ROH on SBG: 9/1/12 Report

The show opens up with a recap of Jim Cornette announcing the tag team tournament for the vacant ROH World Tag Team Titles and the match from last week that saw Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander defeat The Young Bucks to advance.

Bravado Brothers (Lancelot and Harlem Bravado) vs Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs

Corino says he and Jacobs are the eighth team in the tournament, and if they don’t win the tournament they will leave Ring of Honor.

Harlem and Jacobs start the match off for their respective teams. The Bravados quickly get the upper hand in the match when Lancelot connects with a dropkick on Jacobs. Corino hits a clothesline from the apron on Lancelot, and it puts his team in control of the match. Lancelot tries to fight back, but Corino pounds on him in the corner as the show goes to commercial.

Back from commercial and Corino and Jacobs are still controlling the match against Lancelot. Lancelot avoids Jacobs and it finally able to tag in Harlem. He sends both Corino and Jacobs to the outside and hits a huge dive over the top. Harlem hits a tornado DDT, but Jacobs is able to kick out at two. Corino hits a couple of knee strikes into the corner. He hits the Colby Shock, but Harlem kicks out at two. Harlem connects with a neckbreaker and makes the tag to Lancelot. Lancelot cleans house of both Corino and Jacobs. The Bravados hits an enziguri and German Suplex combination for a two count on Corino. Jacobs hits the Sliced Bread, and then a spear as Harlem came off the top rope. Corino hits the backdrop driver on Lancelot, but he kicks out at two. A second backdrop driver was enough to put Lancelot away and for Corino and Jacobs to advance in the tournament.

The Guardians of Truth hit the ring and begin brawling with Jacobs and Corino. Kevin Steen runs in to help Jacobs and Corino. Rhino runs in, and connects with the Gore to take out Steen.

Winners by Pinfall: Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs’s Thoughts: This was a pretty decent match, albeit a bit disappointing. I expected a little more out of these wrestlers, but they kind of just went through the motions for a good portion of this match. The action picked up later in the match, but the ending just came across as awkward. It wasn’t a bad match but I can’t say it was a good one. The post-match angle was really well done I thought, and Ring of Honor is doing a great job of making the Gore look devastating.

It’s now time for Inside ROH. We get a recap of Mike Mondo winning the Six-Man Mayhem match last week to earn an ROH World TV Title match at “Death Before Dishonor X.” Next week, Adam Cole will defend the belt against Michael Elgin. Cole says Elgin is going to have to kill him to take the championship from him. Rhino says he gets paid a lot of money to take people out, and he’s going to do that to Kevin Steen at “Death Before Dishonor X.” The Briscoes say they face the wild card team next week when they wrestle BLK OUT, and they will go to Chicago and win the tournament.

Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal

Lethal grabs the microphone before the match. He says he ran into Jim Cornette before the show and told him that Cornette has yet to look his direction for a title shot at Kevin Steen. He says Cornette said that Lethal can’t beat Steen because he doesn’t have that killer instinct.

Lethal low blows Taven before the bell. He then hits the Lethal Combination on the referee and the crowd goes insane! Lethal takes the mic again and asks Cornette how that was for killer instinct.

We get a recap of the segment from last week where Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas decided to team together for the title tournament.

The Guardians of Truth w/ Truth Martini vs Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas

Haas throws Titus out of the ring so he can start the match. It’s a feeling out process early as neither Haas nor the Guardian of Truth can get the advantage in the match. The Guardians of Truth take control of the match, and Haas tags in Titus. Titus and the Guardian exchange headscissors, and Titus follows it up with a backdrop. Haas tries to go after the Guardian, which giving the other Guardian the opportunity to blindside Titus and give his team control of the match as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and the Guardians of Truth still have the advantage of the match. The Guardians try to hit an elbow drop into a curb stomp, but the timing was off. This crowd has been dead for the entire match. Haas pulls the rope down, which makes the Guardian tumble to the outside. As Titus reaches out to make the tag, the Guardian pulls Haas off the apron and throws him into the barricade. Titus fights off the Guardians and gets a two count following a bulldog. Haas pulls one of the Guardians off the top, which allows Titus the chance to roll the other Guardian up for the pin to advance to the next round.

Corino and Jacobs hit the ring and beat down the Guardians of Truth.

Winners by Pinfall: Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas’s Thoughts: This was just very bland. It just plodded along and never really got out of first gear. The Guardians of Truth have more than worn out their welcome, and if they don’t start to show any kind of usefulness, then they need to go.

Jon Shumake

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