ROH on SBG: 8/3/12 Report

The show kicks off with a recap of last week’s Steel Cage Warfare match with Kevin Steen pinning Jimmy Jacobs to rid ROH of S.C.U.M.

3.0 (Scott Parker and Shane Matthews) vs Adrenaline RUSH (ACH and TaDarius Thomas)

This should be fun. Parker and ACH start the match for their respective teams. 3.0 quickly gets the advantage with Matthews pulling ACH off the top rope. ACH fights back with a big right hand and tags Thomas in. Miscommunication leads to Parker knocking Matthews out of the ring.Thomas almost gets the pin with a German Suplex on Parker. Matthews spears ACH out of midair after Parker popped him up! Matthews locks in the Boston Crab, but Thomas breaks it up before hitting a moonsault to the floor on Parker. ACH responds with a DDT on Matthews to pick up the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Adrenaline RUSH’s Thoughts: I’m very happy to see 3.0 in Ring of Honor. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since seeing them in other companies. But this match felt extremely rushed. It may have lasted five minutes at the longest and it felt like they were wrestling in fast-forward. It’s like they skipped the heat segment and went straight into the near falls, which was fine for a match like this. The tag rules were almost immediately thrown out the window, but it allowed for an exciting and fast-paced match.

Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and says he had no choice but to strip Jay Briscoe of the ROH World Title and the title is vacant for the first time in history. A tournament will crown a new ROH World Champion. In the meantime, McGuinness will concentrate on rebuilding the company by placing more emphasis on the tag team titles. reDRagon make their way to the ring. Bobby Fish says they’re the greatest tag team in the world. He says they’re going to do ROH a favor by making their match against the Forever Hooligans for the titles. McGuinness makes the match, but the American Wolves come to the ring. Davey Richards says he and Eddie Edwards aren’t in the World Title tournament because they want to win the tag titles.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. Kevin Kelly explains everything that led to the ROH World Title tournament. Michael Elgin says he fought hard for ROH, but now he’s fighting hard for himself.

QT Marshall is ringside yelling at the commentators.

Silas Young vs Adam Page

The winner of this match earns a spot in the title tournament. Before the match starts, Marshall gets in the ring and tells McGuinness that it’s appalling that the people decided if he should be in the tournament. Page takes the microphone and says no one came to listen to Marshall and tells McGuinness to put him in the match to shut him up.

Silas Young vs QT Marshall vs Adam Page

Page gets the early advantage by sending Young to the floor before Marshall catches him in a powerslam. A Fame-asser gets a two count for Marshall on Young. Page catches Young with an enziguri. Young recovers quickly and takes Marshall out with a clothesline and tries to superplex Young. Tower of Doom! But Page fights out of it and plants Young face-first. Page connects with a dropkick on Marshall and flips into a shooting star press on Young for a near fall! Page backdrops Marshall to the floor and then gets met by a backbreaker by Young. Young goes for his moonsault, but Page evades and goes up top. Marshall shoves him to the floor. Page catches him in a small package to earn a spot in the tournament.

Winner by Pinfall: Silas Young’s Thoughts: Much like the opener, this was another short match that was a frantic sprint from bell to bell. It was a lot of fun and everyone looked good, including Marshall. Page was the star of the match by flying all over the ring, but Young looked good, too, and I’m happy to see him advance to the tournament.

ROH World Tag Team TitleROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) defend vs. Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero and Alex Koslov)

Romero and Fish start the match for their respective teams. Fish showboats a bit after taking Romero down but Romero quickly answers back and forces Fish to go to the ropes. Fish tried to duck under but he telegraphed it and was met by a dropkick from Romero before eating a big splash from Koslov. O’Reilly gets a dropkick of his own before being taken out by a huge dive from Koslov. Fish gets sent to the outside and Romero connects with a suicide dive as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and there is some miscommunication between the Hooligans and they almost come to blows, but they hug it out. Fish drives Koslov into the barricades and O’Reilly follows it up with a dropkick from the apron to the floor to give reDRagon control of the match. reDRagon uses double teams on Romero to take him out and isolate him from Koslov.

Romero is able to fight of Fish and O’Reilly and tag in Koslov, who uses his speed to take out reDRagon. He connects with a huge springboard dropkick on O’Reilly. He double stomps Fish and goes for the pin, but O’Reilly breaks it up. They hit a Doomsday Device type move to take out O’Reilly. Romero tombstomes Fish and Koslov follows it up with a beautiful Shooting Star Press, but O’Reilly breaks up the pin! Romero and O’Reilly are the legal men now and they slug it out. They exchange brutal high knees. O’Reilly almost gets the three count with a Regalplex before Koslov breaks up the pin. They go for Chasing the Dragon but Romero rolls through to catch Fish with a backslide to win the titles!

Winners and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions: Forever Hooligans’s Thoughts: I knew the result before heading into this match by reading the spoilers, but the action was so good it had me hanging on every near fall down the stretch. I think that’s the mark of a great match. The Forever Hooligans looked amazing here, especially Koslov. I’ve never been a fan of his, but this went a long way in changing my mind. Sure, it might seem like a random decision for reDRagon to drop the belts here, but it made for an incredible television match. This is one you’ll definitely want to check out.

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