to keep his title hopes alive. Briscoe targets Hardy’s ankle, but Hardy plays possum and uses his boot as a weapon. Hardy hits two more Twist of Fates but Briscoe kicks out at the last possible second. Hardy gingerly climbs to the top but Briscoe cuts him off with a huge side suplex. Hardy lands on Briscoe and almost steals the win. They exchange punches. Hardy tries another Twist of Fate, but Briscoe rolls him up to reatain the title.

Rhino runs to the ring and takes out Jay with a Gore. Mark storms the ring and charges Rhino. Corino knocks out Mark with a punch to the back of the head. SCUM battles with Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin and BJ Whitmer on the outside and tie them to the posts. Rhino unloads with three con-chair-to’s to Mark.

Corino gets on the microphone and says finish Jay Briscoe once and for all. They close a chair around his shoulder and Hardy hits a double stomp onto it.

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion: Jay Briscoe’s Thoughts: This was a simple but effective match. They told a basic story of Hardy targeting Briscoe’s shoulder and the champion never giving in. I thought it worked really well and made for an enjoyable match and a great television title defense. Still, it’s hard to support Briscoe retaining the title after everything that’s transpired since the tv taping. But this was a very good match to close out the show.

Jon Shumake

Jon has been with ROHWorld since March 2011. The American Bearded Nightmare is one half of ‘Team America’ on ROHCast, which is available every week on ROHWorld, iTunes and Stitcher.