ROH on SBG: 7/6/13 Report

John Silver and Alex Reynolds vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander

A double team suplex gives Alexander and Coleman control of the match, but Silver is quickly able to make the tag to Reynolds. Silver distracts Coleman, which gives Reynolds the chance to drop him neck-first against the top rope. Coleman delivers a double dropkick and it allows him to make the hot tag to Alexander. He enters like a house of fire as Adrenaline RUSH make their way to ringside. Silver and Reynolds hit a great combination of moves before Alexander responds with a sick dropkick. They connect with Overtime on Silver to get the 1-2-3.

Winners by Pinfall: Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander’s Thoughts: Coleman and Alexander are always so much fun to watch. It’s a shame they’ve been used so poorly over the past few months as I think they could be one of the top tag teams in the company. This wasn’t much more than a squash to give them momentum heading into next week’s title match, but it was still fun. Reynolds and Silver looked pretty decent and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring when the show comes back from commercial. He says Jay Briscoe injured during the main event, while Mark suffered a concussion. As a result, Mark won’t be able to compete in the Steel Cage Warfare and Steve Corino loses his mind on commentary. Kevin Steen makes his way to the ring and he looks noticeably slimmer. Steen asks McGuinness to put him in Steel Cage Warfare but McGuinness doesn’t trust him. Steen says McGuinness is looking for honor, but he’s looking for payback. Before McGuinness can make a decision, S.C.U.M. hits the ring and attacks Steen and McGuinness. This leads to BJ Whitmer, Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal to hitting the ring and the massive brawl is on as the show goes to break.

Veda Scott vs MsChif

They immediately go to the outside and MsChif throws Scott around ringside. Scott cuts MsChif knees out and gets a two count following a dropkick. She German suplexes MsChif into the turnbuckles and then hits a splash. They go to the outside and MsChif German suplexes Scott on the floor, and she makes it back into the ring at the 17 count. Scott fights back with a Saito suplex and both women are down. MsChif hits the Desecrator, but Scott kicks out. This just angers MsChif and she hits the Obliteration for the three count.

Winner by Pinfall: MsChif’s Thoughts: I was interested to see how Scott was in the ring in her ROH in-ring debut, and I though she looked fairly good. Well, she always looks good, but I mean that she has some wrestling talent, too. MsChif was her usual self, but they did a good job getting Scott over as a resilient¬† upstart. The ending was pretty crazy, too. For all the Women of Honor matches we’ve been getting, this one was one of the more enjoyable ones.

Adam Page vs Silas Young

Before the match, Young gets on the mic and says he embarrassed he has to follow a women’s match. Women don’t belong in the ring, they belong at home cooking. He says he’s the last real man in professional wrestling, and he’s going to prove it to everyone.

They waste no time trading shots. Page misses a basement dropkick and Young sends him back-first into the barricade. Young tries to hit diving attack from the apron, but Page meets him with a dropkick. Young misses a charging kick and crotches himself on the barricade. He climbs on top of the barricade, but Young cuts him off and delivers a superplex from the barricade! Page gets a two count following a huge crossbody.¬† Young fights back with a backbreaker and lariat combination for a near fall. Page reverses Young’s Dragon Suplex attempt into a victory roll for the three count!

Young beats down Page following the match.

Winner by Pinfall: Adam Page’s Thoughts: This was awesome. Seriously. It may have last five minutes, but it was the most action-packed five minutes I’ve ever seen. They fit so much action and innovative spots in here that it’s a must-see despite being so short. It reminds me of Matt Taven vs Mike Mondo from last year that put both wrestlers on the map. This was just an awesome match, and the length didn’t hurt it whatsoever.

ROH World TV Title
Matt Taven (c) w/ Truth Martini vs. Eddie Edwards

Taven goes up top but gets cut off by Edwards. Taven is caught in the tree of woe on the outside of the ring and Edwards hits a dropkick from the floor to the apron. Edwards has fans in the front row hold Taven’s arms back so he can chop him. Taven sends Edwards to the apron and Martini distracts him, which allows Taven to hit a springboard kick to the Triple Crown winner as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Taven is still in control. Taven misses a frog splash attempt and it gives Edwards the opportunity he needs to turn the tide with a series of chops. Edwards side-steps Taven, who tries to skin the cat, but gets dumps over the top anyway. Edwards soars and scores over over what looked liked the ring post to take Taven out. A shining wizard gets Edwards a two count. Taven hits a nice spinning kick and follows it up with Angel’s Wings for a near fall. Edwards plants Taven face-first into the mat, but Taven kicks out. Edwards hits a double stomp to the back and then applies the Achilles Lock in the middle of the ring. Martini distracts the referee and Edwards, which allows Scarlett to slide Taven the title belt. Taven misses the title shot but almost sends Edwards into Selezia. Edwards puts the brakes on before hitting her. Taven takes advantage of his hesitation and connects with the modified DDT to retain the title.

Winner and STILL ROH World TV Champion: Matt Taven’s Thoughts: This match was a lot of fun and a great way to cap off what was a very good show. These are the types of matches Taven needs to have to make his reign a successful one. Sure, there was interference at the end, but I didn’t mind it in this match because Taven more than held his own against ROH first Triple Crown winner. Edwards was his usual reliable self. This was another very entertaining match that is worth checking out. Plus, it has Scarlett, which is more than enough reason to watch this.

Jon Shumake

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