ROH on SBG: 8/10/13 Report

The show kicks off with a recap of Michael Bennett and Maria turning their backs on Brutal Bob.

Michael Bennett w/ Maria vs Brutal Bob

Bob is pumped!Bennett hits a superkick before the bell can ring and follows it up with a diving clothesline to the floor. Bennett pulls up the mat at ringside revealing the devastating carpet floor, but Bob fights back and sends him into the barricade. Bennett drapes Bob throat-first against the ropes and connects with a dropkick from the floor. Bob catches a superkick attempt and pulls him up into a powerbomb. Bob misses a top rope something and gets met by the Box Office Smash and the TKO for Bennett to pick up the pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Michael Bennett

Maria hands Michael Bennett a contract after the match and he signs it and stuffs it in Bob’s face. Cheesebuger flies out of nowhere to try to take out Bennett, but it failed miserably as he eats a piledriver.’s Thoughts: Considering who was in this match, it wasn’t horrible. Nobody was really clamoring to see a match between Bennett and Bob, but I guess it could’ve been worse. Bennett is still acting the same as he did as the Prodigy, so the character change seems pretty pointless. At least we got to look at Maria.

Women of Honor
Bonesaw Brook vs MsChif

Maria remains on commentary. MsChif punches her in the gut and follows it up with knees to the midsection. She throws Brook shoulder-first into the ring post and uses the turnbuckle to assist a sharpshooter. Brook fights back with a nice German suplex and fires off forearms in the corner. She misses a Yakuza kick and she followed it up with a scary looking Pepsi Plunge type move.

Winner by Pinfall: MsChif’s Thoughts: ROH, can you please stop building the Women of Honor division around MsChif? Please? There are other better options out there. How about Athena? MsChif is just not interested, and her in-ring work isn’t good enough to overcome it. In fact, I thought Brook looked just as good as MsChif did, despite having a decade less of experience.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. We recap Silas Young earning his way in to the title tournament. He says he sees a boys trying to be men.We send the end of last week’s main event, which saw the Forever Hooligans defeat reDRagon to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Tommaso Ciampa, Michael Elgin and Kevin Steen vs BJ Whitmer and the American Wolves

Not a lot happens as there is a lot of goofing around in the first few minutes of the match until the shows goes to break.

Back from commercial and Elgin is holding Richards up in a vertical suplex before dropping him down after fans have lost count. Whitmer hits the ring and gets Whitmer up in a vertical suplex of his own and drops him down after the fans lose count again. Steen tries to do the same to Edwards, but he counters it into a snap suplex of his own. Elgin hits a nice enziguri on Edwards. He tries following it up with a deadlift superplex, but Richards cuts him off with a powerbomb. Elgin responds by taking out both Wolves. The Wolves fight back with a series of double team moves on Steen and Richards gets a two count as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Ciampa is pounding away on Richards in the corner, but Richards turns it around with a series of kicks. Edwards locks in the Achilles Lock on Elgin, Richards puts Elgin in an ankle lock and Whitmer has some kind of choke on Steen. Ciampa and Edwards meet face to face in the middle of the ring and exchange shots. Ciampa takes out Edwards with a clothesline and then begins exchanging chops with Whitmer.

Ciampa has taken a ton of punishment and is asking for more from Richards. He catches a kick and unloads with several sick knees. Elgin hits a bucklebomb on Richards, which allows Ciampa to connect with a running knee and Steen to hit the cannonball. Whitmer suplexes Ciampa to the floor, but Elgin tags himself in. Elgin launches Edwards over the top rope with a powerbomb onto the wrestlers on the floor!

Now it’s down to just Elgin and Richards, who slug it out. Richards reverses a powerslam into the Wolves’s kick and tombstone combination, but Elgin kicks out. Elgin fights back with a crazy backfist! He follows it up with an Elgin Bomb on Richards for the pin!

Winners by Pinfall: Michael Elgin, Tommaso Ciampa and Kevin Steen’s Thoughts: This was a crazy match. They had about half the total television time this week and really put forth an exciting contest. Sure, they may have over did it at the end, but they have everyone a chance to shine at some point in the contest. Elgin and Ciampa came out of this looking like superstars from their performance, which is perfect considering they’re two of the front-runners in the title tournament. This is definitely a match worth checking out.

Jon Shumake

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