ROH on SBG: 8/25/12 Report

The show opens up with a recap of last week’s No. 1 contender’s match where Rhino defeated Eddie Edwards to earn the title match against Kevin Steen at “Death Before Dishonor X.”

The ROH World Tag Team Tournament begins on this episode, and the following match is a first round match.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs The Young Bucks

Alexander and Matt Jackson start the match off for their respective teams, and Alexander quickly gets the advantage after a series of fast-paced moves. Coleman hits a nice chain of Northern Lights suplexes on Nick Jackson for a two count. Matt Jackson crotches Coleman on the top, and now the Young Bucks have control of the match as the show goes to commercial.

The Young Bucks hit their neckbreaker and backbreaker combination for a near fall as the show returns from commercial. Matt Jackson repeatedly drives his shoulder into Coleman’s midsection in the corner. Coleman is able to fight off the Young Bucks, but Nick Jackson pulls Alexander off the apron as Coleman reaches out to make the tag. The Bucks capitalize on it and connects with a springboard senton and standing moonsault combination for a two count. Coleman once again fights the Bucks off with dropkick and DDT combination. This time he is able to tag in Alexander, who hits the ring with a series of kicks and clotheslines. He knocks Nick Jackson to the floor and hits a huge tope suicida. He follows it up with a springboard clothesline on Matt Jackson. He plants Matt Jackson face first on the mat, and Coleman connects with a sky high leg drop. Matt Jackson kicks out! Nick Jackson prevents a hurricarana attempt and the Bucks hit a couple of superkicks. A nice double team combination gets the Bucks a two count. They go for More Bang for Your Buck, but Coleman is able to block it. Coleman hits a no hands top rope hurricarana and Alexander follows it up with a top rope splash to pick up the win and advance to the next round!

Veda Scott enters the ring for an interview with Coleman and Alexander. Coleman says they came into ROH as nobodies, but now Baltimore has made them somebodies.

Winners by Pinfall: Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander’s Thoughts: This match was awesome, as should be expected based on the two teams who were in it. It was nonstop action from start to finish and was a lot of fun to watch. Coleman and Alexander have proven themselves to be a great tag team since making their ROH debut, and I’m happy to see them having success. This was just a very fun and entertaining match between two teams that feature fast-paced offense. I’d definitely recommend checking this match out.

Charlie Haas is in the ring and demands Jim Cornette to come to the ring and talk about the tag team tournament. Haas tells Cornette to stop him if he’s not telling the truth. He says The All Night Express has ruined the ROH tag team division and that Rhett Titus is a joke. Cornette tells Haas Shelton Benjamin is suspended for excessive violence. Haas says they just should have made the match Haas against Titus for the ROH Tag Team Titles. Titus makes his way to the ring. Titus says if anyone has the right to be angry it’s him. Cornette says they both have the right to pick a partner, but Haas says he wants Benjamin back. Titus says he’s going to find himself a new tag team partner and win the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Haas says he has a partner for Titus, and it’s Haas. He tells Haas that if Titus picks him as his partner, they can fight for the titles after they win the tournament. Titus says he likes that idea and that they’re going to win the tag team title tournament.  Haas and Titus are now teaming together in the tag team tournament.

Tadarius Thomas vs QT Marshall

Marshall won a Ring of Honor contract in the Four Corner Survival match at “Boiling Point.”Thomas hits a spinning back elbow moments after the bell rings, and then follows it up with a crazy series of kicks. He locks in an armbar over the top rope. Marshall answers back with a big boot to the face. Marshall hits two elbow drops, and fakes a third before stepping across Thomas’ throat. Thomas cartwheels out of a snapmare attempt, but gets blindsided with a clothesline. Thomas answers back with an amazing series of kicks. Thomas is awesome. Thomas back flips out of a chokeslam attempt, and Marshall rams him throat first across the rope. Marshall hits an Alabama Slam to pick up the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: QT Marshall’s Thoughts: This match was supposed to be a showcase of Marshall as Ring of Honor’s newest signee who is going to be the future of the company, but Thomas stole the show. His vast array of kicks and innovative offense was unbelievable. He reminds me of an updated version of Low Ki. While Marshall didn’t look bad, I don’t really want to see him again. Thomas, on the other hand, I want to see a lot more of.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Eddie Edwards is out of action in September due to doctor’s orders. Kevin Steen says they’re going to be calling for the cops at “Death Before Dishonor X” because of what Steen is going to do to him. Next week, the ROH World Tag Team Title tournament continues when Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas take on the Guardians of Truth. Truth Martini says Haas and Titus not getting along will be their downfall. ROH officials will decide what to do with the open spot on next week’s show. Jay and Mark Briscoe say the Briscoes are the Michael Phelps of ROH.

Six Man Mayhem

TJ Perkins vs Tommaso Ciampa w/ RD Evans vs Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs Mike Mondo vs Mike Bennett w/ Maria and Brutal Bob vs Jay Lethal

The winner of the match advances to “Death Before Dishonor X” to face Adam Cole for the ROH World TV Title. Two wrestlers are legal in the match at a time, and a wrestler can enter by either tag or when a legal wrestler’s feet touch the floor. The match starts as a wild brawl as the bell ring. Perkins and Strong start the match in the ring. Perkins suplexes Strong while he has Bennett in a leg lock. Perkins goes to the outside, and Lethal enters the match. Lethal sends Bennett to the apron, and then hits a springboard dropkick sending Bennett to the floor. Ciampa and Lethal have a nice sequence in the ring as they counter each other’s moves. Lethal rolls to the outside, and Mondo gets a quick succession of near falls on Ciampa. Mondo hits a swinging neckbreaker onto Ciampa through the ropes, and Strong throws Mondo back into the ring. Mondo hits a curb stomp type move on Strong, and Bennett enters the match and hits a spinebuster on Mondo. Perkins locks in an octopus hold on Bennett, but Ciampa kicks him off. Lethal connects with a superkick on Ciampa and everyone is down. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Strong, and then goes for the Hail to the King. Ciampa throws him off the top and to the floor. Perkins hits the Detonation Kick on Ciampa, but Ciampa rolls to the outside before Perkins can capitalize. Perkins hits the suplex into the double knees on Perkins, but Bennett breaks up the pin. Bennett and Strong slug it out in the middle of the ring. A spear gets a near fall for Bennett as Mondo breaks it up. Mondo hits a double arm DDT on Bennett to pick up the pinfall and the ROH TV Title match at “Death Before Dishonor X.”

Winner by Pinfall: Mike Mondo’s Thoughts: This match was appropriately named as a Six Man Mayhem. This match was crazy from start to finish. As soon as one wrestler was down, another wrestler was there to take his place and it made for a really fun match that packed a lot of action into a short amount of time. Mondo is improving every time he steps into the ring, and I think he was the right choice to face Adam Cole at “Death Before Dishonor X.”

Jon Shumake

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